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  1. Long gone in competitive leagues, wish it was that simple. Offense without Ben is scary though.
  2. I mean, it's the NYG. Not worried. If Evans falters tonight, it will be on Winston as usual.
  3. Don't make the trade. Keep the Great White Buffalo.
  4. 250 entry I believe. It's their multi league fantasy championship. Axe still doing Axe things.
  5. Greetings from RTFFC Headquarters and the desk of Commissioner Toe. We're traveling through the RTFFC leagues this year covering and highlighting a different league color each week, this week we're highlighting the infamous RTFFC Purple. So lets address the big purple elephant in the room right up front. There has been considerable whining, complaining, griping, and publicity concerning the draft of R.Yost (aka AxeElf ) in the infamous Purple 3 (P3©) draft (click to view). Fortunately for us in the league office, his players out-performed their owner and actually secured a win in Week 1. Not only that but they have the third most points in P3© and are 33rd/144 in all of Purple. Additionally, the top Purple 3 team in the overall standings is in 18th place and not sniffing any overall winnings currently. RTSports and the RTFFC League Headquarters have canceled their vacation plans prior to the end of the season and Defcon 5 has been lowered to Defcon 2.
  6. Found this on RT Sports...
  7. The game changed when CJ Moseley got injured.
  8. A dolphins defender negated a likely Mark Andrews TD before halftime as well.
  9. Not happening, he said not this year (football months)
  10. Cruel Summer - Ace of Base. The brat got his way.
  11. Tyrell Williams only did well one season and that was in 2016 when Allen had gotten hurt. Waller should be #2.
  12. Jamison Crowder and James Conner. Lets go JC!
  13. Trade Josh Jacobs for Adam Theilen/Stefon Diggs