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  1. I was offered Fournette for my Ekeler. Normally I would hit accept but with Bell, this team is 0-4 and Fournette could lose his starting job with Yeldon playing well.
  2. So seriously, what do the Ravens do on 4th down here? Not like a FG does you any good.
  3. Microsoft commercials get all the hate. and deservedly so. remember wub-wub from years ago?
  4. I called Jameis coming in at halftime. Don't believe me?
  5. I really hope so, I've got Buck Allen. :B edit: see what i did there
  6. Trubisky's watershed game. good thing i just traded away 2 shares of ARob.
  7. I'd start Allen, they'll likely be playing from behind, as opposed to Trubisky. With the Bears D i don't think Fitz will have enough time to throw downfield, and that's how they've been doing most of their damage this season. And lol @ Bucs run game. I don't see it as as likely that the Bears play from behind today as the Bills. Not to mention Allen can actually throw downfield.