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  1. Buy low on Gronk

    Do it! It's worth the risk.
  2. This is a PPR league. Chubb vs. Atlanta or Fournette at Indianapolis (coming off of injury)
  3. Heuerman WHIR

    Drop Reed if you feel like taking a chance.
  4. Who is my drop?? Help!

    Thanks to everyone who answered. I appreciate the input. I didn't want to but I ended up dropping Breida. I made several trade attempts of all kinds but nothing went through.
  5. Julio For Edelman and Ingram

    Normally you take that all day!!! If you can swing a different trade for an RB, that would be great. I would take it, but work hard to make a second trade for an rb.
  6. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    Agree. Try to get him for the playoff run. He is resting right now and could be huge in playoffs. Make sure to have a good backup though.
  7. If I pick someone up as a FA and then drop him immediately, he is still eligible to be picked up again immediately because I didn't hold him long enough. How long do I need to hold so that if I drop him he becomes unavailable and goes into waivers for next week? This is a yahoo league.
  8. Who is my drop?? Help!

    Already tried. This league rarely trades.
  9. Pick 2 of 4 for Flex Spots (WHIR)

    Sorry to muddy the waters but I would say Duke and MVS. Cleveland should be playing catch up and MVS is a key target for Rodgers now with Allison out. I like Ridley, but there are a lot of mouths to feed in Atlanta imo.
  10. I would do it and pick up Mine Davis because Carson will be banged up all season. Help with mine?
  11. Luck or Wilson?

    I actually like Luck. Wilson used to run a lot but isn't this year. They were successful with their rb's pounding the rock the last time against the Rams so I don't see a lot of yards or td's. Help with mine?
  12. Flex Help - George Kittle or ????

    Stick with Kittle. Duke is a good startvif it is PPR though. Kittle should play Monday though so don't overthink it. Help with mine?
  13. Who to flex..WHIR

    I like Cohen as well. Hate Baldwin so I may dump him for Traquan Smith. Help with mine?
  14. Pick 1 RB to sit - WHIR

    Tough one. It's either Chubb or Lewis as thexsit for me and I will go with Chubb. Duke Johnson will play a bigger role if Cleveland is behind. Help with mine?