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  1. 100% need to switch this... no way I want the championship on week 17 !!
  2. no problem broski ! .. hopefully we get this thing filled, for one last draft!
  3. think you can use the ESPN link in the main post to join, that's how I joined haha
  4. payout pool isn't huge, just seems like diluting it by rewarding the 2nd highest point scorer week to week, isn't a good move. I'm fine with rewarding top point scorer. I'll play either way but just something to think about. Send invite to chris@mcsold.ca.
  5. Can you take out the $5 for 2nd most points on a week? I feel like that's just a bit too much, either make it $15 for weekly top point scorer or add the $60 to finishing 1st place. if you do that I'd be in.
  6. Maybe I'll make one last superflex league for tonight. Are you west coast or east coast?
  7. start booting ppl who haven't paid and get the guys ready to pay in.. still need 6 payments