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  1. Supposedly his ankle got caught under the Brown's safety on the way down. He also cracked down pretty hard on his head after his legs got swept out from under him, so someone decided he needed to be tested (and cleared that one early).
  2. I think that's where his redraft value is barring injury to Miller. He's a td prayer deep flex play. However, if Miller gets hurt, I expect him to be an rb2 at least with the way Houston lines to run. Might just be wishful thinking though.
  3. Brady creates a precedent, which may be enough for a judge to not grant an injunction when Zeke challenges a bad arbitration ruling in court.
  4. Ahh. Well, Enunwa, Beasley, Humphries, Wallace, Edelman, and Tate clearly show that higher YAC per reception is super important for a fantasy reciever (all guys with volume). (Completely agree with you).
  5. I'm using a different chart, but he had 371 yards YAC. 16 yards less than Brown, 5 yards less than Olsen. But you think the rest are all below him. But you know, as we say in the accounting business, that's immaterial.
  6. Dez average adp across all platforms is 20, or late second round. Not unreasonable that he's tavern early third. I like Dez, but he's not an early second round player.
  7. Question. Dez's 16 game pace (not counting a week 17 he didn't play against him) last season had him beating Doug Baldwin in standard, who I know is one of your trademark strongly supported guys, and he came on stronger the more time he had to build chemistry with Dak. There's a little bit of a value difference here (a little under a round), so I can understand that being an argument in favor of Baldwin, but not enough for the amount of love you throw one while constantly throwing shade at the other. So why is Baldwin, coming off his most targeted season ever, with other young up and coming receivers on the team, and a team that wants to run the ball more, a better guy than Bryant, who has a still growing QB, no real competition at WR on the team, and a team much more likely to pass more. Keep in mind he's already beating Baldwin at the status quo.
  8. Bortles got a first down on his first series. That's improvement, right?
  9. Rookie TEs haven't had a lot of success in recent years as far as being all that different from the rest of the TE pack, at least in redraft. So when I do my redraft league, I'm not drafting a rookie TE barring some very crazy circumstances. Not even a guy like Howard. Now, dynasty, I'm excited about several young TEs, including Shaheen the more I read about him. But I view it as something that needs a couple of years to accrue before I see any return.
  10. I don't want to speak for any individual league. If your in a league with a bunch of bears fans, it might be different. You might have a league of people that take my highly temporary dynasty philosophy of drafting all the tight ends. You might have a guy that things Shaheen is the next Gronk, and takes him crazy early just to lock him up. But in an average draft, I don't expect him to go that high.
  11. Without another incident? I think low/no risk of him missing games.
  12. I think that's ridiculously early. I just finished my dynasty draft and he went 5.10 (14 teamer, so 66 overall). He's fantasypros #6 rookie TE, which isn't something flying off the board in the first round in most leagues. Have a hard time justifying anything more than a 3rd rounder in a dynasty draft.
  13. Historically, you'd expect a couple to bust. Four is a small sample size, so it's possible they avoid the typical bust rate (of any first round pick, not just RBs), but I wouldn't bet on it. The question is always who.
  14. When talking dynasty, we're talking keep your entire roster (possibly subject to a salary cap constraint), not just 3 players. So he wouldn't be a "late round" (would be 5th in your rookie/FA draft) in that scenario. He'd probably be a 3rdish rounder, but that's only drafting rookies or free agents from last season.
  15. That's a different animal. I like some of next year's QBs better, but there's no reason a first round QB shouldn't be speculated on.