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  1. Follow up - Gasol vs Horford? I think Gasol has way more beastly stat lines when healthy.
  2. Grizz gotta be "thinking" playoffs with a healthy Conley and Gasol and adding Anderson. That's 3 very smart players. Do you think JJJ can avg a 1/1/1 as a rookie even if he comes off the bench?
  3. @Code of Hammurabi nice picks with Beal and Gasol. Wanted to ask what you think of drafting Gasol this year with the injuries and shutdown + aging from him? Beal + Oladipo + Embiid = SAVAGE
  4. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Depends...blocks are always highly valued, and Turner might lead the league in blocks...but I think scoring, rebounding, steals, and points go to Collins. I'm also thinking bigger role + more minutes for Collins than Turner. So I'd say Collins, especially since he should go a few rounds after Turner, but if you really need blocks then Turner.
  5. Durant/Holiday/Love is pretty savage too.
  6. Knox has looked good but even if he scores well on offense (say 15ppg) I'm not sure his peripheral stats will be good enough to make him rosterable in 12+ team leagues.
  7. Kanter and Noah. Even if both are healthy Mitchell should still end up with 20 min/game.
  8. Anyone in the way of Mitchell Robinson from big minutes?
  9. Thought Jrue would go in round 2 also...
  10. Wow Kyrie fallin all the way to round 3?
  11. Jamal Murray 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    IT2 is just a year away from having the best 4th quarter season of all time...of ALL TIME...(outside of wilt chamberlain). If he's healthy or if he's close to being back at that level of play, there is no doubt he will be on the floor to close out games.
  12. Jamal Murray 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He'll still get plenty of burn but I think there may be nights where his 4th quarter minutes may be cut if IT2 is hot, where its close to 50/50 or IT2 gets more minutes on some nights. I think it definitely caps his upside.
  13. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I owned him at the end of last year and kind of enjoyed it. Say instead of 54% shooting he makes one 3 a game and drops down to 48-50%...worth it i think...he's one of the better big options once you get past the mid-round scrum. I would take him over similar bigs like Nance Lopez brothers Gortat Sabonis Cauley-Stein Favors Pau J-Val Thompson Henson But not over players like Ibaka Turner Adams Nurk
  14. Does it matter in the new "positionless" nba? What would be prohibiting factors playing Isaac and Gordon together with either Vuc or Bamba? Birch is probably low man on the totem pole but he flashed last year and may steal some minutes also. I think however it shakes out with the rotation there is a solid 22-25 min / game for him...could take a flier on in the last few rounds of the draft. I like stocks so I'm probably targeting late.