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  1. Can this guy be a top 40 pitcher? There are a few metrics that suggest he can be good. Never mind Philly, can Eickhoff be productive?
  2. LOL Should I be running to the wire? He is available.
  3. What are the Stros going to do with this guy? They have a big lead in the division so they can be patient, but a trip to the minors might help fix his issues.
  4. Thanks Dude for the input. I appreciated it. The best part is Gio is killing it this year. WHIR
  5. I need to make some moves with my team. Context: 16 team Dynasty League.....age is improtant..... Im not going to win it this year....but would like to compete next year..... Pitcher Age Cole 26 J. Teheran 25 Salazar 27 J. Berrios 23 J. Qunitana 27 Pineda 27 G. Richards 28 Gio Gonzalez 30 Cobb 28 L. Weaver 23 J. Musgrove 24 T. Ross 30 Thanks for taking the time. Leave a link with your question!
  6. Hey guys Wondering where you land on this trade: 16 team Dynasty League, Premium on pitching. Berrios, Quintana and Eickhoff & Prospect Kolby Allard (ALT) for M. Betts What are your thoughts? Thanks
  7. Its just in.....G Cole blows. Hurts to keep this guy in the top 25 rankings.....I guess the rankers are all on glue.....really good glue.
  8. Im thinking he is a solid hold
  9. Starting today.
  10. painful
  11. Im not sure I can take this any more. Upside plus....but in the end not worth the trouble....
  12. Are people starting this dude?
  13. How close is Hand to taking over the job?
  14. Anyone want to look into the magic ball and predict if this dude is about to go on a power binge? He still might hit 25 bombs, you just have to pick him up when it starts.