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  1. Im going with Pettis and Samuel. 49ers are throwing it all over the yard last couple weeks and samuel is emerging. Dont like Anderson with a raw rookie qb.
  2. Hilton also hasn't practiced at all this week (missed fridays practice today)... getting kinda risky.
  3. I wouldnt make any changes to your starting line up. Obv bummed by tyreek last night but you got studs at every position. Hes rolling out scrubs like Everett and Moore. I still think you'll be okay. Not time to panic yet.
  4. I wouldn't trust fournette or cook. Id put Jones in a RB slot and put in ertz at flex. Id prob bench dalvin
  5. Pick 2 of these 3 to start for me this week (full ppr, no bonus for big plays) Nick Chubb Jaylen Samuel's T.Y. Hilton Currently got chubb and Hilton in the starting line up. Hilton has a tough match up on paper but hes been balling lately. Samuels has a much better match up on paper but I have concerns about Ridley vulturing goal line work.
  6. I've heard good things about Yahoo (I'm also jealous that Jaylen Samuel's has TE eligibility on that... wtf ESPN) My league mates considered switching but they really like how ESPN keeps track of previous years stats and winners and stuff so weve just continued to use that. Were going on year 10 I think. But ESPN always seems to have issues every year, whether it's this or failing to provide real time stat updates on game day or being dumb with their drop lists FYI - it's been fixed in my league as well as probably every ESPN league. I woke up and raised holy hell though this morning when I saw that. I earned a first round bye last week and I woke up and suddenly im the 3 seed playing the 6 seed. In another league I went from sneaking in with a week 13 win to being eliminated after the glitch. So heads were about ready to roll if they didnt fix that.
  7. The stats are all messed up and playoff seedings have been altered as a result. For example it says the eagles scored 96 fantasy points, had 24 sacks, 16 forced fumbles Said Zeke had over 100 rushing yards and over 100 receiving yards and 2 TDs.... he had no where close to that.
  8. Any of you dudes got any insider info on his situation? Kinda wanna drop zeke's back up Rod Smith for him right now but with the way my seasons going Zeke will get hurt this Sunday and freeman will stay on IR.
  9. First it wasnt deemed as serious and then they were quick to rule him out after tests. Hes missing week 14 but has anyone heard about his availability beyond that? Is this dude gonna be ready to go week 15?
  10. I dont own Gurley but figure he may be a valuable handcuff should Gurley have an unfortunate injury soon. QB - Rodgers RB - Kamara RB - Connor WR - Adams WR - Hopkins TE - Burton Flex - Chubb Def - Jags Bench - TY Hilton Bench - M. Ingram Bench - D. Martin Bench - Jets Def Bench - Hyde Bench - D. Parker Im considering dropping Parker for him. Hes super boom or bust and likely wont ever start unless 2 of my 3 WRs gets hurt. Possibly drop Hyde too but hes likely of greater value with Fournette being injury prone. Orrrrr should I just not bother with Brown and keep my roster as is it look for someone else potentially?
  11. However with that being said I need you dudes advice on this within the next like 3 hours.
  12. Not players on a bye week (a la Carlos Hyde) and dez is still technically a free agent and can be picked up.
  13. Dez working out for the Saints Tuesday... pretty darn good offense to go to potentially. Leonard Fournette returned to practice today too. Should I do it? Here's my team QB - Rodgers RB - Kamara, Connor, Ingram, Martin, Chubb, Hyde WR - Adams, Hopkins, Hilton, Parker TE - Burton