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  1. Due to the large number of CSB posts the last couple days, I looked for this and discovered we don't already have a 2017 edition. For those of you who are new, when you feel the need to brag about your individual team, your awesome value picks, taking advantage of your league mates in lopsided trades, or whatever else strikes your fancy, this is the one and only place you can go in the fantasy football talk thread. So if you're like me in 2015 and want to constantly brag about how you drafted 4 of the top 5 WR's to end the season, or want to talk about the amazing luck of someone in your league, bring it here.
  2. If you can't play with Tom Brady anymore, Aaron Rodgers isn't a bad consolation prize. Might be my favorite TE target with the move depending on where he lands (ADP wise).
  3. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    I just hid a full page. Let's keep this topic on Henry and his general situation or value, and not whether the points were on your bench, who you traded him for, who you dropped him for, etc. If you can't contain yourself, please use one of the appropriate threads below. Specific lineup decisions can be discussed here. http://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/26-assistant-coach-help-forum/
  4. James White 2017 Season Outlook

    Well, I guess i missed that one.
  5. James White 2017 Season Outlook

    Do you have a source on this? Even if Amendola is out, they should have at least 4. (Mitchell, Cooks, Hogan, Dorsett). Could drastically change some of my daily lineups if they are rolling out that understaffed. White (and Burkhead, given his passing targets last week) could benefit bigtime, especially in PPR.
  6. D'Onta Foreman 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm a dynasty owner, so I'm more in for his long term potential, but there's a situation where Foreman becomes a viable back this year. For it to be a great lotto pick, Brown has to come back at LT, instantly improving the line (the potential for improvement is a big factor that a team like Seattle doesn't have). Watson has to continue to improve (also likely as he just made his first start), allowing the threat of either the QB run game or the pass. For max return, Miller needs to go down. If those 3 things happen, I can easily see a situation where he's getting 20-25 carries a game and putting up 80-100 yards with fairly high TD chances pretty regularly. Houston wants to run the ball, control the clock, and let the defense make plays. The usage for RB will be there, and Foreman would be a fairly hyped rookie in almost any other class. I don't expect it this year. I don't own him in redraft, and only the absolutely most RB-destitute dynasty team should be starting him right now. But the guy clearly has talent, and he plays for one of the teams most likely to give an RB a lot of opportunity if he proves he can handle it.
  7. Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

    The big thing keeping me from getting excited was the defense he did it against. I'm a "hater," but last game screamed good match-up (and I liked him enough to play in daily as a result). I want to see how he does against a competent defense before I come around to him in season long. I think trying to sell to an overactive owner would still be best way to get season long return of you can.
  8. 5.1, same as Zeke. With fewer fumbles.
  9. Under. Oh, wait, sorry, my yardage predictor must have rolled over 1000. It only displays 3 digits.
  10. An elite offensive line vs an elite defensive unit. A team missing it's biggest offensive star. A player in the middle of a morass of NFL discipline. An aging Super Bowl winning QB. A young QB everyone debates being a one year wonder. This game has it all. Let's play some football.
  11. In my dynasty league, I need Youngoo Koo to put up about 50 points while Peterson and Rivers have so many negative points they cancel out the positive points I need from Diggs in daily). It's a rebuild, and let's just say that starting Kyle Juszcyzk at 2.7 points in one of my RB spots was the correct call. In my redraft league flexable QB PPR league, we don't do H2H until playoffs, but to call a top half finish as a win, I need 40-50 from Cook and Keenan Allen (Brady struggles and losing A Rob early really hurt me). In my daily tourney entry (PPR), I need Diggs and Gordon to combine for about 30 to lock up in the money, with the more the better. In my daily double up entry (PPR), I need the Monday games to not produce a ton of big scorers.
  12. Romo almost a full yard per attempt better than Eli. 42% more TD's per INT. 5.5% completion percentage 4 fewer attempts per passing touchdown. Better yards per carry (just for the completely meaningless fun of it) Eli has more total stats in categories by virtue of more starts. But any rate statistic Romo is beating him. Anyway, bedtime for me. Have to get to work early tomorrow.
  13. Who is better. A QB who plays for 10 years and has 300 TDs, or a QB that plays for 15 years and has 300 career TDs? The first QB is the better QB scorer.
  14. And Romo was better in that regard but is almost universally regarded as a choker.
  15. I've seen OBJ's logic defying catches, but I don't think I've ever seen one I like better than that.
  16. Still 100% the O-line's fault, right?
  17. I think the Eagles are going to have a better defense than New York (although the loss of Darby hurts that) but have a better offense.
  18. There's only a handful of teams that can neutralize/limit the D-line. The Cowboys are one, and have the personnel to punish them for not quite getting home. On the offensive side, OBJ will be back in a couple weeks. Even with Eli, that's a world of difference. I don't think they're the division favorites (and don't think my Cowboys are either), but they're probably at least 8 wins.
  19. No. Getting carried by a defense, some uncalled holding, some dropped pass gifts from the other team. The Tyree catch looks awful when you watch the O-lineman before Eli's throw. Eli graded worse than Bortles by PFF last season. I don't think any other point needs to be made.
  20. Dak is the second most overrated QB in this game.
  21. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    My understanding is that we're actually a pretty pro management circuit when it comes to labor law. Zeke is far from out of the woods legally, and I still wouldn't be confident in an entire season (and I want him to win for the precedent it sets for other players). There is still a not insignificant chance he misses time this season.
  22. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    I expect the Eagles to be a top tier defensive unit, so much so that I'm betting on them in daily even against Cousins and co. They're even better in the front seven. Given 20-25 carries, I don't think the numbers are unreasonable at all, but I certainly don't expect an explosive game.
  23. 3 Tds in .75 of a game on a season of 16. That's 4 per game times 16 games.