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  1. It's his schtick. Come football time he'll tell you to move Mahomes for Ingram.
  2. Zach Wheeler wins NL Cy Young. Mike Clevinger wins AL Cy Young. Jose LeClerc has 45 saves. Freddy Peralta has a 15 win season and 180 Ks. Brian Dozier hits 40 homers and has a .240 AVG. Domingo Santana drives in 100. Gio Stanton and Aaron Judge combine for only 61 homers. Nick Pivetta throws the first no hitter of 2019.
  3. Id move Realmuto for Flaherty/Strasburg, and stream C.
  4. Rhys for Walker Buehler or Mazara for Hill/Pivetta/Kikuchi.
  5. You have no need for Cruz and need Ray.
  6. And Flacco doesnt get that for 2014? Flacco vs Steelers wildcard game stats: 18/29, 259 yards, 2 TD, no picks, passer rating 114. Flacco vs Patriots divisional game stats: 28/45, 292 yards, 4 TD, 2 picks, passer rating 92.1. Ravens leading game until the 4th Quarter. Flacco and Foles belong in the same breath. Could have gotten Foles at 4/80 and got Tate on a 1 year 8 mill deal.
  7. This. Theres no way hes 9th when hes worked hard all offseason and put on muscle. Come on guys.
  8. Haven't seen much Evan Gattis chatter, where does he end up? Detroit?