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  1. I'm going to go with yes. And Connor's basically a match-up dependent RB3. Brutal fantasy luck.
  2. Winston/Evans DFS stack most obvious thing ever given the Giants are an embarrassment. Never seen an analyst consensus actually work out this well.
  3. Well nice to see a worst case scenario for the Steelers offense with the Big Ben injury. Basically making two 1st round fantasy players worthless. She is an unforgiving mistress.
  4. Should have known better than to dress Mack after a week of LPs. Have to watch a bunch of crap JAGs splitting touches with him.
  5. Michel straight doesn't look very good every time I've seen him this year. He'll ride the TD train on a good team but doesn't create any yards at all.
  6. Guess it's good news he's already been declared active. Must be feeling alright.
  7. I'm torn on this one. Hilton is also 50-50 to play and there's a good chance the Colts are chasing points. Plus no clue on Mack's workload.
  8. This is a team that's currently 3rd in rushing and 32nd in passing. Without a stud RB they will literally suck. Mack behind that line is basically the only chance they've got. There's a reason Mack's been taking a lot more of Hines' passing snaps so far. The Colts know it.
  9. I'm offloading any piece of this offense if Mack goes down. They've already lost Luck and then it'll be the Jacoby Brissett, T.Y., and a bunch of JAG RBs show. No thanks.
  10. I also think he may be the biggest beneficiary. Brown ran shorter routes and Burkhead also catches a lot of those targets.
  11. He's tempting but I worry about the targets even without Brown. He only seems to average like 4-5 per game and McDaniels seems to have specific plays for him. Maybe the targets ramp up, but I think he'll still be behind Edelman, Gordon, White and possibly Burkhead.
  12. Dude was also apparently pretty sick last game. Had to have a couple IVs. Still basically went for 100 yards. Had a week to recover so hopefully he's feeling better.