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  1. What's the earliest you guys would draft him in a standard points league? I know he's better in roto, but he really fell in my points league draft last night (pick #111)and wondered if that was common.
  2. He also won't kill you from the free throw line like some centers, shooting 80% from there
  3. This nine minute drive has already taken up 15% of the entire game. Ridiculous. And it ends with a fumble.
  4. I saw him jumping on the sidelines, is that what you're basing it off of?
  5. I will not accept 1 point. Anything less than like ~5 is just a slap in the face and a mood killer lol
  6. Just need Miller to come back and fall into the endzone once
  7. Doesn't Kyrie start slow every year? I feel like he does
  8. Just gave away David Johnson and Kenny Golladay for Saquon Barkley and Marvin Jones .5 ppr 12 teamer
  9. Just got offered Saquon Barkley and Marvin Jones for my David Johnson and Kenny Golladay. .5 ppr league, what do you guys think? Post a link to your question, I'll help!
  10. Kamara with the red zone carry. Ingram owners on suicide watch.
  11. Redskins had the #1 ranked defense coming into tonight... lol
  12. Still in first place in the NFC East after this game... lol
  13. Kamara has 3 rushing attempts Brees+Taysom Hill = 3 rushing attempts
  14. Love owning this guy. 10 touchdowns, 0 ints, 1078 yards through 3 games.
  15. Green with 4 touchdowns through the first 6 quarters of the season. He had 8 all of last year
  16. Saquon arguably has the highest ceiling among those I mentioned, I just feel anxious about drafting a rookie who could be on a bad team with my first pick.
  17. Anyone in here have a middle pick in their draft? I have the 6th pick in a 12 teamer, and feel like whoever I take is gonna be a reach. I figure Zeke, Antonio, D. Johnson, Gurley, and Bell will all be gone. So my best options are Kamara, Hopkins, and Barkley who all seem like reaches at pick #6... Maybe Melvin Gordon?
  18. No idea what to expect tommorrow...It's his first game back, at Coors, against a good lineup. I can see him going out there and pitching a gem as an FU to the front office for demoting him, but can also see him blowing up. I'll probably sit him but I'm on the fence
  19. Something about suspended games not counting towards stats
  20. Looks like the Soto homerun does not count in fantasy