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  1. Defense suggestions please!

    To me, its an easy choice...Packers all day. GB is coming off a loss, and they are home against a bad 49ers team starting their backup QB. Has all the makings of a lopsided game. Help with mine please?
  2. Did I Make a Good Trade?

    I think you gave up a lot to be honest. Im a big fan of Akeler, even though he barely plays, he deff has standalone value in PPR leagues. I think all 3 pieces you gave away were a little much. I would have tried maybe OBJ and Ekeler, and kept the Jags. Help with mine please?
  3. Im assuming its the team in your sig....If it is, i would drop Dalton for a K. Help with mine please?
  4. I would drop Cohen for Winston regardless. Winston, has all the makings to be a top 10 fantasy QB. Good weapons, horrendous D. Lots of shootouts are coming and garbage time TD's, which we will certainly take. Plus, Winston's matchup against an injury devastated Falcons D is to good to pass up. Help with mine please?

    Hmmm, thats tough. I have Thielen in my 12 team league, so i know how much of a monster he has been. That being said, i think i would stay with Allen and Landry. The upside with those 2 is just higher in my opinion. Although Landry hasnt been on fire, he does draw a rediculous amount of targets which will keep him at a high floor every week. Cant say the same for Allison. Help with mine please?
  6. Drop Russel Wilson? WHIR

    Wow, that actually is pretty tough. No easy drops on your bench. I mean, its really up to you if you think the upside is that big for Ronald Jones. I never really saw the point in having a backup QB, i just use a filler on the bye weeks, so i would do it. Help with mine please?
  7. Should i pull the trigger? 14 team league, im currently in 5th place at 3-2. He is offering his Julio and Aaron Jones for my Dhop and AP. My team is below. What do you think? QB- WInston, Stafford RB- Carson, AP, Coleman, Akeler, Ronald Jones WR- Nuke, K. Allen, A. Cooper, K. Golladay
  8. Help with RBs this week...WHIR!

    Unless im missing somthing, i think its a pretty easy choice. I would go Mixon, Howard and Coleman. Not a fan of DJ on that horrendous offense. I can see the Vikings being up big by halftime, and DJ getting phased out of the game. Help with mine please?
  9. I am a firm believer of not messing with your team when you're on top. You have a solid team, and its working for you. Only change i might make, is dropping Henry like you said, and picking up Clement just based on upside alone. Help with mine please?
  10. This is pretty tough..They all have really rough matchups. I guess it kind of depends what you need. If you want to go with the player with the highest floor, i would roll with Smallwood. If you want the player with the highest upside, i would go with Enunwa. Colts can put up a lot of points, so I can see the Jets/Colts game becoming a shootout. If that happens, then Enunwa should do well. Help with mine please?
  11. Do I make this trade? I am hurting at RB. Is this a good return for Nuke? He offered Cooper Kupp, Coutee, and my pick of either Aaron Jones or Carlos Hyde for Hopkins. Im currently 3-2 in 5th place. 14 team league. My team is below.....Thoughts?? QB- Winston, Stafford WR- Hopkins, K. Allen, Amari Cooper, Golloday. RB- Carson, AP, Coleman, Akeler, Ronald Jones.
  12. 14 team league. Very competitve $500 buy in. It is .5PPR....Thoughts? QB- Stafford WR- D. Hopkins WR- K. Allen RB- Jamaal Williams RB- A.P. Flex- A. Cooper TE- Kittle K- Lutz D- Chargers Bench- C. Hogan, K. Golloday, T. Coleman, C. Carson, A. Aekler
  13. Help rate my team!!

    Wow, even though its only 10 team league, this is an awesome team. I would say you should try to upgrade your WR spot, but i love Sanders this year, and Edelman will be huge for your team once he comes back. Cole is also a sleeper of mine that i try to grab in most leagues. Help with mine?
  14. $ Auction, “RMT” 13 Team - Full PPR. WHIR.

    Im confused, how is it a 13 team league? Anyways, for being over 12 teams, that is a fantastic team. I love going WR heavy.
  15. 14 team league thoughts? WHIR 100%.

    lol i dont think you can compare an auction league of 14 teams to a a regular snake draft league of 14 teams. Point being, you would never have Gordon, Johnson, and Evans on the same team.