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  1. Giovani Bernard 2017 season outlook

    Anyone know how Minny is against pass-catching RBs?
  2. Davante Adams 2017 Season Outlook

    You go ahead and bench him then. I'll continue to ride a guy who has been a top 5 WR over the past month+ and just got a major QB upgrade. There is plenty to go around. Why would Rodgers mention needing to get Adams more involved? He's been a total stud... pretty much their entire aerial attack (along with the RBs) while Rodgers has been out.
  3. Kerwynn Williams 2017 Season Outlook

    I own both but in different leagues... each are currently occupying a respective flex spot (the Kerwynn league we start 2 flexs). I feel a bit more confident in Perine for a couple reasons, but I obviously have enough faith in both to have them in my semi-final lineups. 1) Perine should be involved more in the passing game. Despite him being a bigger back, he is actually quite useful on dumpoffs and has above average hands. He also doesn't have an established passing back anymore taking all the 3rd downs. 2) Arizona doesn't tend to travel well to the East coast, especially their defense. The Skins are ravaged by injuries, and consistency has been lacking all season, but they are still a good team and explosive on offense when they play well. There is a chance Arizona gets down by multiple scores and turns to Foster more than Williams. Regardless of game flow, I think Perine rather than Williams is a safer bet for 15-20 touches. I see both as low-end RB2s or High-End RB3s this week.
  4. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    I don't blame you for that call. I'm high on Ajayi this week as well.
  5. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    Rib injuries are scary for any RB because you know he's gonna take a lot of hits to that area, but I think you have to have some pretty good options to leave him on the bench this week given the situation. Fingers crossed he finishes the game.
  6. Antonio Brown 2017 Season Outlook

    It's the semifinals, everyone has a good team. Baldwin or Gordon (if you mean Josh) might not make my starting lineup this week. Brown is on another level though. Not having to play against him all season is almost as great a feeling as owning him. Almost.
  7. DeAndre Hopkins 2017 Season Outlook

    Thats good to hear a couple days in advance, it means it's probably minor. If they had said something like "we'll see" or "game-time decision", I'd tend toward sitting him even if he suited up.
  8. DeAndre Hopkins 2017 Season Outlook

    I really hope you're just trolling us.
  9. Demaryius Thomas 2017 Season Outlook

    Yeah, I can't believe I'm saying this, but the problem was that Brock actually played too well. He was taking what the defense was giving him, which led to Fowler & TE TDs. That coupled with the lead and the effective running game, and they didn't need DT. He ripped them in the First Half, they shaded coverage his way in the 2nd especially with Sanders out, and Brock adjusted.
  10. 12.14.2017 - TNF - Denver Broncos @ Indy Colts

    ...and people on this forum will still be rostering his handcuff waiting for him to lose his job.
  11. 12.14.2017 - TNF - Denver Broncos @ Indy Colts

    Brock can only play well in SkyCam view
  12. 12.14.2017 - TNF - Denver Broncos @ Indy Colts

    Yeah, I'm a pretty heavy favorite in my PPR league (DT is my weakest starter), and a slight underdog in my standard (DT is one of his weakest starters), so I'm fine if he just doesn't catch another pass the rest of the night. It was between starting DT and Goodwin, and one of the reasons I went with DT was to hedge my bets.
  13. 12.14.2017 - TNF - Denver Broncos @ Indy Colts

    I'm starting DT in my 0.5ppr league and playing against him in my standard league. Stat line looks pretty good so far, hoping he stays out of the end zone, and maybe gets like 5 more catches for 10 yards, ha.
  14. Demaryius Thomas 2017 Season Outlook

    ...In the First Half. 😉 I'm betting if we all knew Brock would come into the game in the 1st quarter a lot more people would have felt good about starting him.
  15. Golden Tate 2017 Outlook

    I think it's a bit different when judging a QB vs. a certain team rather than a WR vs. a certain team. I have Rivers too, and am worried about his history against the Chiefs (in fact I'm the one who first drew attention to it in his thread). It's not uncommon for coaching staffs to be able to have success against a particular QB (Reid has been in KC forever), and I feel like different environments are a lot more prone to affect a quarterback than a WR. Teams don't usually build gameplans against WRs unless they are Antonio Brown, etc... so the thought that the Bears have somehow figured out specifically how to stop Tate seems a lot less likely than the Chiefs finding a way to rattle Rivers.