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  1. Who is feeling Wilmer Font vs a weak Seattle line up? Even if he gives you 3 - 4 innings it could be positive points.
  2. he hasnt pitched in the bigs for two weeks, and they only let him go for an inning three times before that. That being said he is playing against Detroit and might be able to squeeze out three innings?
  3. Thread just started on Thursday? Damn. This guys is raking but where is it coming from? I guess just ride the hot streak.
  4. Yikes. I want to believe he can be a top 25 pitcher on a terrible team.
  5. Matty B is a underrated SP on a real bad team. I understand Wins will always be a premium...but that being said.....is he still worth investing in? Tonight he did not fare to well. Got blew up by KC.
  6. Thank you for your thoughtful insight.