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  1. It's tough to attempt SB's when the only time you touch first base is during a homerun trot.
  2. It's incredibly hard.
  3. Not a bad line when it's all said and done. Obviously a little light on the K's but he really settled down after giving up runs in the first inning.
  4. That'll be up to God (Thames) to decide.
  5. I believe Troutictus 2:37 of the Fantasy Baseball Bible forbids mentioning that name... And the Lord said 'Do not mention thy Bryan LaHair, else your prospects become busts and your manhood become old, withered and useless."
  6. Welcome to the club and enjoy the ride. He's been a mainstay on my keep-3 team since 2011. It's amazing having an anchor that puts up elite numbers every five days.
  7. From earlier in the thread yesterday...
  8. I think it's all over the map right now to be honest. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a fairly large disconnect between Thames owners and owners trying to acquire him.
  9. Thames double. Ho hum.
  10. He's been unspectacular but solid so far. Nothing eye popping but he hasn't really hurt you either. It would be nice to see him start going a little deeper into games for those of us in QS leagues.