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  1. They are both solid flex options and they are both averaging 15 touches a week... Once Broncos D steps up, things are looking up for both!
  2. Let’s all pray Andy Dalton gets it together along with this O Line so teams can start respecting the pass. Or, maybe Ryan Finley can get the start to change this up
  3. Freeman had 43 snaps compared to 39 snaps. Not sure if there is a clear “starter”
  4. How does this guy look? Is he a solid buy candidate ?
  5. To see Royce Freeman performing the way he did against the bears D is encouraging. i don’t think Lindsay will take the backseat but two games in a row now where Royce severely outplayed. I wonder how this offense would look with Royce getting 20+ touches a game. If Royce keeps this up the next two weeks. I see him taking over much how Lindsay did going into the second half of the season
  6. I think the O-Line is to blame for the bengals , not Mixon lol
  7. Exactly what I was thinking!! Fire him up. He is active! lets get it!!
  8. Keesean Johnson and Deon Cain will be waiver wire gems within these next few weeks. Get them before they blow up!
  9. Sherman plays LCB which typically is on the X WR. Ross mostly NEVER plays X position. Boyd is now because AJG is injured. I never said Sherman is going to Shadow. It’s simply stupid to put Ross in the X position unless you are AB or Odell Read above
  10. I’d say SEA pass rush is equal and the DEF is better... Sherman is going to lock down Boyd. Which will leave Ross with more opportunities
  11. Better performance. Still left a lot of points on the table though. But definitely reassuring that Evans will be putting up points this season and last week was just an outlier
  12. So I guess Seattle D isn’t good?? They just added J.Clowney. Mixon will step it up when Healthy and gets more acclimated into this offense
  13. I made sure to do a WInston/Evans stack. James Bradberry has yet to be scored on by Evans. I think this week will change things