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  1. Looks like yahoo doesn't have polls available on the message board anymore.. what are people using to vote on things?
  2. Thanks for the link, looks like you need to have ordered it before or something...
  3. That's great! Could you post a link to the half off? Thanks
  4. Only 3 spots left
  5. Draft tonight, $20 h2h yahoo cash league, dropped players are free agents, payout for regular season winner.. na spot.. 10 teams drafting 9:15pm cst
  6. Need a couple more managers in a 10 team h2h yahoo private cash league.. $20 buy in.. please pay when you join
  7. I think that Reyes has ace upside, I'm guessing that in 8 player keepers, most of the young guys are already taken. I'd keep him (reyes) over dee or jd .. Please help
  8. I disagree with these guys, Correa has as much if not more upside than machado, plus he can be your ssid for meant years. Like the other guy said, machado might lose his ss eligibility. Also Polanco has 2nd round upside... looking at your team, I'd keep Myers and Polanco over Lester, there is no way anyone could compete with your current hiring for years Please help
  9. Hi, we keep 2 pitchers and 2 hitters with no penalty for as long as we want. In a h2h 10 team snake draft with qs & obp. Some one wants to trade me: His Mike trout For My trea turner and syndergaard He said he'd throw in a draft pick too, but we haven't discussed which one. What side of the trade would you want, keep in mind that since 2 pitchers are kept there are just about no aces available when we start drafting... My other keeper is Correa and pitcher is sale, and I could replace Thor with Kelley or matz Leave a link and I'll answer yours
  10. not really sure that mcdermitt is a great pu no matter who you get rid of, but if you really want him then i'd drop Deng pls help