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  1. I was offered Fournette for my Ekeler. Normally I would hit accept but with Bell, this team is 0-4 and Fournette could lose his starting job with Yeldon playing well.
  2. So seriously, what do the Ravens do on 4th down here? Not like a FG does you any good.
  3. Microsoft commercials get all the hate. and deservedly so. remember wub-wub from years ago?
  4. I called Jameis coming in at halftime. Don't believe me?
  5. I really hope so, I've got Buck Allen. :B edit: see what i did there
  6. Trubisky's watershed game. good thing i just traded away 2 shares of ARob.
  7. I'd start Allen, they'll likely be playing from behind, as opposed to Trubisky. With the Bears D i don't think Fitz will have enough time to throw downfield, and that's how they've been doing most of their damage this season. And lol @ Bucs run game. I don't see it as as likely that the Bears play from behind today as the Bills. Not to mention Allen can actually throw downfield.
  8. If Dalton isn't on the wire during Rivers' bye you start Fitz. The more good games he has, the better chance he has of keeping his starting job. I don't know if you ever start him over Rivers when he's playing.
  9. As a Broncos fan I'd hate to part with Sanders as it looks like he's their go-to WR this year. As you said though, you do need a RB2 so if I were you, I would probably pull the trigger.
  10. Rivers, man. If Fitz struggles they could even bring out Jameis at haltime. Not a headache i want to have when I've got Rivers on my roster.
  11. Conner and Howard for me as well. Nice team btw.