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  1. I would say no at first glance, but the scoring makes it an okay trade. Careful though because Michel will be back soon.
  2. I think they are lopsided trades, but they aren’t veto-worthy unless there’s collusion.
  3. I’m pretty stacked with RB2s. I’d like to lock in with either another WR1 or RB1. Who should I package? Team in hyperlink below. WHIR!!! My team
  4. I don’t get it either. Anyone who can use google can find out that the Packers were in the top half in rushing attempts until about 2015 (when Lacy started falling off).
  5. I have Bell, Drake, CMC, K. Johnson, Morris, Coleman. I would have held if Bell wasn’t holding out. Should I drop one just in case Jones is a home run when he returns? WHIR!! QB: Luck RB: Bell, McCaffery, Drake, K. Johnson, Coleman, Morris WR: Allen, Tate, Coleman, Gordon TE: Eifert DST: Denver
  6. I agree. Gronk straight up for CMC. You’d be giving up waaaaay too much. Thanks for the help.
  7. I’d probably drop Delanie Walker or Mahomes. I only carry one qb though. Help with mine?
  8. 1. Crowder 2. Sanders 3. Davis or Thompson is a toss up for me. Probably Davis. Thanks for the help.