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  1. I never said trade Ekeler for those guys. As has been stated, you’re never going to get equal value for the advantage he is currently giving your team. Most of us drafted him as at least our RB2, if not 3 or 4. I would venture to say the majority of teams with Ekeler in their FLEX are probably 2-0. That’s why you hold Ekeler and ride it out unless someone gives you a big offer. Fantasy is a week-to-week game, so trading him for a low-end RB 2/3 who is gonna give you 8-10 points a week (but who might be the starter all season), doesn’t make sense because it takes away your competitive advantage. What I was saying is look to acquire another player who might give you that competitive advantage later in the season (such as an AJ Green), who you might not have to pay full price for now, but could replace Ekeler down the road when Gordon returns.
  2. Yes, he was startable last season, especially in PPR. However, I think once Gordon gets up to speed (2nd game back?), the Chargers are going to run him into the ground knowing he’s fresh and won’t be there next season. If they are in playoff position, they’ll likely want to scale back AE’s touches quite a bit so they don’t wear him out. And why wouldn’t they? With Gordon, they have 3 good RBs. He could still be a flex, but I’d rather invest in other options if possible, just in case.
  3. And your point? You can get most of those guys for relatively cheap right now, and they could be solid flex starters if Ekeler’s production falls off a cliff when Gordon returns. Or you could: 1) Trade him for less than his current RB1 production 2) Overpay for Gordon, who at best simply replaces his production 3) Do nothing and cry when MG returns to workhorse status upon coming back to the team
  4. There are a few players Ekeler owners who don’t have MG can look to stash now to cover the likely loss of production when Gordon returns. I have Ekeler and JJ (not Gordon), and I just traded for AJ Green. Granted Ekeler is my Flex, but there some RBs as well that could be of increasing value later in the season. Players that come to mind (and I’m likely missing some), that are of varying values include: - AJG - Golden Tate - Kareem Hunt - Tevin Coleman - Derrius Guice - Devin Singletary (not a cheap trade target, but should gradually take over) - Miles Sanders - Kenyan Drake (if he gets traded) Or of course you can just try and acquire a couple high value handcuffs in case the starters get injured. Point being, there are ways to setup your roster to account for the loss of Ekeler in the event that MG comes back later in the season as the workhorse that don’t involve trading for Gordon.
  5. Yeah, I’ve been optimistic about Week 5... that looks like a real possibility now. I’m not expecting Week 4 yet.
  6. This article expands a bit on the Tweet above.
  7. I grabbed them as well for this week, I think they are a good defense IRL. Whether they can maintain fantasy production remains to be seen. Good Matchups (weeks): 3, 6, 7, 10, 13, 14, 15 Playable Matchups: 4, 9, 12, 16 Stay Away Matchups: 5 (Dal), 8 (KC), 11(bye)
  8. Yeah, the quote is slightly concerning, but the way I read it, he was just saying the total timeline is longer than 6-8 weeks. I actually used the negative tone of the write up to trade for him tonight... so I’m invested now, whereas before I was just an interested outside party. I’m hoping Week 5, anticipating Week 6.
  9. Thanks... that’s kind of the feeling I’m getting with this situation. Not to migrate into AC forum territory, but [... you did.]
  10. There are several options if you want to be contrarian, or have multiple entries and want to diversify with one. Dallas & NE are as close to locks as you can ever get. Then you have (in my order of preference): 1) Minnesota v. Oakland 2) Green Bay v. Denver 3) San Francisco v. Pitt The only contrarian play I’m actually considering is the Vikings because I have 2 entries in my big pool. Will likely either go Cowboys in both or Minnesota in one. I’m saving New England since a lot of people in my pool burned them last week.
  11. Yes, you need help at RB2. IF AB stays on the field, this is a definite win for you. If not, Landry isn't that much of a downgrade from either John Brown or Fitz.
  12. I like it. Hockenson is overrated because of his big Week 1... Andrews is better. JuJu, even without Ben, is an upgrade from Cupp. Thanks for the help with mine.