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  1. Due to the large number of CSB posts the last couple days, I looked for this and discovered we don't already have a 2017 edition. For those of you who are new, when you feel the need to brag about your individual team, your awesome value picks, taking advantage of your league mates in lopsided trades, or whatever else strikes your fancy, this is the one and only place you can go in the fantasy football talk thread. So if you're like me in 2015 and want to constantly brag about how you drafted 4 of the top 5 WR's to end the season, or want to talk about the amazing luck of someone in your league, bring it here.
  2. If you can't play with Tom Brady anymore, Aaron Rodgers isn't a bad consolation prize. Might be my favorite TE target with the move depending on where he lands (ADP wise).
  3. Michael Crabtree 2017 Season Outlook

    I actually don't think it was a mistake. Despite his disappointing past month, he is still a WR1 (I do play in a 14 team league, but think he was 10 in our half ppr set up). He was last year. He just missed it in 2015. He's got a nice WR2 floor (season long), but has very realistic backend top 10 WR upside. But even if he misses expectations a little, he's not killing anyone.
  4. Kirk Cousins 2017 Outlook

    Bottles contract can be closed at end of year to free up something like 19m in cap. They also have 30m+ in rollover. Not a crazy destination money wise
  5. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    That's what I thought. I like the guy. I just thought (and to a certain degree, still do) think there's a lot of rookie hype built into people's view of him. I don't expect ANY rookie qb to perform top 12 season long. Some have (including my beloved cowboy last year), but most don't. Given the missed turnover issues and defenses he had played against, I don't regret the call at all. I missed, but (at least to me) I had reasons for the miss.
  6. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    Meant that as season long, as he still does have the negatives I brought up. Even last night, he had 3 ints. I somehow (thankfully) wasn't in market for that game despite living closer to Houston than Dallas, so I can't comment on if those are concerning or not, but 4 tds wipes that out wrt fantasy. With that said, I am now looking up marinades to try to make my shorts more palatable. Tearing up bad pass defenses is one thing. Seattle is another, and changes the calculus going forward.
  7. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    I meant ROS when I said that, but I'm looking up marinades now. Do it against 4 of the worst secondaries, I'll keep doubting. Do it in Seattle, well, that shuts down a lot of doubt. Picks are concerning, but east to forgive on a 4 td day. Both Texas teams are definitely in good hands for awhile.
  8. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    15 is possible, but I'm honestly expecting something like 220, 1/2, or 11ish points passing. So he needs a big rushing play to have an okay day, and I'm not sure how likely that is. If he'd my only qb, I'm not bending over backwards to pick up a one week fill in. But I wouldn't start him in daily, or if I had 2 decent qbs. I'm Not starting Mccown, but Cam, Stafford, or Dalton? Think I'd go those directions (off top of head don't remember lions match-up)
  9. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    He has an objectively weak arm. Blake Sims is the only guy to throw with less velocity as the combine in the last 5 years. Being able to throw far isn't what most people consider arm strength. Houston's a dome, so home games that won't matter (and arm strength is overrated under normal circumstances). Looking at their road schedule, they're actually not playing that many northern outdoor games, so I'm probably overstating it's impact this year. But I"ll eat my shorts if he keeps up this pace. He's getting away with things he shouldn't be (combination of sheer luck on dropped INTs and bad secondary). Like i said above. I like the guy. I think he's a franchise QB. But he's on an unsustainable pace and has had an easy schedule the last month.
  10. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    Think thats probably overrated. He's on an unsustainable pace, and the weather is only going to get worse, which is going to be an issue with his mediocre (generous) arm strength when he travels. His blow up the last month has been among the worst secondaries in the league, and he's gotten away with a lot of passes that should have been intercepted but weren't. Add both factors, and defenses getting more tape as the season goes on, and I think he comes back to more what I would expect a good rookie to put up. Which isn't a top 12 QB. He'll probably end up there because of his explosion, but if you started a new season THIS WEEK, I don't think he's a top 12 guy. Great kid. As someone who lives near Houston, glad the city clearly has a decent QB to hope for the future with. But I don't think the fantasy train is going to continue chugging at its current speed.
  11. Andrew Luck 2017 Outlook

