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  1. If you're feeling desperate at RB I wouldn't blame you for going after Hyde, but I'd temper expectations... He's done well the last 2 weeks in incredibly high-scoring games against teams with non-existent rushing defenses. The first 4 weeks are going to probably be more what you're looking at than the last 2 - at best somewhere in the middle. Personally I'm big on McLaurin, but mostly because I've got him in both my leagues as a nearly every-week starter, and while his schedule isn't the best, he feeds on garbage time, which Washington will never be in short supply of. I would say it depends on what you want - if you want another RB that you could start at Flex, or RB2 in great matchups, then go with Hyde. If you're at all concerned about your WRs, McLaurin is putting up at worst WR2 numbers pretty consistently right now. Personally I'd decide which I like better and put in bids for both and drop Henderson/Gore - neither of them should really be on the wire at this point, as they're both well within the Top 24 at their positions.
  2. Looking to move Mixon before his value hits rock bottom, what do you guys think of this move? Other RBs: Fournette, Montgomery, Ekeler, McCoy, Sanders Other WRs: OBJ, Boyd, John Brown, McLaurin .25 PPR Redraft Other team also has Diggs and Gallup Leave me your link - I've got to run back to the shop for the afternoon but will get around to all of them here in a couple of hours. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Got him for $9 Sunday morning. No one else put in a bid, but I'm absolutely fine with that. Has happened twice this season, where I way overpaid for someone that no one else bid on. Netted McLaurin and Henry. I'm fine dropping 1/3 of my budget on these guys 🤷‍♂️
  4. Well it's that and bad pass blocking. His line got dismantled this offseason, and Goff has historically been a terrible quarterback when he's pressured. McVay scheming receivers open and his line giving him a safe pocket let him rack up points, but he doesn't have that this year. Last year he had a 83.8 QBR when unpressured (5th best) versus an 11.3 QBR when pressured (25th best). I'm sure those numbers probably hold steady this year.
  5. I don't know... I drafted him, played him 2 weeks, dropped him, watched him explode, played him again last week, nearly got nothing. I'm playing Cousins over him this week, which seems terrible but feels so much better than putting him back in my lineup. As for the Rams, I honestly think they're suffering from being too good. Every team in the NFL has pored over their tape these last two years now trying to glean what they can from that offense, and now every team in the NFL is an expert on their scheme. McVay just can't reinvent the scheme all over again to fool them now.
  6. There wasn't even any pressure yet! Winston just seeing ghosts out there now.
  7. Apparently one of Arians' main issues he was trying to correct with Winston was not sitting on the ball, making his reads and then getting rid of it if there was nothing there - not sitting in the pocket and scrambling and taking bad hits and/or forcing passes. He came out of the preseason looking slightly better, but has absolutely reverted to his old ways now. He refuses to check down, refuses to throw it out of bounds, and is incapable of avoiding pressure. There's nothing wrong with his mechanics, but his decision making is absolute trash and he seems incapable of improving it.
  8. *When you're 3 pages behind in the thread and reading about how Winston is terrible and just f*cked up and realize that it's from the drive 10 minutes ago, not the one he's currently f*cking up*
  9. Hell, I started OJ Howard for 5 weeks, how bad can it be.
  10. Hunter Henry was dropped in my league. I've already dropped OJH, and am sitting on Delanie right now. Have 34/100 left, how much would you drop on him? Half PPR, 10-team
  11. I like Singletary... coming off the bye, should have a completely solidified role, and their upcoming schedule through to the playoffs is just incredible, especially for the running game. I've got Sanders and would give him up for Devin in a heartbeat - Sanders should develop into a better role in the passing game, so I don't think he's going to be bad, he's just almost always going to be on the short end of a split backfield, whereas I can see Singletary taking over 75% of the snaps in the coming weeks if he comes back fully healthy.
  12. I would - Jones probably won't sniff the field with that roster, whereas Brown could save your a** if Gurley ends up being worse than you think, or getting dinged up in the future. Arians is obviously committed to the RBBC there, there's no guarantee for touches, it's not a big loss.
  13. I wouldn't worry about it too much right now - you've also got a lot of football between now and then, and you don't know what's going to happen in those weeks. Things will change fast, so I wouldn't go making an extreme move like that with 3 weeks still to go. If after Week 8 you're feeling more desperate I'm sure the offer will still be viable, and if you're in a good position in the ranks and confident about your team, a single loss or two on the way to the playoffs isn't going to kill you.
  14. I personally like Singletary better, especially if he comes off the Bye healthy - their schedule besides Philly is just a cakewalk to the fantasy playoffs (MIA, PHI, WSH, CLE, MIA, DEN, DAL), though his playoff schedule is a bit rough. Howard kind of has it opposite - pretty rough sledding to the playoffs, and then he gets an easy go, however they're all divisional matchups - NYG, WSH, DAL. No tough run stoppers but those divisional games are always a crap shoot. That said, I'd probably base it on how your team is doing and what you need. If you feel like you need to win now to make it to the playoffs, take Singletary and try to get some wins. If you feel secure with what you have and the ability to make it to the playoffs, you may prefer to have Howard around for the end of season. As for Thielen, I would probably still tend to shy away. He's gotten the squeaky wheel treatment, and he'll still have a couple of big games, but as the weather gets colder they're going to go back to their run-heavy gamescript even more - look at his stats from last year and you'll get an idea, but it's probably going to be even worse this year with Cook healthy. I think Cooks will get better, and I would hold Lockett. I don't disagree with trying to move Brown to him, but I don't know that that's enough of an upgrade. And honestly, with Gurley already ailing, you might want to hold Brown - he'll be an upgrade to Mixon if he starts getting regular work.
  15. Full-PPR league, with a Superflex spot I've currently got CMC, Ekeler, Breida and Coleman; and Lamar Jackson and Gardner Minshew I've got an offer on the table for the 49ers backfield + Minshew for the Denver backfield + Josh Allen I'm personally a big Allen fan, and though I like Minshew I think Allen has the better floor and ceiling. And I do like the 49ers backfield, but it's a little muddled and I feel like Lindsay is the best RB option among the 4 of them (Breida, Coleman, Freeman, Lindsay). Anyone got any strong opinions one way or the other? Let me know, and also drop your topic if you need some help as well, always happy to oblige.