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  1. A Chubb explosion all over the Jets faces.
  2. Dude looked great. Every time he touched the ball he was gashing the Vikings for 4-8 yards.
  3. He was fined by the team which voided his guarantees. The union will for sure try to fight it but if it's written into the contract there is about a 0% chance they would win.
  4. Anyone in deep leagues holding though week 1 in hopes a team like TB or LAC don't like their RB production after the first game of the season and look for a veteran?
  5. This has to be one of the dumbest "reports" I've ever seen. The guy hasn't even been at practice and some random reporter is already trying to speculate on his usage. The only way Zeke sees 20 snaps is if the Cowboys offense is held to 30 or so total plays which isn't happening.
  6. I just went with "What a K.Hunt" which is in reference to the Hunt signing in Cleveland as well as his kicking career.
  7. Holding for a few more days in the hopes he signs with Tampa.
  8. Good question, we can keep 4 players at their drafted/assigned FA cost, $200 draft budget. My keepers for this year were: Chubb $19 Aaron Jones $12 Tyreek $15 Keenan $24 I currently have Darwin for $15 and for me it really comes down to whether or not Darwin takes over this year. He won't be kept next year over Chubb and Tyreek but he would have to out produce Jones and Keenan to be worthy of a keeper. I don't have a ton of depth because I spent $81 on Zeke (Saquon went for $99 to give you perspective) so my fall back options without Pollard are a bunch of WR3/4 types. I think I'm leaning toward going for Pollard at the moment.
  9. So as a Zeke owner, I'm starting to get a little worried since I do not have Pollard in one of the leagues I'm in. It's a keeper auction league where I ended up getting Darwin Thompson but ended up not having enough for Tony Pollard when he was thrown out. The Pollard owner said he would trade me Pollard for Darwin straight up since he is the Damien Williams owner. If I make the trade my lineup would be as follows assuming Zeke isn't playing (not including QB, TE, etc.): RB: Chubb RB: Aaron Jones WR: Tyreek WR: Keenan Flex: Pollard Without the trade I would throw Dante Pettis into the Flex spot until Zeke returns. Obviously for the short term getting Pollard is the better side of the trade but I'm worried about long term since I like Darwin's upside. I don't see Pollard being anymore than a handcuff when Zeke returns but Darwin I think could at some point become the lead back in KC. What are your thoughts?
  10. JJ pushed for a salary cap so he would have an excuse to not sign all of his players after wining those Super Bowls because he didn't want to pay them.
  11. The reason why there is a salary cap in the first place is because JJ is cheap.
  12. I'm guessing it's more of the latter opposed to the former. They probably want to explore all of their options instead of just signing Ajayi.
  13. Yep, I always took Shanahan's comments as a challenge to Pettis to step up and be the player we all think he can be opposed to the narrative that Pettis was bad and Shanahan was going to bench him. The fact that Pettis has come out and publicly agreed with with Shanahan's comments is even more telling to me that it was strictly motivation for a young player. I still think Pettis finishes as a top 24 receiver this year.