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  1. Just happens to be? He has 4 of the top 6 rushing TD seasons for a QB since entering the league. RG3's rookie season is #4, and Dak tied him for the #5 spot.
  2. Dang, that is a huge boost. I'd expect regression on some of the longer plays, but even then a season outscoring Brown certainly puts him in round 1 conversation for that particular format. In non-return yard leagues though, a third is way too much, let alone a first.
  3. I don't play in return yard leagues, so I'm not really familiar with how much of a boost they are to a player's stats, but are you seriously saying you'd take Tyreek Hill in the late first round of your fantasy draft, or am I completely misunderstanding?
  4. But....but... Cowboys fan.... Giants....
  5. To the apartment complex, yes. We had the town's only lazy river around the pool. Seemed like half the team lived there. Honestly was too much of a party atmosphere for little old accountant me. You know, the Manning question is tough for me. I've made no secret that I think Manning is circling the toilet on his way down. He graded worse than Blake Bortles the last 2 seasons according to PFF, and that's taking out the impact of a slightly below average (total grade) O-line. I dont' pay so I don't know how that breaks into run vs pass pro, but they weren't exactly running over guys. I'm not all that worried about Marshall, but Manning is the factor I'd worry about if he falls low enough that I feel I have to grab him.
  6. Go back to his second season and don't apply hindsight bias.
  7. Which is why there's a limit to how far it goes. It's more a tiebreaker among guys that I view are within my margin of error of ability to predict. I play FF for fun. If I played for big money, it would change my views drastically. If I'm guessing, OBJ finishes behind Julio and Brown, roughly equal with Evans, and slightly ahead of Jordy. But week to week, I don't expect there to be a significant difference. I don't think Beckham wins me any more or less games than Evans or Jordy, so I take the guys I like better (especially Evans, from my alma mater, who played rec basketball in the offseason with my best friend and lived in my apartment complex) because it increases the fun factor for me. I'm fairly open with when I do it in my rankings.
  8. I don't. I am a tick on the meter short of despising OBJ, but at that value (13), I'd draft before the timer hit 0:58 on a 1:00 limit. Even with my hatred, I have him at 9. Anything after that is fantastic value. Say there's the guy that takes Rodgers in the first there seems to be in every league, and that makes 10 at the most I could see.
  9. Yes, because those antics make me not like him (especially since he plays for a rival). To be clear, I'm hopping on him in the second round like crazy, but I'm probably not buying him at his ADP for sheer dislike. As long as I'm in the same tier of player, I'd rather go with guys I like to root for. Still a lock (if healthy, which is the same qualifier I give every player) for top 5 production IMO. I don't think I can talk myself into taking more than 8 players before him (Evans, Julio, Brown, Nelson, Zeke, Bell, Johnson, and Gordon in standard in no particular order, as their teams sit right now)
  10. With good offenses/bad defenses, a fair bit. Making teams go for 2 in the 3OT though seems to be what kills it quickly.
  11. I drafted Cordarrelle Patterson. Not making that mistake again. I'd rather pass on a guy who is being drafted at his upside (ADP is useless now, but he's going ahead of Brandin Cooks, DT, and Jeffrey....) and be wrong than swing for that upside without paying less because of the risk of not realizing it. He's a dang good gadget player, but I'm not willing to pay quality WR2/RB2 price for that.
  12. Brown, Jones, Evans, Green, Jordy I think are reasonable if not your personal preference. If Romo goes to Houston (or their option other than him seems competent), I could maybe see someone arguing Hopkins because the upside and proven talent. Dez if you think the chemistry with Dak is only going to grow (was a top 6 receiver over the second half of the season in standard). Baldwin if you're happy with 1200/8. That's 8 with some major reaches. Maybe, if you're pants-wettingly terrified of Marshall's impact on OBJ and Eli's decline, I could see someone thinking Hilton, or Thomas without Cooks, or Cooks with Brady instead of Brees. It's just so many major reaches to make that happen that I can't see what my fellow ASOIAF fan is thinking.
  13. Pryor has proven more to me as an NFL receiver than Doctson has. Even if he hadn't, you're still looking at a 4500 passing yard offense. Even if he's only getting 1/4 of that production, he's still a 1000 yard guy. Doctson also only had (as far as I can tell, I try not to watch that horrible (fandom) team) 2 receptions all season. Why are we thinking he suddenly realizes his potential and becomes Evans-light?
  14. I mean, I don't like Beckham because of his attitude and team, but as much as I knock him for that, I don't think I can get 8 I'd draft ahead of him, even letting fandom affect my rankings. (I'd much rather root for my team and not for my team's rivals.)
  15. I'm not all that opposed to ties, but I really wish they'd move to something resembling the college OT rule. Eliminate the kickoff/punt returns to eliminate your extra dangerous plays. I'd almost forbid kicking all together to end the game quicker if that's your big concern. Hell, if you really want it to end fast, remove 1 down every additional OT. Sure, by the 4th OT you're only getting 1 down to get 10 yards, but you're really removing the coin flip problem.