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  1. So we can trade for draft picks in our league. It has a mini keeper aspect to it, in that you can keep up to 2 players, for their ADP, each year. What is fair value to give up for a first round pick? I was considering offering a 3rd and 4th....
  2. I was just wondering about this. If it were reversed (former steeler now playing for the Pats) I would say yes, but I dont know that Tomlin cares about that kind of stuff.
  3. I am so scared off this guy I am starting dan arnold. No OBJ means heavy focus shutting down Barkley, but still, hard to trust a guy who has been so ineffective
  4. Says screenshot from phone is to big, will post when I get to computer. Regardless, I am assuming you are in favor of grabbing JuJu?
  5. Do I trade Marlon Mack for JuJu SS? My starting WR are currently Baldwin and Kupp, while my RB's are Barkley, Hunt and Drake. Standard scoring.
  6. Killer Gif game. This signifies to me that he is 100%, but coming back after a layoff still can be tough. Better to give him a lighter load up front.
  7. I go Miller here. Hyde is a close second though.
  8. I think you have to go Conner. He has so much to prove, and the Steelers are ANGRY.
  9. I think you have it right. Barber will be to far behind today against the saints and split time with Quizz. To unsure of Morris's role to start him.
  10. Do I trade Kenyan Drake and Ronald Jones for Amari Cooper and Tyler Lockett? Standard scoring league. Current starting lineup Luck Kareem hunt Saquan Barkley Doug Baldwin Sterling shepherd Kenyan drake Derrick Henry Gronk
  11. Thats the one! You asked for an oppinion homie, I just offered it up! happy to get more specific, but you dont seem to be taking this particularly well so far....
  12. sorry, it was a swear :-( I do not like team 3 is the gist of it!
  13. team one is great, team 2 needs help, and team 3 is ******!
  14. Seems like a case for the COMMISSIONERS COURT! But honestly, this seems pretty cut and dry to me...... No it is not.