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  1. San Francisco 49'ers 2018 Season Outlook

    Lol... wow. Okay.
  2. Los Angeles Rams 2018 Season Outlook

    Ya'll realize that we're not paying Tavon Austin his albatross contract too right? Lol... We will see
  3. San Francisco 49'ers 2018 Season Outlook

    It would make sense since it's about the 49ers and what 49er fans have said.
  4. San Francisco 49'ers 2018 Season Outlook

    I love the 49ers fan reaction to Rams' CB moves... "They're obviously terrified of Jimmy" .... Yeah, sure. LOL.
  5. Los Angeles Rams 2018 Season Outlook

    That's what's so great about these moves. (Other than getting two better CB's for less than what we would have paid Tru) They have the ability to sign Watkins and Donald and Joyner now.
  6. Los Angeles Rams 2018 Season Outlook

    Who is LEGIT. Really, we freed up A LOT of cap space. We have extra picks to go get Edge Rushers or LB's... It's not much of an issue. We're ultimately A LOT stronger on D this year, than last. That should be scary.
  7. NFL Wild Card Playoffs -- Picks

    Chiefs Rams Jags Saints
  8. Week 17 Mega Game Day Thread

    49'ers thinking they're a good team. LOL. You're playing against practice squad players and backups. Congratulations.
  9. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    No s---?
  10. Week 17 Mega Game Day Thread

    Who? Who?? Who??!?!?
  11. 2017 Champs! Post here

    Would love to be invited to a few of these! Let me know how I can!
  12. Coaching Carousel 2018 Edition

    It's the NFL... Someone is surely stupid enough to hire Fisher. Fisher is so petty... he claims he had a hand in the Rams amazing turnaround... and weeks after he got canned last year, he was having an interview and was asked "What do you want to do" his reply "To Coach a team and play against the Rams"
  13. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    "It takes skill to get to the playoffs. Luck to win it all" That's my logic, every year. As long as I'm in the playoffs, I know I'm pretty darn good at FF.
  14. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    Worth it, if it's the 4th.