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  1. Only thing to worry about is Game script, i.e. Washington blows out Miami early. Unless Miami does something really odd like score and keep up with the other team.
  2. I played him the last two weeks, and regrettably so. I'm actually playing Stafford over Allen. I like the volume of Stafford. He can throw two picks but also put up 350 passing yards and a few TD's. Allen just seems to be managing the game, nothing more.
  3. I can handle a few more weeks (I have Godwin, Sanders, McLaurin). This Monday would be only the 2nd missed game? Just want him healthy is all. Rather that than a situation where he plays and then steps out of the game early. Coming back Week 8 vs KC would be nice.
  4. Jameis for the high scoring affair. Not sure I trust Goff against that SF Defense.
  5. Bad week, and not really trusting him this week due to match up. But keeping Sanders, 100%.
  6. I'm going to flex him this coming week against the Rams, but with hesitation because of Coleman's integration and the loss of Kyle Juszczyk. Breida has the Highest YPC in the league, which can be a misleading stat, but you see it over and over again with how he breaks off chunks of yards 10+ at a time. Anytime he's got the ball in his hands is a very solid chance of production.
  7. 49ers defense is quite good. I don't recall seeing any Hunt panic last week when Chubb had a day. Gonna lay off the panic button. As much as I don't like Cleveland's offense schemes, I still think Chubb is the raw deal.
  8. You'd take Dalvin Cook 1.07? I find that very, very hard to believe brother! You had Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Leveon Bell, OBJ, Tyreek Hill, James Conner ahead. I had Cook last year. Reason enough for me to avoid him in the first round and get value at a position. "Expert analysis" is the same as our own. If Dalvin Cook had a poor season this year, or if Adams didn't get injured, then it'd be a different tune.
  9. My 7th pick overall in the 1st round was Davante Adams. No regrets. What, was I supposed to draft Dalvin Cook there? Maybe I'll be psychic next year.
  10. Expecting, and by expecting I mean Hoping, that our boy will see a lot of pass usage tonight. Wilson, escaping pocket, dumping it off to Carson.
  11. I like it. Mahomes is Mahomes, but you absolutely need help at running back. Danny Jones improves a bit with Tate coming back, too. Cheers. Your bit about the IPA just made me excited for tonight's game. 🍻
  12. There's no telling exactly what kind of value Ekeler will have moving forward now that Melvin Gordon is back. Drew Brees IS going to return, if not until November (or something of that nature), which will boost Can'tGuardMike's value... Really tough call. I would probably hold based on the fact that you'd still only just have 3 running backs, without the cornerstone of Zeke.
  13. Never thought the QB landscape would be this thin. I have Stafford on a BYE week, should I pick up Kyle Allen vs Jags or Gardner Minshew vs Panthers? whir