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  1. Rate My Team Any Sugesstions WHIR

    thanks for the help on the freeman and bregman q I don't have any experience in 20 team leagues but it does look like your pitching needs some help ... looking at your settings I think you could punt Starting Pitcher and only lose 2 categories, unless you have a minimum innings picthed.
  2. Which Keeper, Points League. WHIR

    thanks for your help with my freeman/bregman keeper q I don't know you points league settings and how much saves, hitter so's, etc effect your team... But in overall assumed value for most people and possibly trade value... Buxton is my choice. chances are you can draft both bauer and knebal after where you'd have to draft buxtn
  3. Rate my Team! 12 Team H2H Cats 5 Keepers

    Thank you for your help on my freeman/bregman keeper q. I think your team looks great and I probably wouldn't change anything... I also don't know why the people above me are saying your outfield is a weakness. I think its great.... I really like the paring of Turner & bellinger .... I firmly believe that Turner will be the biggest difference maker in Baseball this year. Not saying he will end up at #1 overall ADP but you can really target anyone after drafting turner because you won't have to make up for his deficiencies. Pairing with Bellinger will help out and having Goldy as a cornerstone.. What he brigs will just re-inforce the benefits that both TT and Belly bring .. Your pitching is just fine to start the season... You'll make moves throughout the year that can replace any picks that were wrong in hindsight
  4. Which SP would you go with? **WHIR**

    thanks for your help on my Freeman/ bregman keeper question I would say that Corbin would be my first choice then Newcomb and distant matz Corbin just seems to have a reliable spot in the rotation and I love rookie young pitchers as much as the next guy but they can really wreck havoc on your ratios... If you haven't drafted yet, you could probably draft corbin a few rounds earlier and still get Newcomb
  5. Help with last keeper - Alex Wood or Luke Weaver

    thanks for helping with my question.. i think that weaver is the keeper here. not that wood is bad but weaver has better strike out upside and also seems to have more value in mock drafts..
  6. Waivers Setup for League Question

    FAAB is I think what you are thinking of, I'm guessing that your football league is like that..... I actually think it is more competitive to do no waivers... first come first serve... it is similar to what are looking for because if you are trying to pick up a player that day, you can't drop your current player, if he has played until 2am (cst)
  7. Keeper Holds 7x7 H2H league advice wanted (Keep 4)

    I agree with the last poster... I would keep Betts , madbum, severino, and degrom.... don't consider anything else... you will have a stud staff, very unlikely anyone would have a staff as good as yours... also it seems like this is the year that you can pick up quality hitters in the later rounds of drafts but not quality pitchers... plus you can always trade a pitcher if really needed. please help
  8. Keeper League- Need to Keep 5

    I think your obvious keepers are: Nolan Edwin Severino the ones I would consider are: Hendricks: he plays for a great team and should get you wins and is still young enough to get better. Pollock : has 2-3rd round upside if he stays healthy.. I know about the humidor, but his value is SB .. I would put arreitta lower than the last 2 because he had about 1 great season, 1 decent season and last year wasn't too good.. Now he is with a bad team which = less wins & possible shut down around Fantasy playoffs. please help
  9. How am I looking? (WHIR)

    Like the others said, I would try to trade for a Starter... But I do think that people are valuing the top 15 starters more than they have before... Since it seems like you have 2 3rd base hitters I would look at the other teams and see who is hurting for 3rd base... There might not be much because apparently people think 3rd is deep this year... try to trade Freeman and shaw... keep bregman or you won't have a quality SS please help
  10. Who won this trade? Sanchez involved. WHIR

    desmond doesn't have much value right now so the trade is really sanchez for the other 2... I would probably still take team 1... but I would say that team 1 shouldn't trade for team 2 because team 1 probably has a decent OF and then would have to replace C with someone on the wire... and chances are that they drafted sanchez so they wouldn't have to worry about C the rest of the season. please help
  11. Trade for Acuña - WHIR

    does your league have an NA spot? because if it does then it will probably not matter to the auto-drafter that he got some one that is going to start the league in AAA then supposedly be up within a month. If I owned Acuna I wouldn't; trade him for Bruce Carpenter or Bird, Gallo possibly... But why trade Acuna if you can wait it out so early in the season.. . I think if you really want him you'd have to trade one of these Moncada, Pollock or Weaver.. But since the guy doesn't know fantasy baseball and possibly drafted a bunch of guys that he didn't want, then it'd be best to ask him directly what t would take and offer him 2 for1 or 3 for 1. please help with mine
  12. my league keeps 3 hitters and 2 pitchers forever with no penalty.. 12 team 5×5 snake.. I pick 7th and have to throw 2 of freeman, bregman or benintendi back. it's very unlikely that any of them would get back to me to draft.. my current keepers are trea correa sale c mart i know freeman has the higher redraft ranking, but bregman & benintendi are studs that could be better for years to come.. i believe that i could trade freeman for someone's 2nd pick. who would you keep and would you try to move freeman? whir
  13. We need 2 more teams for our yahoo auction league drafting on Friday 10- 13, 8pm central time. Yahoo private cash league for holding money optional keepers for next year. up to 4 keepers with penalty.. All managers are experienced and active Must pay when joining or get booted, I've had bad experiences with people waiting and leaving league at the last minute. Not doing that again 10 team, 9 cat 15 roster 10 starters, same day moves, FA after draft. Optional keepers If Interested leave email or number to text Invite to .. or ask any questions
  14. Looks like yahoo doesn't have polls available on the message board anymore.. what are people using to vote on things?