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  1. I like them in that order. Not if I can help it. I don’t think he’s necessarily a bad start I just find it difficult to trust him at the moment. Going with Justin Jackson over him this week.
  2. Full ppr. Need to choose a WR, a RB, a TE, and a flex (wr/rb/te) from the following options. Listed in the order I’m feeling them: WR: Cooper / Godwin / Sutton / Tre’Quan RB: Jackson / Mack / Thompson / Adams TE: Engram / Brate I always overthink this s---. WHIR
  3. I ended up trading Conner for Adams.
  4. UPDATE: things are getting wild. We’re drinking and the trade offers are flying. A different team just offered me Adams for Conner.
  5. I heard an interesting take recently that the rams may not rest Gurley even if they lock up the 1 because he’s on pace to break the single season TD record. Tough to speculate. Either way I like the Gurley/Juju side better. Help?
  6. Yeah, I would rather have Gordon than AP or Allen. help here?
  7. Diggs owner also has Juju, who I like maybe more than Diggs ROS. He proposed Diggs for Conner, but I may try and counter for Juju.
  8. I like Mack, but I don’t fully buy the hype. Tyreek for Mack straight up is a great deal for you, but it does leave you a little thin at rb. I’d still do it.
  9. 12 team full point ppr. Started out the season 1-3 but I’ve made some good pickups and I’m now 4-4 and starting to roll. Obviously there’s tons of uncertainty surrounding Bell, but I’m assuming he at least comes back by week 10 and he and Conner split the load. Conner’s been a beast, but this feels like a sell-high situation, and I need a top receiver in the worst way. Just lost Fuller who was by far my highest ceiling WR. qb Cam rb McCaffery, Conner, Mack, Thompson, Bell (IR) wr Baldwin, Thomas, Godwin, Crabtree, Cooper te Howard, Engram
  10. True, guess you just have to decide how much you like Gabriel.
  11. If you have to drop one I’d honestly lean Davis, because I really like Kekes upside. I do like Gabriel; Kearse is about to see hella targets,.
  12. This guy just offered me Ebron & Corey Davis for Hilton & Njoku. It’s 12 team non-ppr. I’m 6-0 and absolutely steamrolling. My one weak spot is TE. Corey Davis is kinda whatever at this point, but Ebron would legit make me unstoppable. Should I accept? Try to get them to include a different WR or maybe a RB since Conner’s about to be worthless? WHIR. my team now: QB Brees, Dalton WR Thomas, Hilton, Sanders, Cole, Mike Williams RB Gordon, Conner, Mixon, Lynch TE Njoku, Brate
  13. Update: I just saw the Baldwin owner dropped him, so I put in a claim to scoop him and drop Cooper.
  14. I like Williams regardless of bye week. Dude is poised to be a red zone monster on a much better offense.