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  1. Kevin Huerter 2018-19 Season Outlook

    have you seen any of their games? Have you seen how little do they try to involve JJJ? Memphis is a small market team where no high profile free agents would go - in JJJ they possibly have the second coming of KG and Bickerstaff, instead of building him up, and drawing some plays for him, is benching him so he can give jamychal green and noah minutes and overplay gasol in the frontcourt if you want to see how a young player with very high upside should be handled refer to quin snyder and donovan mitchell in utah. Right now Bickerstaff is starting JJJ because of the hot start and the fans, but mark my words - this team will continue gradually losing steam and Bickerstaff is/will be itching to start green because of course, the reason for their losses isnt Bickerstaff's coaching but JJJ's is rookie play
  2. Kevin Huerter 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Bickerstaff is an idiot...that’s why he’s losing minutes
  3. Definitely at least for now that team isn’t getting better with the scrubs it’s getting so give it a month or two and they may be buying rivers out
  4. ROS Breakouts

    Bulgarian what? didnt know there were other bulgarians in here
  5. Jamychal Green 2018/19 Season Outlook

    That’s great but j myche fouled gallo on a 3 with a second left. I understand you don’t trust a rookie but this guy did exactly what the rookie wasn’t supposed to...dang it
  6. Jamychal Green 2018/19 Season Outlook

    Why are they playing this guy over jjj at the end of games again? He literally lost them the game
  7. Absolute disaster....what on earth happened
  8. what s this guy's ceiling for dynasty? who would you guys compare him to?
  9. Nice game so far go jjj!
  10. JJJ and its not even close - the one cat that TJ will have a definitive advantage is points - beyond that (RBS, 3s, blocks, Steals )JJJ has a massive advantage. There will be struggles yes, but there will also be week winning lines
  11. Mitchell Robinson 2018-19 Season Outlook

    you are right per basketball reference, 3.8 fouls per 36...maybe he will be a rookie who beats the high foul problem fingers crossed
  12. Zach Collins 2018-2019 Fantasy Outlook

    no one s talking about dropping them.. JV is a top 100 player and he is playing 18 mpg. This season all of these guys are super valuable and they are still producing high end stats. We are playing fantasy basketball and in fantasy basketball stats are accumulated with playing time. Three is only a few guys in the list you just dropped who can hold up against a spaced out fast offense and even for those - only capela's been to a conference final and im not sure how much of that was on him vs cp3, harden (put it another way, do you think capela is the beast he is now if he were on orlando s team?) zach is no superstar and he probably never will even come close to that. But again in fantasy i want my guys to play 30-32 mins a night and this dude is on a trajectory to get there because A) he is showing the skills and B ) the league is trending toward players of his ilk come play off time i want to go to battle with a guy who s on the court for 32 minutes vs the one who is playing 18 minutes a night
  13. luka is insane he plays like a more mature, better version of joe ingles and yes, he is overweight right now and only 19...hopefully he stays injury free, he can be an all time great if they build the team around him correctly
  14. Mitchell Robinson 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I love mitch too but y'all need to cool your jets he fouls too much, is super skinny and is basically a rim runnner on offense yes, post ASB he will be a beast but there will be plenty of painful nights ahead...great for dynasty, great after ASB, till then :-/ it will be painful