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  1. Dropped Aaron Jones, picked up Kalen Ballage over Williams. I think that's my grudge I've had all year on Williams as a Jones owner. Of course, my opponent this week picked up Williams and plugged him in. At most I could see him amassing 80 total yds and 1 TD.
  2. I'm starting Ballage over Ware. Damien and Darrell Williams looked real good. Ballage's competition isn't as convincing. I'm also not scared of Jacksonville what-so-ever. Game script could be in Ballage's favor. I'm betting on volume, really. I admit that it's risky, but for what it's worth, I benched Henry after his "break out" in Week 14, and look what happened.
  3. Ugh...my opponent has Connor as well. I'm hoping they ease his workload with Samuels on the rise. Good luck!!!
  4. Thanks. I was thinking it could be another Marlon Mack day.
  5. Can't blame you. I'd start Henry. I'm gleefully starting Rams defense @ Artizona. At some point you need to let go of that first rounder (my first pick last year was Lesean McCoy).
  6. Oh my god it's a BALLAGE I'm telling yall its SABOTAGE Nah I'm playing him
  7. I referred to this thread before my 10-player keeper league draft. Now I'm picking him up in my redraft league for the championship, where I also own Drake... If at this point we think we know Gase, there's no way Drake's workload improves.
  8. If Connor is healthy, I'd play him. As a Michel owner, I have him riding the pine. I can barely see him getting 15 touches let alone 15-20 carries. It's too muddled in that backfield. Unless there's some new insight that went over my head? And yeah, another pain of a backfield in Denver, but I still like Lindsay's potential to bust out for a long TD run.
  9. All I'm gathering here for Williams is VOLUME.
  10. I kind of expect a similar game script coming into this Sunday. What's everyone's take on that?
  11. Hopkins was my 8th overall pick. He was my go-to for the bottom section of the 1st round. I went too many seasons without him on my roster.
  12. I'd most definitely consider Williams over Michel this week. That Patriots running back committee drags Michel's value way down. I'll be bringing that up in the Assistant Coach forum this week at some point.
  13. I doubt Aaron Jones will finish the year, so I'm thinking of picking up Williams, who I've cursed out this season more times than probably any other player in history
  14. 100% agreed. Took him over CMC. I even took him over Hunt. Isn't that crazy? It was a split-second decision. I hated myself for most of the season, but now I'm celebrating, 7-6 and one night away from going into the Finals.