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  1. Cousins vs. the Bears or Winston vs the Falcons? Leaning toward Winston
  2. If he plays I think you start him but he could be limited. Right now I have Elijah McGuire in my flex.
  3. Tough choice but I would sit Lindsay. He still has to worry about Freeman taking some carries.
  4. DJ Moore and Howard for me! In that order
  5. Here are my choices ! 10 team standard non ppr On Waivers Curtis Samuel and Elijah McGiure (Crowell just got put on IR) On Roster WR Dante Pettis, Adam Humpries, Kenny Golladay, Alshon Jeffery, HAvve Melvin Gorden and James Connor on he bench due to injuries but ill start Conner in he vcan play.
  6. I hate to sit White but I am thinking Miller and Adams
  7. By saying eased back in I am not saying Ware is not in shape but I think there is a difference football shape and game shape.
  8. Ware might be eased back into the line up and Eckler is in football shape already! 10 team standard non ppr
  9. I understand both sides of the argument but really like Sutton’s upside over Alston’s who cares attitude
  10. So that will continue to happen while with in Denver Sanders should draw the number one back leaving Sutton more opportunities I hope and the TE just went on IR
  11. I understand your thinking! Most of the passing in Philadelphia goes to Entz and now Tate is getting more involved and Alshon looks like he is just not into it! I know Sutton has Sanders but Sutton is big play guy and again that schedule looks good!
  12. Neither has Jeffries and Sutton has a way better playoff schedule