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  1. This is a bit disingenuous. The initial timeline (6-8 weeks) had him missing 4 games at most. Plenty of people likely drafted around that expectation, and are now having to re-calibrate (and that's if everything else has gone to plan). I still can't imagine many scenarios where he is not a hold, but if you need to win now and your WRs are trash, I could see being forced to trade. But most people in this scenario should have been stashing WRs off waivers... that's what I've been doing as a Hill/Green owner.
  2. Have Gore and Coleman. Penny is on the wire. But I need to make room for a Kicker, meaning I can only hold 1.
  3. 6th/7th is exactly where he was going before mid July according to FFC: <a
  4. Anybody want to break the tie between these three: darrel williams tevin coleman frank gore
  5. Duke Johnson Frank Gore Wayne Gallman Darrel Williams Tevin Coleman
  6. Thinking Conner is worth holding at least for one more week. He gets the Bengals and should be able to have some sort of rebound. Then if you want to dump him you should be able to get better value. Thanks for the help on mine.
  7. Drafted Hockenson and Cook. Already dropped Cook, and am starting to panic about TE. There is really nothing on the wire, but I can get Davis for free before tonight's game, only catch is that the drop needs to come off my bench: Tyreek Hill Melvin Gordon AJ Green James White Alexander Mattison Duke Johnson
  8. Worried Duke could be falling off the radar after only getting 6 touches last week. Jackson is only getting 7-8 each week but is making plenty out of them. As a Gordon owner, I'm not too worried about his value if/when Gordon returns. 0-2 and I need to win now (until I get Gordon/Green/Hill back) and am looking to shore up my Flex 2 spot.
  9. I was having a debate about starting White myself, but news is he is OUT today for the birth of his child. Mostert is your only choice!
  10. Have 1 RB and 1 flex spot for these three guys. Love White, but his usage has been spotty (last week really only rescued his game with a late 4th quarter TD). Robinson can obviously go off, but he could also disappear behind Watkins (and maybe Hardman). Gore, leading the backfield against a run D that has given up tons of fantasy points in each of their games, seems like he has the highest floor of any of these three. Is that enough to start him?
  11. Did you see Westbrook dance after that drop? Like he can't get DJ Chark doo doo doo-doo doo doo out of his head either...
  12. Looking for a reason not to drop. Currently ranked 25th among TEs by my league's scoring, but is tied for 13th in targets, which is mildly encouraging? [...]
  13. I already have 2 speculative week 1 WRs, but Amendola cleared waivers. Without Mattison I would be paper thin at RB, but basically I need to win NOW, until Hill/Green/Gordon come back, and 13 targets/7 catches/100+ yard games are not generally flukes, especially week 1. Team in signature. PPR, 2WR and 2Flex
  14. What can we take away from a huge (13 target/7 catch opener)? Here are all the players who started the year with at least 13 targets 7 catches last 2 years and where they finished the year in PPR: 2018: J. Jones WR1, M. Thomas WR8, A. Brown WR4, O. Beckham WR15, J. Landry WR17, G. Tate WR27 2017: D. Hopkins WR2, R. Cobb: WR39 Most of these guys were anticipated studs, and I don't see Amendola being a top 15WR, but the worst player (Cobb) was a high-end WR4/Flex player. It's a good omen, and I can't see why this guy is sill a FA in many leagues (including mine)
  15. Rodgers was sacked 5 times last night, Davante Adams, the #2 drafted WR in all of fantasy, only had 36 yards. I am guessing that a season opener against the best defense in the NFL at Soldier field is not a good assessment for any Packer's season long value. People can probably stop expecting some breakout year, but don't think last night means he is not serviceable as a WR3 (or in my case a Flex2) I regrettably started Allison, but unless somebody really intriguing is out there on waivers, I think he is worth a hold.
  16. I am rolling him out confidently as my Flex2.
  17. I make an excel sheet of my player rankings and make sure it fits on one page. A live draft is for having fun with friends as much as anything, so keep it simple. Maybe you wont have the most mathematically brilliant draft, especially after a few beers, but I always keep it to 1 page.
  18. Williams for sure. I think I'd lean Lindsay in standard. Thanks for the help on mine.
  19. Up until about about a week ago I was 100% planning on going with Lindsay, but the Riddick signing and talk about a more even split with Freeman have me second-guessing.
  20. Our PPR league lets you keep 1 late round player. Who would you choose from these three? Tyler Boyd James White Phillip Lindsay also have Tevin Coleman and Eric Ebron
  21. Any chance Freeman comes back this year? Should Coleman owners worry? Is he worth picking up as a FA just in case?
  22. I would hold onto DJ. Thanks for the help on mine
  23. I'd drop McGuire. He's not helping you right now, and Thompson is more valuable going forward.