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  1. Dude. It was absolutely clear that his elbow was down before the ball crossed the goalline. I think your bias is in the way.
  2. Or, ya know.. You could just go check the weather in Foxboro.
  3. For what it's worth from the weather Channel app. Oct 10 Foxborough, Mass. 8-11pm. The ball will absolutely be slick but the wind is being blown (get it? Wind, blown) way out of proportion.
  4. It maybe the Crowder bell Herndon underneath connection opens the roof up for robby... Shyte. I can never figure it out.
  5. Devils advocate. Last season he didn't have Belk, Crowder or Herndon to compete with.
  6. Fell to 16th overall for me in my12 teamer. If I hadn't missed with beckham I'd be pumped.
  7. I let him go for Larry Fitz and Calvin ridley. Was not deep at wr by any means. So I didn't pull an incredible return but Larry is a very high end wr2 in full ppr, in my opinion. Ya gota think odell and the browns figure it out. Last week they figured chubb out, one of these next couple weeks will be obj turn.
  8. I freaking hate that I just saw this comment above by McDaniels^^ I'm ready to ship Gordo out but now makes me wana reconsider. Alot of options in that offense, they love to hit the mismatch/open man. J Gordon will always have the other teams top CB, and Brady seems to like Dorsett alot too. Not to mention most of their games will be games where they won't need to force the issue offensively. Looking like a sell to me.
  9. I've got em in full ppr, don't care much if he scores a td as long as he's peppered with underneath targets. Patriots are known to take the big, down the field gains away.
  10. I'm not mad I drafted Damien. I took a shot. I'm mad i passed on Mccoy for Matt Ryan later in the draft knowing what I knew. Live and learn.