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  1. Full ppr will need upside play Who would you play in flex? Qb mayfield Rb samuels, cook Wr ty, robby Te kittle 2...robby and then white/ballage/hamilton? Leaning towards ballage
  2. 1 pt ppr qb: cousins (cant trust) rb: cook, james white wr: hilton, boyd flex (2): samules, hamilton te: kittle bench: jordy, robby, pettis, drake would you swap anyone out? if hilton is out too...who would you plug in? thanx for your help
  3. i would go woods and allen....dont like the injury with hill on short week!
  4. 12 team PPR qb: cousins (allen from waivers??) rb: cook, james white (samuels if connor out) wr: hilton, obj flex: boyd, hamilton te: kittle def: jags k: fairbairn bench: samuels, pettis, nelson, drake, zay jones, c west
  5. I would prefee to keep cmc hilton
  6. I like the antonio brown side Not sure how pit backfield will work out
  7. I would keep gordon....jags got hyde for a reason. Doesnt look good for fournette
  8. I would prob go wirh tyrell williams out of all of them
  9. Def take the second option Can you help with mine
  10. Ppr Qb: cousins Rb: cook, collins, white, drake, yeldon Wr: obj, hilton, sanders, boyd, fuller Te: kittle, olsen Being offered: ertz and watkins or westbrook Give: sanders and olsen or kittle Would you take the trade?