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  1. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    If you are punting blocks and Conley is available in your league (95% owned on ESPN), then yes you should go pick Conley up. If you are punting assists or 3s and Nance is available in your league (21% owned on ESPN), then you should go pick Nance up - you should also go pick Conley up if he is available. Now, this is a crazy idea I know, but I think one of the keys to fantasy basketball is picking up guys who have a chance to outperform their draft position and are readily available. Sleepers if you will (did I coin that term?). Happy to explain that further if needed Nostradamus.
  2. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    If he can get into the 29-30 minute range, then he should push for mid-round value (5th/6th). Good boards, high stocks, high FG%, low TOs. Not a cornerstone or league winner, but a rock-solid guy to round out a team, especially for a last round / $1 player. I would go pick him up if you are punting assists or 3s just to see how the rotation works out.
  3. Basketball Monster Content

    It's a great website. You definitely need to play around with the projections, which is where I spend most of my time on that site - it helps you have a better understanding of player values, Z-scores, replacement level players, etc. It's great for working on punt builds, evaluating team needs, trade values, etc. My one criticism is that I think Josh tends to inflate the value of "his guys," and he's often right, but he can be extreme in his valuation at times.
  4. Early stages? Is this a 20 year rebuild? No terrible contracts? Deng is on the books for two more years. Ludicrous? Magic said he would quit if they don't land a star the next two years. I'll have what you're having man.
  5. Strike 1. You must be referring to seats on the bench - the masses sure aren't turning out in droves to see Trevor Ariza. Ayton & Booker, sure they generate hype. Ariza is a high level role player.
  6. How in your opinion then does signing Ariza help the Suns? This type of deal makes sense if the team is going to be competitive, like JJ Redick's deal last year. But it makes no sense for the Suns - they don't have to give multi-year high price deals, and they don't have to give a one-year high price deal. Just hoard cap space and create a bidding war.
  7. Makes no sense. They aren't going to make the playoffs, they have young wings, and they don't have a point guard. Much better uses for that space, whether its a PG or cap space to get a pick in a salary dump. PG - ? Knight? SG - Booker Wing - Ariza - Bridges Wing - Jackson - Warren C - Ayton This reminds me of the Kangz paying Hill, Carter, and Randolph last summer. CAP SPACE IS VALUABLE.
  8. "Report" is about teaming up in LA - not Oakland.
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Discussion Thread

    This is a combo draft discussion / vent & rant. "Experts" draft "grades" are so terrible - I will use Steve Alexander's grades as an example. Teams need to be graded on a curve - if you only have second round picks or no picks, then you are obviously going to not get as highly regarded players. Alexander gave the Pistons a "C" because they didn't get a "game changer". Well okay, but their first pick was at 38 and they got Khryi Thomas. That's great value. Alexander gave the Nuggets a "C" for taking Michael Porter. Small market teams need to take home run hacks every pick IMO. Swing for the fences. Porter is a great pick at the end of the lottery - just look at how last year's draft played out this year with Fultz, Fox, Isaac, Ntilikina, Collins, Monk, Kennard, etc. There are no guarantees. Nuggets get an A in my book. Alexander gave the 76ers a "D" when they traded the 10th pick (Bridges) for the 16th pick (Zhaire) and a mystery box first rounder in 2021. Yes, you don't know what that pick will be but there's a chance it is a lottery pick in a loaded draft when they end the one and done. It's a great gamble. 76ers get an A in my book.
  10. 2017-2018 Trade Deadline Thread

    Hill/Clarkson JR/Korver Hood/Green LeBron/*Love Nance/TT Obviously flexible on the positions but I think that's what it looks like.
  11. Fact check: Millsap was the 45th ranked player in nine cat last year, 46th in eight cat. Just considering forwards, Millsap was 24th in nine cat and 22nd in eight cat. Your subjective position is objectively false. And you did compare him to Love in this thread, at least indirectly. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.