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  1. It would be nice to keep the current young crop of guys like Stroman, Sanchez, and Osuna, but I'm definitely listening if someone wants to overpay or offer up a nice package. That crop of guys will be hitting FA when the bulk of the minor league talent will be ready (specifically Bo and Vlad) so if you can get a nice haul for them now or next year to complement your other young farm pieces then I think you'd have to consider it.
  2. Blow this crap up. It's time. Sell off as much as you can and hopefully you've accumulated a nice core of young players coming up with Vlad Jr and Bichette.
  3. Nope. Benched Berrios last night and Santana is sitting there tonight too for me. There just isn't much upside starting anyone against Houston right now.
  4. Finally!!
  5. "Sandoval will catch on somewhere." Hopefully for his sake it's a treadmill.
  6. I've got Berrios tonight and Santana tomorrow night. Might be a double benching with the extra long ASB fantasy week.
  7. Nice haul for the Sox, but the Cubs needed SP help badly. Could work out nicely for both sides.
  8. Hawt.
  9. I hit the accept button on a trade for him the morning he had his dirt bike accident. The ink wasn't even dry on the deal when it all went down and he's been hanging out in my lone DL spot ever since. Seeing that green dot beside his name makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
  10. This Clayton Kershaw guy is pretty decent.
  11. I have one manager in my main league that has zero patience and seemingly makes moves for the sake of making moves. It's a keep 3 forever league and by May 1st he'll have his 3 keepers traded along with 95% of the team he drafted (trades or drops). We also have a 30 move limit for the season and he'll have burned through 20 moves at least in the first month. In the 8 years that this league has been in existence, he's made the playoffs twice (6 out of 12 make it). If there was an activity award, he'd win it every year. Unfortunately for him, it's also his biggest problem. I've told him a few times to just calm down and have some patience but he never listens. Always has to be tinkering and messing around and it costs him every year.
  12. 20 consecutive saves without a BS. He's been great this year.
  13. Right on cue... boom.
  14. The Eagles offensive line has quite a bit of solid depth to it. If Kelce gets blown 5 yards off the ball every other play again this year then I wouldn't be shocked if they turn to Isaac Seumalo who they are very high on (3rd round pick in 2016). They also have Chance Warmack who could be nipping at Barbre's heels. Yeah he's had a couple of "meh" seasons in Tennessee, but he's reunited with Jeff Stoutland who was his former O-Line coach at Bama. Could be something to watch. I actually think the Eagles deal Kelce before the season starts if another team suffers a major injury at center. They have guys that could step in and start now (Seumalo, Wisniewski) and could really use some cap relief (save $3.8m by trading him).
  15. Pretty incredible value for a guy that most people got from waivers/late round pick/$1 auction. He's currently the 4th ranked SS in my league format (Correa, Seager, Turner). If the power sticks he could be in line for a 20/40 season. Unreal.