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  1. The injury and subsequent second half nosedive really seemed to scare off a lot of people.
  2. Both on my fantasy team! #CSB The return on investment with Lamb this year is just phenomenal. He was coming off the board as the 12th-15th 3B in a lot of leagues. Anyone in Keep 3 leagues needs to be clearing room for this guy going forward (barring any unforseen circumstances). Anyone thst has him in a deeper keeper or dynasty is already doing cartwheels. What a stud.
  3. I keep telling my fellow league-mates that but the majority of them don't want to move. Some guys (who haven't won anything of note) hold the league record book like it's the gospel. Congratulations, you set the weekly stolen base record in 2011 and have held it ever since. We're all so impressed. Seriously... The league record book!
  4. ...and another one. C'mon.
  5. Absolutely. Listening to the game slows it down even more on a traditional desktop. The best game day page seems to be the At Bat app. I know it's pulled from, but it runs flawlessly on my phone and tablet. The Yahoo one cracks me up though. Thank God they included that useless graphic of where the ball went on the diamond or else we'd all be lost. The "Previous Play: Player pitching" thing seems to be a new low, even for Yahoo.
  6. I'd just like to take this moment to point out how absolutely horrendous the Yahoo game day pages are. Just horrific.
  7. Chris Tillman throwing batting practice to start the afternoon. Happy Berrios Day everyone.
  8. Definitely starting today.
  9. This. Most people got him off of waivers (unless you play in a 16+ team league or an extremely deep league). If you can get something for him then great, but I'm content to just ride the wave.
  10. Ervin! CGSO against the O's.
  11. This guy went off last year during a series at Citizens Bank Park. Looks like he enjoys hitting in Philly.
  12. LOL Harvey It's the Padres at home.
  13. On the other hand... 3.28 FIP, 2.88 xFIP, and has the highest HR/FB rate of his career. Even if his ERA regresses to somewhere around his xFIP or FIP he'll still be highly valuable. Unless someone is blowing your socks off in a deal for him I think he's an easy hold.
  14. Alford is still developing his power. I don't think he's going to be a massive source of power, but I could see him developing into a low 20's homer guy with speed. That'll play in any league. I know the Blue Jays brass are quite high on him.