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  1. September Call-ups Thread

    this is a great thread. I love the info in one spot. thanks
  2. 2017 "Sleeper" Prospects

    I appreciate the website tip, yet it is paid content.....unless im missing something?
  3. 2017 "Sleeper" Prospects

    What prospect list do you trust most this late in the season?
  4. Jack Flaherty 2017 Outlook

    Im betting on a rebound. This kid looked good in the minors.
  5. Dillon Peters 2017 Season Outlook

    I dont see him on any prospect lists......not that it means anything...but it would be a nice to get a feel for his 2018 value.
  6. Harrison Bader 2017 Outlook

    Is this dude a dynasty stash? Sounds like he doesnt have a clear path to playing time?
  7. Brandon Woodruff, SP MIL

    Looking for some insight? Rotoworld claims he is MIl. 4th starter. The mix reviews on different prospect list has me wondering...... I trust this board way more.
  8. Jack Flaherty, SP STL

    not a good start against a crappy team.
  9. Jack Flaherty 2017 Outlook

    looks like he didnt fair too well.....got rocked.
  10. Justin Upton 2017 outlook

    IM not sure if this is a good thing. Is Angels stadium / team a better place for J. Up?
  11. Brandon Woodruff, SP MIL

    Anyone got a read on this dude. He is being called up for the third time this year. He is on some prospect list and others he is not.
  12. Aaron Altherr 2017 Outlook

    Anyone want to put a rank on this guy for next year? Top 30 outfielder?
  13. Tyler Mahle 2017 Outlook

    number one Reds Prospect dont like the park he pitches in.
  14. Tyler Mahle - SP CIN

    number one Reds Prospect dont like the park he pitches in.
  15. Tyler Mahle - SP CIN

    He was recently in the MLB top 100 prospect list, but as of today he is not. MLB seems to change the list frequently. I like his upside but am interested why they removed him.