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  1. ^^^ Interesting article. Sometimes it takes a while for it to click.
  2. I have him plugged in. Home date with the Braves seems like a winnable game.
  3. sitting on the wire in a 16 team dynasty league. No one believes it is real.
  4. gettin Klubed is the worestest.
  5. He is benched until further notice. Just not putting up usable numbers.
  6. He is struggling tonight. Looks like he is battling to get through each pitch.
  7. Whats the read on Jimenez? Is he ready to go into the 8th? 9th? I think Wilson gets the first save chance after Krod.
  8. too bad, he just struck out the side. That would be nice in the ninth.
  9. He should be primed for another big season. Thats all I have read. Not much production yet. Im getting tired of reading about how prolific Bostons offense is.
  10. Three lost seasons. I guess this one isnt lost, but not panning out to be much. His trade value was probably the highest around February of this year, when he was getting a decent ranking but the so called "experts". Couldnt trade him for a bag of balls now. The waiting game is getting old, and with the new 10 DL my team is filled with DL's. What is his return date? June? And when would actually game action be? July? Only to get hurt again. Jeez. Just need to move on from this dude. Do you think it was a mistake to skip the tommy john?
  11. preseason rankings said 30 bombs. doesnt look like at the moment.
  12. 0-4 3 K's This guy is killing me, but dont want to dump on to the wavier wire.
  13. All I want to do is sit this guy. @Arz
  14. When do you think Detroit will make it official? Tonight or tomorrow? Nothing on MLB transactions yet.
  15. I have had him on my watch list for so long I forget why. Is there something to see here? Break out?