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  1. I think he can do better than that...look at how he improved his ft during the season..if that goes up, the points go up...gonna be an awesome Mitch year
  2. robinson's been amazing but his greatest value to the knicks is his contract - he makes about 2 mill a year for the next 3 after this season. if they are smart they ll build a team where he can grow and heavily used. That way they can allocate funds to other positions, areas of need (assuming they KD and Kyrie or Kemba). The rockets knew what they had with cappella and they ditched howard as soon as they could so that they can give cappella the minutes. The knicks should do the same - and MitchRob may be an even better version of cappela. However, this is the knicks and screwing up is in their dna. most likely they overpay for a center and give robinson 18-22 minutes a night. Hopefully im wrong but most likely not
  3. Better than capela...his rebounding and deceased fouling have improved ridiculously in the last month, but the biggest positive? His ft% it’s beeen getting much much better. His stroke at the line looks pretty and he’s still so young. Capela with more blocks and a good ft% is what? Top 20? Top 15?
  4. We have a yahoo dynasty league that has been going on for almost 15 years that needs a replacement team. It's one of the best teams in the league but unfortunately the manager decided to leave. It's a free league, very competitive and everyone is very active. Below is the roster of the team Steph curry, Damian lillard, kyrie irving, marc gasol, jimmy butler, thadeus young, cody zeller, jeremy lamb, khris middleton, thomas satoransky, reggie bullock, derrick white, allen crabbe and we carry two IL slots in which he has Kristaps porizingis and markelle fultz it's a stacked team in a deep league that wont need a rebuild. I am looking for a dedicated owner who is in this for the long haul email me at n.mollov@gmail.com if you are interested
  5. dynasty wise this guy's profile SHOULD be through the roof as he is the rare rim-protecting, rebounding, great pick and roll center with high efficiency and low usage who also happens to make under 2 mill for the 3 years AFTER this season. Any smart team would really put the work in as he would be a terrific fit next to high usage monsters like durant and irving. However, this is the knicks and they probably will botch this and sign demarcus cousing to put up popcorn stats, suck up usage and play s---y defense next to whatever other starts they get this summer if knicks management has smarten up, you ll have a better version of clint capela, if not, he is useless dynasty wise (unless traded)
  6. This guy is awesome fizdale had to pull him out of fear the knicks won the game ... lol...tanktastic
  7. Super serious - they want to lose and get a higher draft pick. They know what they are getting in Huerter. They are not trading this dude or collins or trey, yes they would like to have them play together and grow but this year that won't yield what they need. They are getting two great picks this year (theirs and dallas') and I bet, barring any trades, they will have that be their core That's to say - young and collins may too get shut down or miss games, for all you guys who are rostering them
  8. Lol y’all should stop bickering, you are both right i love jjj but he s not in ads vicinity. He doesn’t have his midrange pull up, his strength and I think, most importantly, the go ahead from the coaching staff to be the centerpiece of the team Thats not to say if he gets the usage ad gets he will put up the same stats, he won’t. He will be no where near as efficient. However, his stats are undoubtedly unicornish. To me a better comparison is Porzingis. Can be great offensively, hit 3s, block a lot of shots and be light on rebounds. Jjj is super young though and very smart, has tons of room for improvement so maybe in 2-3 years he is putting up ads stat line but not yet on a side note, his rebounding has been super disappointing. However, giannis and KG had very similar overall per min rebound rates and that gives me hope that in the future jjj really improves in that cat. Or he ends up Brook Lopez 2.0. Who knows cheers
  9. I think Huerter gets shut down down the stretch. He’s already been playing heavy minutes, has had some injuries and has been really really good in the +/- leading to more winning. They need to lose more games. He gets shut down
  10. It’s got to be something like that....just don’t understand how he can’t even get bench minutes
  11. What’s up with this kids playing time...I get it he’s young and not the greatest but he is not THAT bad to deserve 5-10 minute nights. Is Borrego afraid to roll the dice on him and instead playing the low ceiling, gone at the end of the season, lamb? where s this team s future? Kemba could be gone next year and where will they be? i wish monk gets traded to someone who lets him play throug his mistakes
  12. Bickerstaff complained to the league saying it would make him look really bad playing jamychael green so much if jjj piles on the blocks and the league took those two off too bad for him they can’t adjust the +/- rating too ... green is -15 with giannis largely off the court, jjj is -4 with him largely guarding giannis smh
  13. that s a pretty decent estimate but i bet the steals are higher than 1.6 if he gets the minutes you mentioned
  14. anyone see how he played? stats are fancy but did his play warrant they keep increasing his minutes or will he get squished back to 18-20 minutes when booker comes back?
  15. Quoting from the Ringer's rookie comps article from today Jackson’s rebounding (just 4.8 per game) is rather light for a big; this seems like a concern, but the nearby presence of Marc Gasol diminishes his individual rebounding opportunities, and Jackson’s contested-rebound rate is one of the best in the league. here is the full link https://www.theringer.com/nba/2019/1/8/18173374/nba-rookie-comps-lottery-luka-doncic-deandre-ayton zach kram is their stats guy and he doesnt seem all too concerned about JJJ s rebounding. Could it be lack of strength? I was watching the Pels game last night and Anthony Davis' shoulders looked so much wider than Jackson's. Or maybe he really is a crappy rebounder, I don''t know