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  1. I like Cousins over Jimmy. Not a fan of holding multiple QB’s but may be worth hanging on to both for a little while to see if Jimmy ends up being what we thought he would last year. Good group of receivers. Only thing I don’t like is that Ekeler and Pollard have value now but have a good shot of being useless it if/when Zeke or Gordon sign . But Breida should be involved in SF no matter what so not a huge deal.Maybe just keep an eye on wavier wire and if someone promising comes up drop a QB for him. I think it’s a pretty solid, well balanced team
  2. Not crazy about your receivers after Hopkins. I see a lot of potential here though. I agree with HOF12 try to deal some of your RB depth for an upgrade at WR. I may try to trade Pollard + a WR to the Zeke owner for an upgrade at WR and if Ty Montgomery is available pick him up to cuff with Bell. Cam should have a great year and can’t do much better than Ertz at TE.
  3. I would start Mack probably will be leaning on him with Luck out and when healthy he is a stud.
  4. Pretty good team big fan of Marlon Mack. May would look for a way to trade Lamar and one of your current receivers to upgrade your WR2/Flex.
  5. Not a fan of Henry. Was an owner last year and I know he finished strong but having him as a starter last year lost me some games. I would probably start Coleman over him especially in PPR. Singletary was a nice pick up who may end up having a big role. Strong at WR I think E Saunders will have a good year so nice depth there. May would try to package Dak with a WR or Henry to upgrade at RB and roll with Winston at QB.
  6. Pretty well rounded team I think KJ will be a stud. Would probably have Coleman at RB2 over Cohen though.
  7. I’m PPR Thielen would be starting in my lineup every week regardless of matchup. I think I would start Winston this week just because the Rams are a tough matchup.
  8. I might would drop Ronald Jones for Gio or Mike Davis. I think that Barber is the back to own in Tampa Bay. But he may get more opportunities with Bruce Arians in town just not sold that Jones will produce or can pass block well enough to stay on the field. Not crazy about Watkins either but overall a solid team.
  9. I like Barber here mainly because Barber is absolutely better than Jones and I’m not sold in Hyde over Duke.
  10. I dropped Debo Samuel for Matt Bryant. Any input?
  11. I wouldn’t be willing to give up Mcaffeey if I were you. I would take a hard look at picking up Cousins or Rivers though to upgrade your QB position.