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  1. Upon further review. My personal opinion of the matter is that no matter how hot Paul starts to get or not, the team around him just isn't that good. Look at the names in that lineup and then check their season averages. He could end up with 40 Homer's and have terrible counting stats. [...]
  2. What we thinking about our boy Paulie Goldnuts
  3. He hit a rocket out to centerfield for his rbi in Miami. That ball goes out in some other stadiums. As long as he isn't chasing too bad, and he continues to make hard contact.. I won't be worried much. The Mets offense has actualy been decent all season and now cano is getting warm as well I could see the counting stats continuing to do well also. Just don't fall off the cliff young man.
  4. ^^^ agreed. His counting stats aren't there at the moment but he's swinging a hotter bat. Might not be putting the ball over the fence but he's been making alot more good contact and more balls have been falling in for him. Maybe he catches a bit of fire.
  5. Is the offense good at all outside of he and Pham? Maybe Dickerson?
  6. So does this mean, July is gona be his best month now? Or sell this MF
  7. He's Def warming up. Look at his average for the past 4 or 5 games. He's seeing the ball well. That June hot streak is right around the corner. Hopefully the rest of the team warms up a bit as well for his counting stats. Summer baseball in STL is gona have some runs scored... Hold tight, IMO.
  8. The OPPO shot is such a good sign. Not even an inclination of any type of pain at all and the power is obviously still there. Gota think without a re occurance of some sort, he should only fine tune the swing that much more as the season progresses.