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  1. There is an easy way around this. Have your commissioner change it to manual draft position, and use a random draft order generator (I use FFToolbox) to determine draft order a month before your draft. I play in both Yahoo and ESPN, and we know our draft position several weeks in advance.
  2. Redskins waived S D.J. Swearinger. Swearinger said he was called into coach Jay Gruden's office Monday morning and informed of his release. An every-snap player who had played well this season, the move is a surprise based on the timing, but Swearinger had worn out his welcome in the locker room. The final straw was the safety saying he "probably watches more film than the coaches," after Washington's loss to the Titans on Saturday. Swearinger should quickly find a new home, likely with a playoff team. SERIOUSLY F - - - THIS TEAM. I might be done after this season. They will sign a woman-beater, but cut their best player because he cares more than anyone else in this pathetic organization. I’m so sick of this s - - -.
  3. Have to monitor the situation, but assuming it stays relatively similar in Chicago next year (Howard or another “traditional” RB splitting backfield duties), Cohen is going to be on my DND list next year at his price tag. He had an amazing season and is awesome to watch, but the volatility is not something I want to deal with... trusting Nagy week-to-week is tough. He’ll probably carry about at least a 4th round price tag, which is not something I’ll want to pay. Still a great season from the little beast. I’m a big fan of his.
  4. I suppose I’ll throw my own Thank You into the arena. Thanks to all of you for the worthwhile discussions. ...all of you except that one dude who said TreQuan Smith was a League Winner.
  5. Kudos to you for starting Robby over those RBs on your bench who were much safer. I started McGuire over Anderson in my Flex... looks like those extra points made the difference between winning and losing for you.
  6. Nope, because you won’t know who next year’s Chicago DST will be. Just ask the people who took the Jags DST early this year.
  7. Love this guy so much. Took him at 8 in one league this year and traded for him in my other. I’ll take him first WR off the board next year if the elite tier RBs are gone. So much fun to watch play and have on your fantasy team.
  8. Just won the ‘Ship in my 12-team standard league. QB: Mahomes RB: Zeke RB: David Johnson WR: Hopkins WR: Hilton TE: Kelce Flex: McGuire DST: Patriots K: Maher Bench: Robby Anderson, CJA, John Kelly, Ware, Broncos DST I’ve been playing in this league for over a decade, and I think this is the best team I’ve put together. Drafted well and made two big trades. First one was in week 6... James White, Breida & MVS for DJ and Hilton (while Hilton was injured with the hammy and McCoy was still Zona OC). Second one was Luck, Boyd & Dion Lewis for Hopkins and Kerryon. AJ Green was a big contributor up until his injury as well. Congrats to everyone else who won today, and good luck to everyone who still has their matchup in the balance going into MNF. 🍻🍀
  9. Wow, what a throw/catch. This has turned into a great game.
  10. I can officially pop open the champagne... thank you Patty Mahomes!!!!!!! 🍾 🍾🍾🍾🍾
  11. If Mahomes and Kelce don’t turn things around in the second half I’ll be joining you.
  12. He had that one terrible overthrow but Reid is going very run-heavy so far.