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  1. Voit might not have the upper hand only because gardner is the only left handed bat currently penciled in.... bird is a lefty
  2. $20 auction draft tonight 10 team yahoo cash league no waivers same day transactions pay when joining please
  3. he has a say because he can agree to a long term deal and the wolves will be able to get more back than in a trade where after this year he is a free agent
  4. Thanks for your help with my Freeman question... I would drop desheilds for him, he's not hitting now & plays for a bad team. Gotta take chances and be able to dump under performing players. Let someone else use him to tank their average
  5. I was offered his bellinger, soto and next year's 3rd round pick for my freeman 12 team standard cat.. keep 3 hitters without penalty if i made this trade I would have these guys left as my keepers trea, correa, benintendi if bellinger figures it out, I might keep him or soto what would you do? send me your question