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  1. Hey everyone! Happy new year! I did a couple mock drafts today without really any real research (recently). Yahoo said they're both A's... How do YOU think I did? I appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks! (sidenote: I play PPR leagues). Mock 1: 1. Antonio Brown (Pit - WR) 2. Dez Bryant (Dal - WR) 3. Todd Gurley (LAR - RB) 4. Spencer Ware (KC - RB) 5. Michael Crabtree (Oak - WR) 6. C.J. Anderson (Den - RB) 7. Ty Montgomery (GB - RB) 8. Ben Roethlisberger (Pit - QB) 9. Stefon Diggs (Min - WR) 10. LeGarrette Blount (Phi - RB) 11. Ameer Abdullah (Det - RB) 12. Eric Ebron (Det - TE) 13. Los Angeles (LAR - DEF) 14. Matt Bryant (Atl - K) 15. Carson Wentz (Phi - QB) (this was an autopick, I left after #14. I would likely drop and add a receiver or tight end.) Mock 2: 1. David Johnson (Ari - RB) 2. Michael Thomas (NO - WR) 3. DeAndre Hopkins (Hou - WR) 4. Spencer Ware (KC - RB) 5. Julian Edelman (NE - WR) 6. C.J. Anderson (Den - RB) 7. Donte Moncrief (Ind - WR) 8. Russell Wilson (Sea - QB) 9. Ameer Abdullah (Det - RB) 10. Stefon Diggs (Min - WR) 11. Randall Cobb (GB - WR) 12. Eric Ebron (Det - TE) 13. Los Angeles (LAR - DEF) 14. Theo Riddick (Det - RB) 15. Matt Prater (Det - K)
  2. You wouldn't keep Aaron Rodgers if you also kept Jordy?
  3. LA RAMS!!!!! Come on Maclin!! *crosses fingers*
  4. I think you completely missed the point of what I was saying. I didn't say any of what you ascertained. "But to think this team will neglect a remedy to Kupp if he is terrible" ... who said that? "Some offensive tweak can always be made.... Target distribution can always shift" .... Okay? Who's denying any of that? What's wrong with Supplant? It's obvious you don't follow the Rams, there IS a clear role for him. They've been talking about it all offseason. Also, before you pick on a word, make sure you use words correctly, like "Xenomorphic". Definitely not the word you're looking for. Burning down the house with Nike-esque marketing campaign lines? What LOL? I'll just chalk this up to wanting someone to blow off steam and not thinking clearly. Good day
  5. Every single day, coaches are coming away impressed from Kupp.There's a new report saying that he could legitimately push for the #1 spot. Keep believing in combine numbers and disregarding what he's done. I'll focus on what's actually being said by people closest to him, training with him, and reporting about him. Which all are saying the same thing. Michael Thomas, Sterling Shepard, Tajae Sharp... All were blowing up their offseasons a year ago. I wouldn't make any decisions on a player until Week 3. Anything else would be Hasty, Biased, and lacking objectivity.
  6. So sooooo true.
  7. Oh no... Not the veteran receiving corps of the Rams! How can he possibly rise above them??? Don't worry, I'm looking forward to quoting myself this season. It'll feel great ;-)
  8. Yeah I like em too! Oldschool LA Rams colors
  9. Todd Gurley, Training Camp. People are impressed with his offseason work ethic.
  10. I showed a Rookie draft profile that was similar to this Rookie's draft profile. There's no "hoping" anywhere in there. Just a similar draft profile. "But it's the rams we're talking about" ... So your disdain is the Rams, not Kupp. I'm not going to even entertain that because it shows bias towards a hatred for a team not the player... which makes all of your points / personal opinions questionable to say the least. Woods and Tavon aren't going to stop Kupp from producing. McVay utilizes 2 TE, 4 Receiver sets with a lot of variations to maximize a players skillset... so that's a personal opinion. "Decent talent" is also a personal opinion. Pharoh* not Pharoah... Reynolds isn't as pro-ready as Kupp, he'll take longer to develop into a potential #1. (fact, google it). Kupp is in one of the best situations he can have as a Rookie receiver. There's NO ONE that can legitimately supplant his rise. There may be competition, but it's not like he's fighting a strong receiving core... as you are suggesting... So that's a personal opinion too. You're so quick to bring down a player on a team you don't like, without talking objectively. Everything you say can be perceived as "personal opinion" with no sources to back up your claims. Your knowledge on what the Rams currently have and what they're going to do is non-existent. That's why I'll respectfully agree to disagree on your knowledge of Kupp and the Rams.
  11. Forgive me if I don't really agree with what you say in regards to Kupp.
  12. Draft Profile of a similar player: "POSITIVES: Intriguing combination of size, hands and overall athleticism for the position. ... Developed into an All-American wideout after signing with Kansas State as a safety. ... Good initial quickness off the snap to get into his route. ... Sneaky deep speed made more effective by good route-running. ... Best attribute might be his hands and toughness. ... Can adjust to the poorly thrown ball and pluck it out of the air or off his shoe laces. ... Knows when to make the body catch when defenders are near. ... Good body control to get his feet down in bounds and knows where the first down marker is. ... Enjoyed strong games against quality cornerbacks (Dwight Lowery, Terrence Wheatley, Aqib Talib). ... Enjoyed a monster senior campaign -- but was very effective as a sophomore and junior (pre-injury) as well. ... Faster on the field than his timed 40-yard dash would indicate. Negatives: A better athlete than given credit for, but isn't the elite athlete his senior production may have you believe. ... Good route-runner, but lacks explosiveness out of his breaks and elite deep ball speed. ... Primary target in this offense, receiving more than twice as many passes his way than any other Wildcat receiver. ... Big play artist for KSU, but may lack the acceleration to be anything more than a possession receiver at the next level." Sounds a lot like Kupp. Don't write off players based purely on their numbers. I wonder who it could be!?!???
  13. You state that he had horrible combine numbers (his 40 time) and fail to mention that he was the fastest player (clocked) at the senior bowl... In pads.... When it matters. You say he doesnt have size... Yet he's 6'2 215 and growing. You say he hasnt faced elite competition but totally disregard what hes done to the pac 12 and defensive players who are considered elite 1st round talents. You say his game is not good... But provide no sources or breakdowns to backup those claims, totally disregarding NFL players professional opinions. Theres so much more, but I dont want to waste time on someone so obviously biased, uninformed, spouting drivel. i'll just agree to disagree. Everything you have said could be looked at as vague and strawmanning.
  14. Marcus Peters, King, Baker all disagree with "not facing elite competition"