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  1. Left with a knee injury. I can't watch a game vs. the Titans, so im hoping someone can update on the severity. edit: ruled out already. s---.
  2. Forgot there was a rant thread, my b. I dropped RoJo for Minshew and started him for this stinker.
  3. Ugh, really hope Sanders' isn't serious, he came back from that achilles like a pro
  4. Minshew: 1 TO, 6.3 points. Jameis: 6 TO, 16.1 points. I don't need to say which one i started this week. Fantasy is not real life.
  5. Yep, and it had to happen on Waller's bye...
  6. Its a family league and half the players don't even check their team, I wouldn't get much. And like i said, the Josh/Jameis schedule combo lines up perfectly for the next 5-6 weeks.
  7. Looking ahead through week 12, this week and week 8 would be the only weeks i might use Minshew, since with Jameis/Josh, the only team currently outside of the top 6 in allowed QB points after this week would be the Eagles (Allen week 8). This week: Allen on bye, Winston vs. CAR. Week 8: Allen vs. PHI, Winston @TEN For the playoffs Minshew has the best schedule, but i think its too early since im still just 2-3.
  8. -You forgot to leave your link in my post -DJ is on the Cardinals, not Texans -Yes, take it and run. -Nevermind, Duke Johnson? He's hardly worth anything. -Your Conner+handcuff for his OBJ. I say don't take it.
  9. I plan on starting Jameis, at least for now. I have Josh Allen on my bench, and I'm not sure if I should drop him for Minshew, or look into another drop candidate and hold 3 QBs (ugh). Here are all the possible drop candidates: QB: J. Allen RB: Carlos Hyde, Tevin Coleman, RoJo WR: Mike Williams TE: Waller (BYE this week), Dissly As you can see, my league doesn't really play waivers (casual), so it's like pulling teeth if I want to pick him up - but I think he very well may provide more value than Allen. Foles shouldn't be an issue, right?
  10. Good to go for now, but wait another few days or weeks and youre probably right.
  11. But I don't see Metcalf disappearing anytime soon...
  12. I don't doubt that the medical staff made the right choice, but if in an alternate universe he felt great and the hamstring issue became non-existent, I would prefer that he played. What I mean is that I wouldn't call it "great news", but it is what it is. Better news than being pressed into duty being gimpy and risking re-injury or exiting early, sure. Not better news than he is now 100% healthy and playing.