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  1. I waited once JuJu was cleared. Going to sit him again this week against the Pats even if Shepard is out.
  2. I am seriously considering it now with JuJu supposedly a game time decision.
  3. I think he means he would take AJ on his fantasy team regardless of which NFL team he plays for... As a JuJu owner this year, I don't agree though. There are some receiver black holes out there that can erase even the best players it seems.
  4. He is currently 16th in RB ppg in my PPR league.
  5. In standard, maybe. He needs more receptions to reach stud RB1 status in PPR. His real life value was WAY outstripping his fantasy value until that late touchdown catch.
  6. Agreed. Down rating JuJu based on Big Ben getting knocked out for the season is rear mirror stuff now.
  7. That would be bold! I have the same option, but will likely give Tate a week on the bench to see how it goes. I am very interested to see how they handle him and Shepard. ON the other hand, I don't believe that Barkley will play (or play much if he suits up), so this could be a good week for the slot position.
  8. I would rather have Waller than Brown on your team. Brown isn't an upgrade over either Locket or Watkins and Waller is a very good flex and backup to Kelce.
  9. Is there some other reason to suspect collusion other than the players being traded? This trade is fine and shouldn't be vetoed. Wonder if any of your league mates would make a better offer for Barkley. FWIW, a number of the fantasy sites have Henry ranked higher than Barkley ROS because of the injury. Fantasypros trade value chart shows this trade favoring the team getting Henry and Brown. It also shows Henry as worth more than Barkley straight up.
  10. Can't get enough and looking for a fun croud for a 2eek4+ auction draft. I'd prefer Yahoo just because I am familiar,but I'm open to other formats. Anyone want to run a draft Sunday or Monday evening?
  11. I dropped him today. That decision was based on Gordon coming back week 6. Might end up being a mistake if he doesn't, but couldn't see using a bench spot for a 5 week backup (or distant 1B) who is likely to be 3rd on the depth chart by mid season.
  12. Week four bye and first half schedule with games against Dallas, Philly, Patriots (x2), and then Jacksonville week 8. 2nd half schedule looks way better.
  13. Agreed. He's on my bench in case Ekeler gets hurt and could be dropped if I need a bench spot. I wouldn't feel good about dropping him though.
  14. He is a drop for me. Took a flier on someone from tonight's games. Just doesn't seem like there will be enough targets to go around for any type of consistency from Anderson.