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  1. Well I suppose it might be like taking one of those punt FT players early - do you punt or try to even it out? It can applied to any category...and I feel is like the big dilemma in drafts after a few rounds - do I hard punt, medium punt, soft punt? Even if you have Drummond early, there are other teams that are tanking FT with players like Adams, Simmons, Westbrook, etc., so I feel like I can take him and still build a decent team that is bottom 3rd in FT but not last. Now in roto it becomes even more complex in that you're stuck with that cumulative negative impact...
  2. Haha yup nothing to discuss here. Let this thread get buried until he gets hit by a bus, shot in the leg, and misses a quarter of action.
  3. Yup this is it too. I can see him playing well over 30 min/night. If Jones were still there I'd be a lot lower on Teague.
  4. The thing is that Favors will be playing Center - i.e. closer to the basket, whereas I think he always played next to a center in Utah? Kanter then Gobert? His numbers (and Gobert's) go way way up without each other on the floor. The minutes should be limited between 24-30 but increased / better role could equate to a career year.
  5. Hmmm I don't know. You're behind in 3's for sure. Is this roto? If it's H2H I might be more inclined to go a little more unbalanced with my next 2 picks, possibly taking playoff schedule and quality games into consideration. I'm not sure who's there in the 3rd/4th turn, but it seems like some candidates are Siakam, LMA, Conley, Lowry, Draymond, OPJ, Covington, D'Angelo, maybe one of the bigs of Mitch/Ayton/Capela/Turner/Collins. An efficient big would build on what you have, and pairing with a high assists/3's player...so if I could choose any of those players I might go Vuc Butler D-Lo Capela I'm not sure what this shakes out to but it looks strong in all 9 categories.
  6. Super strange, sometimes they do weird s--- like this. Butler to me is a sure fire first rounder b/c of efficiency and steals.
  7. While we're here...I think the only fringey late first round guard I'm taking over Butler is Kyrie. For bigs I'd also go Vucevic over Butler...or perhaps both at the turn as a solid start to your team.
  8. James Harden is f***n fat and is perhaps the best offensive player of all time. Case closed.
  9. Probably but it doesnt matter at that point 5 years into the future
  10. Curry's "gravity" is all time goat level and he's the pnr + off ball master. These are all excellent things for D-Lo. The thing that I was initially thinking about is that he thrives in pick and roll and Brooklyn was heavy iso / pick and roll...what he doesn't thrive in is catch and shoot. So wondering about the fit in Golden State...but I think he'll be fine, but it's something to consider. They're smart and I think they'll incorporate him well.
  11. The great thing about next year is that he'll be a free agent and will either re-sign with Spurs, which would be good for him, or he signs elsewhere to get major minutes leading a team, which would probably be even better.
  12. I would possibly go for Fox or Mitch. It depends what you want. If you want to take a chance with Mitch he is the one player who will give you a chance to win blocks every single week. Then you have anchors for 5 cats - points, threes, FG, rebounds, blocks. If you'd rather go assists then maybe Fox, then big man (whoever's left between Ayton, Collins, etc). But I would also keep in mind playoff schedule and add value to whoever has more games in your playoffs.
  13. Haha I meant that it seems like he's been working extremely hard and I would never doubt this man's drive. He's worked out with Kobe, with Damon Stoudamire (learning tricks from another small lefty guard). It's obvious he has a desire to continually improve and get better. Whether or not his body holds up I have no idea.
  14. Nah I follow him on instagram and twitter. His will is stronger than eva!