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  1. Got presented with offer of James White & David Montgomery for my Marlon Mack in 0.5 PPR league. I already have Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, Matt Brieda, Devin Singletary on my roster. Thoughts? Post your link for WHIR
  2. I've got Ingram & Carson and I'm going with Ingram. I'm sure Carson is ready to roll tonight and will get the "majority" of carries. But the way I see the game script going: + Carson starts, gets runs in the first series or two, does well + Penny gets a series to build off last week's momentum, does ok + Carson gets a few more runs in 2nd/3rd Q + The game gets pass happy, forcing Wilson/Rodgers to throw more + Mike Davis becomes the main pass-catching RB this game + Penny given another series to see how his hands are + Carson subs in for a few runs toward the end if Seahawks are up I see this as Carson getting maybe 14 carries for 67 yards, 1 catch for 9 yards, 0 TDs while Davis/Penny gets 6 catches for 44 yards and a goal line look and/or pass catch TD
  3. I'm in the same boat at this point. RB is a carousel of hot hands this season but with the playoff push coming, we have to consider is he a better bench stash than say, Austin Ekeler, or a 2nd D/ST if you don't have a rock sold weekly option.
  4. The McCarthy Paradox: I am the smartest football coach ever. "Of course!" I have 3 healthy running backs. "Well, TyMo is dead to me, so now I only have 2." Aaron Jones has shown the best skills on tape. "Yes, this is probably true" Aaron Jones should be the lead back in order to help move the offense. "This is probably true. I like Jamaal's blocking though" The Packers are playing the Patriots this week. "Can't wait to show Belichick that I'm the smartest coach ever!" Belichick is planning for the run with Aaron Jones. "I mean, he is my best asset on the ground... but we've also got Jamaal." The Patriots are known for winning with unconventional players. "They beat Buffalo with Corderelle Patterson as their running back last week..." Aaron Jones is averaging over 2.25 yards per carry more than Jamaal Williams. "They have different skill sets... we need them both..." The Packers need some creative play-calling to stump Belichick and the Patriots. "I'm going to give Tra Carson 15 carries this week!"
  5. Still more svelte than Andy Reid... But yeah, unless you're in a 16 team league where everyone rosters 7 WRs, adding Conley is pointless. There's such a strong group of WRs this year that can be better dart throws than Tyreek's backup. And I think if he can dress himself in a sumo costume after the game, he can play a football game a week later.
  6. The only reason I'm holding on to Royce (besides my pride after investing 1/8 of my auction draft budget into him) is looking at his late season/playoff schedule. My league may do pts differently but opponent ranks against RBs: Week 13 (@ CIN) 26th Week 14 (@SF) 20th Week 15 (Cle) 25th Week 16 (@OAK) 28th Even if he doesn't sniff my starting lineup again, I'd rather stash him on the bench than let an opponent ride that cushy schedule with a strong RB2 if Lindsay goes down. Besides, who else is going to be out there? Derrick Henry?
  7. I heard they were made by the same company that made those Starbury shoes a decade ago
  8. Owning Derrick Henry the last two weeks has been like signing up for one of those ambiguous focus groups to try a crappy new product because you need a little extra spending money. I saw him sitting on the waiver for free and said "He's a brand I'm familiar with. What harm can he do on the end of my bench? Maybe he'll end up good for me." But sure enough, after two weeks the side effects of taking him are ridiculous. Horrendous plodding. Blown holes. Disorientation and confusion. Now I'm going to have to drop him and won't even get anything for my time but a few rashes. Sure, I didn't pay into it... but the after effects will burn me for awhile.
  9. The lowball guy in my league thought he was being sneaky last week trading Sony Michel and some WR4/5s for LF. Now he has immediate regret. Does Yeldon have the upside as LF when he's fully healthy? No. But staying healthy is a key factor in the NFL and LF just hasn't proven it in his short career.
  10. 0.5 PPR - Play 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX I'm stacked at WR, a dumpster fire at RB especially until Ingram comes back. Got offered James Conner + discussion for another piece (Austin Ekeler?) for Tyreek Hill, who I'm using in FLEX every week Don't want to give up Tyreek, but my RBs suck and I can replace FLEX with Agholor, Godwin etc Wary of Connor getting replaced by Bell before Week 10. Make trade for the short-term gain at RB, or shop around and see if anyone else bites on Tyreek for an RB1? WHIR Thanks!
  11. This is exactly the reason I swung for Yeldon at the back of my bench even without getting to own Lenny. Lenny has enormous talent but dating back to his ankle issues at LSU he's flagged as "injury prone" (justified or not). Between this happening after Week 1 AND Doug Marrone having a "cautious" narrative, it just makes sense going forward for anyone who drafts LF's talents to make his backup a handcuff, even if Yeldon doesn't have anywhere near the same talent.
  12. Even if we can get 3-51 from him next week that would be an encouraging and acceptable progress. Not looking for top 3 TE numbers but would like to see him in the Top 10
  13. In Standard or shallow leagues he probably doesn't have any value unless Fournette is completely out. In PPR he definitely has some FLEX/low end RB2 value as a pass catching back when Fournette is out, maybe low end desperate Flex when Fournette is playing. For a guy like me who is stashing RBs until Ingram is back and waiting to see who pans out, I look at Fournette's injury history and think Yeldon is worth a shot holding onto for a few weeks.
  14. This. If some of the bigger name WRs from this week were taken ahead of your waiver/bid, Dorsett is definitely worth a back of the bench stash to see how he plays against stiffer competition. I don't see him escalating above WR3/FLEX status, but that is still valuable. Pats are a revolving door at WR right now but they seem to like Dorsett. Worse comes to worse he's a drop after next week or when Edelman comes back but he may prove useful as a fill-in guy or a minor sweetener to a larger trade.
  15. Bottom line is, what are your expectations for Carson? If you're hoping he carries you as your RB1 all season, then you drafted poorly or really went zero RB. With Russell Wilson and their struggles at O-Line, Seattle isn't built for a dominant bellcow RB and as much as I do like Carson's game, they aren't asking him to be that guy. When Penny gets up to speed, they will be more than happy to have Carson/Penny be a RBBC with a hot hand approach. It works for their gameplan, it just isn't wholly conducive to fantasy. If you drafted Carson as a cheap depth flier or fill-in back (in my case, to fill in for Ingram on a WR heavy team), just be happy he's getting a majority of touches for a few weeks and run with him until the wheels fall off and its time to pick up a new fill-in. Unless we see a wholesale commitment to Carson as a "lead back" or Penny gets injured, Carson is just your typical fantasy hot hand that happens to be at the beginning of the season, and was most likely drafted as such. No more, no less.