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  1. This is the only sport in the world that can take 2 minutes of gametime and turn it into a half-hour of nothingness.
  2. Are we going to have to wait until an hour before the 4PM games for Conner to get his 'O' designation (on ESPN)? Hoping he gets ruled out prior to the 1PMs so I can pick up someone for the bench...
  3. Draft reports tend to question Samuels' ability as a pure running back... "only gets what's blocked," "speed and quickness are average," "doesn't show enough tenacity" However, they also point out that he was an absolute beast at the goal-line in college, both in the passing game and the running game. Scouts seemed to be wary about him because he wasn't incredibly proficient at any one thing, but very good at many. Thing is, the ones he seems to be good at are catching balls and scoring touchdowns, which are kind of valuable. It actually sounds like the combo of Ridley/Samuels is going to work out really well for the Steelers, however it seems the best use is just as most astute people have already guessed - Ridley gets the grunt work between the 20s, Samuels gets the passing downs, 3rd downs and red zone work. Samuels doesn't have to be a bell-cow to produce, whereas Ridley is only going to be effective if they feed him consistent carries or he gets a goal-line attempt.
  4. Stevan Ridley is a flat-earth truther. Stevan Ridley once caught a meteorite. Stevan Ridley has two cats and four horses. Stevan Ridley lives atop a mountain in the Catskills and often visits the Finger Lakes for summer vacations. Stevan Ridley eats two eggs every morning, and the finest milk steak every night. None of this is true, but it's still way more pertinent to the topic than anything you all are talking about. STFU about scoring systems in a player outlook thread.
  5. I'll admit to whiffing on Dalvin in this year's draft - I had high expectations for him which just never panned out before trading him midseason (that's on me expecting too fast of a turnaround from major injury), but I can't wait to target him next year. Dude looks absolutely electric with the ball in his hands, and if Minny spends any money whatsoever on that line he's going to be incredible. Kind of hoping at this point that he lays low this year and becomes a steal for next year (and also that he gives you the exact amount of points you need to win or not lose your playoff matches).
  6. Keep an eye out on news for DJ Moore. He looked like he tweaked a toe or his ankle on the very last Hail Mary of the game and coverage cut away before anything was discussed. Could be nothing but it didn't look great.
  7. Snacks Harrison has been a huge upgrade to their run D
  8. Got Goff, Woods and Reynolds all going in this one... Hope the Lions can keep it competitive.
  9. The way to look at it is this: Humphries has a solidified role regardless of Godwin/Jackson's activity - he's pretty consistently played between 60-80% of the snaps, and is out there every single time they run 3-wide sets. His role in the offense will essentially go unchanged. Godwin is a fixture in 2-wide sets, but both he and DJax essentially split snaps in that role unless they go 4-wide, when they would both be on the field. DJax sitting essentially bumps Godwin up to a near every-snap starter as he'll no longer be splitting his snaps, and will be in for 2-, 3- and 4-wide sets almost all the time. Now whether that translates to more targets or not remains to be seen. He should see a moderate, assured bump just from the extra playing time, but whether his targets grow exponentially due to his increased role remains to be seen. He could end up with the exact amount of targets and opportunity as he does when Jackson plays, or he could run away with the chance and become a favorite target. Either way, even without Jackson there are a ton of mouths to feed in the offense, so while he could see 10 targets and explode, there's a non-zero chance that almost nothing changes in terms of targets and usage. Also, Carolina is trash versus slot receivers so Humphries could very well still end up with the better game.
  10. Both teams had a full week this week. Common sense seems to indicate no, but the gut says yes and I think they have a fairly decent floor even if they don't pop... a couple of sacks should be a given, and if Dallas ends up being competitive it's going to be through strong defense and slowing the play. Here's hoping they don't go negative at the very least.
  11. Anyone else rolling with New Orleans tonight? They've been playing lights out the last 5 weeks (4 of 5, Rams week discounted), Dallas has been playing better since the bye but has some deficiencies and have some o-line injuries... Dunno, I don't have a lot of other options, guess I'm just looking for someone to tell me it's alright or to bail as quickly as possible.
  12. Can check to see if Chris Thompson got dropped in your league... Should be coming back this week and has a good matchup with Philly. No telling how much Colt will utilize him but if you're needy he might be worth a stash or desperation flex.
  13. I luckily had someone in both my leagues spare me the same fate, cause I was targeting him aggressively. Don't worry though, I still managed to score Marquise Goodwin and Corey Davis at vastly inflated prices :thumbsup: