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  1. Told him I'm only interested in Davante, but for now he countered with Evans and a late devy pick 2.10. I'm low on Evans, but it would still be selling high on Carson.
  2. Sounds like a downgrade in most spots and a trade for the sake of trading. Ingram is old and suspended. Guice should still be the 1.02 in dynasty and will be back next year. That or Michel/Penny/Freeman/KJ is better than whoever is left after that (RoJo/Moore). http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/708889-chris-carson-dynasty-value/
  3. Ajayi is a better keeper than nothing. Don't know if you lose a draft spot or not if you choose to keep him. Eagles are a top team and Ajayi was still very solid, but was in a RBBC with Blount. Clement is on the come-up, but Ajayi is still a solid back in the last year of his contract. May get extra usage knowing Eagles won't keep him.
  4. Don't like either QB honestly. Ben is fine, but not for a 5th. Definitely keep Arob imo, but again the round is pretty high. He is better value than Crowder a round later though.
  5. CMC for sure. Better team, you know he will be used, and was already very productive. Guaranteed to catch a ton of balls giving a nice floor. Mixon is much riskier and the Bengals line appears to be atrocious again.
  6. Do it. Zeke is the focal point of the offense, Julio is older and McKinnon is a sell high right now as he is unproven and injured. Sounds like they also like Breida and may use him a lot as well in a timeshare. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/708889-chris-carson-dynasty-value/
  7. Thielen. Being slept on, Diggs doesn't always stay healthy. Cousins is an improvement at QB. JuJu can't keep up the efficiency of last season and is the 3rd target. Also, Big Ben may not last through the season due to injuries.
  8. ADP is currently rising and wondering if it is more of a sell high situation with Penny looming long-term. Auction 14-keeper 2RB, 3WR, 2FLEX league so starters are shallow. I'm primed to make a run, though losing Guice has certainly hurt my depth. Considering offering Brandin Cooks and Chris Carson to get Davante Adams. What are the odds Carson remains the starter throughout the season?