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  1. Got offered Wentz and #7 rookie pick for my A.Luck. My team is stacked and I won this year. Also a diehard colts fan. So i need some non bias advice. Figuring in Lucks shoulder, colts in rebuild mode Wentz knee injury and Eagles built to win now. I haev a very good team that can win next couple years. Thanks for your help from my colts goggles.
  2. Traded away Keenan Allen and CJ Anderson got David Johnson
  3. Change ur league so you don't play week 17 is my advice...
  4. I have k.allan in 2 leagues. One league he got the points the other de didn't. Depends on scoring system used and which site you play on. No in my Espn league yes in my fleaflicker league
  5. He would t take it so I settled for cj Anderson and k.allan for me to get d.johnson instead
  6. I would take Barkley.... keep the pick unless someone offers you the moon for him. Or wait till draft day to trade the pick... get more while on the clock
  7. Should I trade away cj Anderson for d.adams? I don't think cj will be a bronco next year. So who knows where he will end up. While D. Adams is locked in with rogers. if he won't take it straight across throw in a 2nd Rd pick? Or a bench player?
  8. i link lynch gronk side...no riskit no biscut
  9. thanks guys for the advice.i think ima hold and see if he has somethign different to offer
  10. I dont think u should. 4th is pretty close to the top. I would wait and see how week 1 shakes out. i think britt will be steady but not a breakout.
  11. Trade engram for brida. Hyde is good and will hold that job unless injured. and how good would he even be if he got the job
  12. the nice thing about luck is he can go on IR in case hes out a little longer. but i think McCoy has higher upside than freeman. so is the upside of Luck worth the small decrease from mccoy to freeman,
  13. looks like Snead will hardly ever crack ur lineup.....u need rb help
  14. Depends on your bench size ans who is available actually....more than 6 man bench easy to keep. 6 or less makes it rough. specially if your streaming positions.