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  1. Goff looking good. Could of had a 30 yard TD Bomb to Watkins (RIGHT in his bread basket) but Watkins couldn't hold on.
  2. Dion Lewis looked pretty good. Makin' people miss.
  3. Exactly. Annoying.
  4. Burkhead is annoying.
  5. Gronk is playing. So is Edelman and Cooks
  6. Funny. It was a real draft with a league that's been around for a while. Try again though.
  7. You're laughing because?
  8. 6th might be a little too high... but I was going off of ESPN Rankings which allowed me to snag him in the 10th.
  9. Not in the ESPN League I JUST drafted in. He was behind Maclin, Diggs, Eifert, Perkins, Snead, Powell, Forte... and close to Matthews I believe.
  10. Why does it have to be potheads? Drunks are worse... but hey what do I know, I'm just a stupid pothead with pipedreams. Pathetic.
  11. We did watch the same game. Love his value this year.
  12. Diggs has Top-15 appeal. At his current ADP... even a little higher, he's still an epic value. Could be the piece that changes the old adage from "You don't win your league at draft" to "You'll win your league at draft because of smart research and value"
  13. There's been constant talk all offseason of getting Henry more involved than last year. A more defined role. 1a/1b type of situation. I'm buying.
  14. Buy Henry everywhere. Even if you aren't a DeMarco owner.