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  1. This was sad scene when I was growing up. Still not as sad as the Pittsburgh Steelers offense.
  2. I always thought Jaylen Samuels could be a potential league winner if Conner remains hurt or is shut down. But, Rudolph's play does not inspire confidence and unfortunately Jaylen needs someone to throw him the ball. Defenses will key in on Samuels since the rest of the offense is inept.
  3. I think it would be fair. I am actually targeting Kamara for Evans
  4. Maybe.. and I only say maybe because you're dropping a kicker. I think he's in the doghouse and don't buy Reid saying "load management". Damiem Williams I think is the RB to own for KC.
  5. I would be trading Evans for Kamara. I'm leaning towards yes, but I am looking for someone to change my mind. My team (1PPR) Matt Ryan Joe Mixon Saquon Barkely Jaylen Samuels Amari Cooper Terry McLaurin Alshon Jeffrey AJ Green Fitzgerald Adrian Peterson
  6. I am waiting for the entry fee confusion to be sorted out as well. I suspect commissioner might be unavailable at work at the moment.
  7. I joined. Is this definitely for $100? I saw another post of your's showing $75
  8. Not looking for an auction draft at this time, but thank you.