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  1. I just think having Melvin Gordon AND Jordan Howard as my top 2 will help me out. RB is hard to fill no matter what format. I think a combo of Diggs, Crowder, Marvin Jones, Jordan Matthews, Beasley, Fuller, Funchess will get it done. Edit: Dropped Hill for Funchess.
  2. I'm a big Howard fan and think he's valuable no matter what type of setup it may be. I wasn't taking Demarco over him, and I didn't care to take Dez, Hilton, Cooks ahead of Howard. I dont see how Melvin Gordon, Jordan Howard, Ty Montgomery, L. Blount, Jeremy Hill is bad depth. I care about the TDs like you should. TY Montgomery in the 4th was a no brainer to me although Martavis Bryant was on my mind around that range too. I do agree about the need for another WR but I like the Gordon acquisition for my team and it makes Howard more expendable.
  3. id go Gordon Brady honestly. Brady is going to put up 20 plus a game. at a 6th round cost might as well take it and run.
  4. I dont like the Luck, Watkins, Benjamin picks; you might find yourself wanting more out of your WR spot as the season progresses. id try to flip Hyde for a WR to be honest.
  5. 12 team PPR. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, D, K. 7 Bench (Edit: 11th spot out of 12) QB: Tom Brady (3) RB1: Melvin Gordon (Drafted Jordy but traded him for Gordon: 1) RB2: Jordan Howard (2) WR1: Stefon Diggs (5) WR2: Jamison Crowder (6) TE: Hunter Henry (9) FLEX: Ty Montgomery (4) DEF: Minnesota Vikings (13) K: Stephen Gostkowski (14) Bench: LeGarrette Blount (8), Jeremy Hill (12), Jordan Matthews (7), Jack Doyle (11), Marvin Jones (10), Will Fuller (15), Cole Beasley (16) What you guys think? WHIR
  6. We were bound for a "Fulmer Pyle" start eventually. With that being said, I can't comment on how he looked tonight but all those early inning errors couldn't have contributed to a winning mindset on the mound.
  7. AxeElf emerges from the shadows in August with a new list of MUST DRAFTS.
  8. This list was pretty bizzaro. Seems like they are going out on a limb with projections moreso than other lists we have seen in the past week. Yadier ahead of McKenzie and Adames ahead of Ozzie. Big time Meh. Even Ryan Mount castle is pretty high up there.
  9. Nice list. Michael Chavis 57, Ryan Mountcastle 64, Colton Welker 67. Lots of forgetting but its nice to see some of these breakout guys getting the attention they deserve.
  10. Next start at Cleveland though.
  11. Since June 24th: 1 for 21 with 1 run scored. That's it. Why not give Hwang some play here in case Nunez gets moved. Hwang is in the lineup today too against Trevor Williams (been up and down), I'll be watching closely because this situation is interesting nearing the trade deadline. 3rd base in deep dynasty leagues is actually somewhat of a headache, so if we had a breakout option in Hwang, life would get easier for some. Probably a long shot, but still a deep lotto flier.
  12. Brock Stewart remaining clean in the ERA department with 2 more IP and 2 more Ks last night.
  13. 20 Team Dynasty This was about a week ago, but maybe more relevant now especially after I had people trying to tell me I gave up way too much after this deal. Gave: Gerrit Cole, Mark Melancon Got: Ben Gamel, Chance Adams, Derek Fisher, 25 FAAB
  14. I think I could make it worth something.
  15. I'm interested. Currently in the 2nd year of a 20 team dynasty so I'm pretty familiar with the farms and I'm versatile to my lineup. I dont stay emotionally connected to certain players. If I get a fair trade offer, I'm going to strongly consider it at bar none.