    They haven't just shunned O-line in the first round for other needs. They've been EXTREMELY lackadaisical about building a line. You don't want to spend a first, fine? You don't want to spend any? You're going to kill your quarterback. I'm honestly not going to be surprised if Wilson is next. A throwing shoulder labrum injury couldn't end his career (or derail it as one of the sports bright future mega stars)? I doubt it does. My guess is he takes the time to recover and comes back at a high (if not previous high) level. But there's a possibility it affects him too much.
  12. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    He actully has had a pretty soft secondary schedule recently, but it doesn't get that much harder. Seahawks, Jags, Cardinals, Steelers are the only defenses I'm remotely worried about going forward. But this TD streak is unsustainable. Very decent chance you can sell high and make out like a bandit. That's not to say he sucks going forward. He can regress from leading the league in TD's and still be VERY good.
  13. Jerick McKinnon 2017 Season Outlook

    After the look the (I'm assuming) RB coach was giving him after the long TD, I think he's clearly first option in their minds.
  14. Ricardo Louis 2017 Season Outlook

    Still don't hold a candle to Seattle O-lineman.
  15. Chris Hogan 2017 Season Outlook

    Best case scenario? Yes. The D is lackluster, and Hogan clearly has Brady's trust. I don't like betting on best case scenario though.
  16. 10/1/17 Rams @ Cowboys Game Thread

    IMO, Watkins is more of a threat on deeper yardage. He's not Desean Jackson, but he's closer to that end of the spectrum than he is to say, current Fitz. The Cowboys are a D that seeks to eliminate the big plays, and keep the play in front of him. This was a good game for Woods/Kupp. Maybe it would be different if Watkins practiced all week, but I expected this to be meh.
  17. 10/1/17 Rams @ Cowboys Game Thread

    Replay is weird to me sometimes. Clearly pinned entire way through, and 2 feet in after he pinned the ball. But no overturn. But I've seen a guy with possession of the ball holding it out over the end zone on a called fumble. Thanks to that shot, he HAS to score a TD or be down short, but they upheld the fumble.
  18. 10/1/17 Rams @ Cowboys Game Thread

    Agreed, and I'm a Cowboys fan. With Woods in like 10 daily lineups, so maybe not unbiased.
  19. Cool Story Bro 2017 Edition

    Well, I've well and truly embraced the rebuild mentality in my dynasty league. I moved Crabtree and Hogan today, leaving me starting the following lineup. QB: Kirk Cousins WR: Josh Reynolds, Mike Wallace, Mack Hollins RB: D'Onta Foreman, Orelans Darkwa TE: Jason Witten W/R/T Kendall Wright, George Kittle Barkley is mine! (I should have 1.01, an additional 2 first rounders, 2 second rounders, 2 third rounders, a conditional 1/2nd depending on Crabtree's performance, and a conditional 2/3 for Hogan). (For the record, I took over this team this year. The previous owner came out of an auction draft with a team age well over 30 and bailed after a season).
  20. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    I just hid a full page. Let's keep this topic on Henry and his general situation or value, and not whether the points were on your bench, who you traded him for, who you dropped him for, etc. If you can't contain yourself, please use one of the appropriate threads below. Specific lineup decisions can be discussed here. http://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/26-assistant-coach-help-forum/
  21. James White 2017 Season Outlook

    Well, I guess i missed that one.
  22. James White 2017 Season Outlook

    Do you have a source on this? Even if Amendola is out, they should have at least 4. (Mitchell, Cooks, Hogan, Dorsett). Could drastically change some of my daily lineups if they are rolling out that understaffed. White (and Burkhead, given his passing targets last week) could benefit bigtime, especially in PPR.
  23. D'Onta Foreman 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm a dynasty owner, so I'm more in for his long term potential, but there's a situation where Foreman becomes a viable back this year. For it to be a great lotto pick, Brown has to come back at LT, instantly improving the line (the potential for improvement is a big factor that a team like Seattle doesn't have). Watson has to continue to improve (also likely as he just made his first start), allowing the threat of either the QB run game or the pass. For max return, Miller needs to go down. If those 3 things happen, I can easily see a situation where he's getting 20-25 carries a game and putting up 80-100 yards with fairly high TD chances pretty regularly. Houston wants to run the ball, control the clock, and let the defense make plays. The usage for RB will be there, and Foreman would be a fairly hyped rookie in almost any other class. I don't expect it this year. I don't own him in redraft, and only the absolutely most RB-destitute dynasty team should be starting him right now. But the guy clearly has talent, and he plays for one of the teams most likely to give an RB a lot of opportunity if he proves he can handle it.
  24. Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

    The big thing keeping me from getting excited was the defense he did it against. I'm a "hater," but last game screamed good match-up (and I liked him enough to play in daily as a result). I want to see how he does against a competent defense before I come around to him in season long. I think trying to sell to an overactive owner would still be best way to get season long return of you can.
  25. 5.1, same as Zeke. With fewer fumbles.