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  1. The trade shouldn't have been vetoed. Someone clearly bought into the narrative of Brandin Cooks being paid a lot to ball out. You also have no grounds to dismiss Chubb yet either since we havent even seen the guy play yet; No one knows what the Browns will be doing. If you guys veto deals like that, I'm sure you guys are all a fun bunch..
  2. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    11 Team Roto. Sent: Ross Stripling Received: AJ Pollock My pitching stats are the best at half and I'm too far into my 200 pitching starts to keep rostering all these SP I have so I figured I would make an All Star Break trade to get some more Bat depth to get more Batting points. Stripling, while top 5 at the moment, was always expendable to me as I got him off the waiver wire. It just feels good to be lacking bat points and seeing an incoming 2nd half with guys like Baez, Albies, Goldy, Myers, Torres, Donaldson, Pollock, Khrush Davis, Soto, Moncada, Gurriel, Suarez, C. Taylor, Winker, Grandal all staring you down.
  3. Axe Elf's 2018 Players, Teams and Leagues

    He hangs out at RTsports from what I've seen but I'm sure he's given drafting a lesser role right now since he has some teams already. Once preseason starts and injuries pile on, I'm sure we'll hear from him once again. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.
  4. 11th Pick PPR Draft Results. WHIR

    No but Ive known better than to just trust Stafford alone in the past and I thought Mariota was decent value where he went. I probably won't be using Gesicki much unless he takes off but I suppose drafting him behind Rudolph wasn't totally necessary. I like playing defense matchups too, but yes, 2 defenses isn't all that common unless Best Ball format.
  5. Got into another 25 dollar Fantrax 12 team PPR draft today; I had the 11th pick. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 Def, 1 K. Here were my results. QB: Matt Stafford (9), Marcus Mariota (13) RB: Dalvin Cook (2), Derrius Guice (4), Lamar Miller (5), Royce Freeman (6), Devontae Booker (11) WR: Odell Beckham (1), Larry Fitzgerald (3), Jordy Nelson (8), DJ Moore (10), Calvin Ridley (12), Anthony Miller (17) TE: Kyle Rudolph (7), Mike Gesicki (15) DEF: Denver Broncos (14), Carolina Panthers (18) K: Jake Elliot (16) I didn't include byes but I will have a predicament come Bye Week 10. Cook, Miller, Freeman/Booker all share that bye week but I couldn't avoid that as these particular rbs fell my way and i didnt want to go heavier after I got the Denver backfield locked up. Is this a playoff team? WHIR
  6. Post All Star Break pitchers...?

    Sean Manaea, Tyler Anderson (continuation), German Marquez Nick Kingham, and Edwin Jackson.
  7. Exactly my point. So many guys to be used on the waiver wire. If you want a bigger stud than you already have (Watson to your Brees, Hopkins to your Thomas.), you have to pay up. Someone throwing in a DJ Moore type is what you'd expect in a 14 team league and up, not a 10 teamer. Be my guest though and offer the trade though, just realize that the 3rd piece HAS to be more valuable than DJ Moore. Just because he is a WR needy team doesn't mean he's going to give you upgrades for a WR4-5.
  8. Okay but you are in a 10 team league man so if you want upgrades you have to pay MORE since waiver wire replacement value is there for anyone to use and it being a 10 team league, there are adequate replacements. I don't understand how you think you can trade trade up from Brees to Watson (Watson drafted higher) and M. Thomas to Hopkins (Hopkins drafted higher), using DJ Moore as essentially his cost for dealing away his better players. I like Moore too, but 10 team league... That's bottom tier WR in that league size since you are only have to start 2. Having the start 2 WR instead of start 3 wr devalues your Moore addition so back to the drawing board for a more reasonable offer. I hope you didn't send that offer to the Watson owner btw; you would most likely anger him.
  9. Ridiculous trade offer I'm considering

    Pass on that. Fournette is damn good.
  10. Real Time Fantasy Sports - Question

    If you've done 2 30 dollar leagues already, the 3rd one is half off. All American 3 Pack deal.
  11. Slow draft against Evan Silva and Bog & Welsh Podcast. WHIR

    Good question. I'm 50/50 on the matter; I think I'm done with slow drafts in general. I always get the worst of competitors who don't care about their pick and waste more time than needed. I did a slowdraft dynasty start-up baseball league with 30 teams and that really tested my patience. That draft took 2 months to complete from December to February. I wouldn't recommend anyone doing slow drafts haha.
  12. So I got into a Fantrax 25 dollar 12 team PPR slowdraft with these Bog & The Welsh Podcast guys and Evan Silva happened to be in this draft too. It's a best-ball format and start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 DEF. Here is my squad. QB: Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, Lamar Jackson RB: Todd Gurley, Derius Guice, Dion Lewis, Latavius Murray, Austin Ekeler WR: Adam Thielen, Doug Baldwin, Robby Anderson, Kenny Stills, Kenny Golladay, Anthony Miller, Travis Benjamin TE: Jimmy Graham, ASJ, Mike Gesicki DEF: Jags D, Falcons D how'd I do? WHIR
  13. 1st Team of the Year. Thoughts?

    I can at least admirer him diversifying his statements lately. Before it was the same Copy-Pasta formula for every asked question. It seems he's calmed down a bit, but we'll see how long that lasts.
  14. Axe Elf's 2018 Players, Teams and Leagues

    Pretty solid. I think id rather have gotten Nyheim Hines instead of TY Montgomery to seal up the Colts backfield (Im sure Hines went ahead of Ty Mont but if you draft Mack, Id want Hines too). Or else another WR instead of TY. I just dont think he does much compared to the other 2 running backs. Jaguars and Ravens D is the bomb in Best ball. Double Digits every week.
  15. Best Ball 10 Team PPR draft (WHIR)

    Because it's Aaron Rodgers?