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  1. Dream Bias eh? Just making s--- up now huh Bolt?
  2. You should have been frightened the very moment they moved to LA... it takes a while to acclimate and get adjusted, players and management both.
  3. I've learned never to hold grudges against players that didn't work out for you last year... Recency Bias is a losing strategy. Every year is a new year.
  4. DND in my books... Hate on me all you want, sorry not sorry. I'll let someone else deal with that (and if he makes me eat my words... oh well, too much risk).
  5. LOL sorry... Just a hope :-P
  6. LA RAMS!!!!!
  7. I don't think Trumaine Johnson and Barron are castaways, especially in a Gregg Williams defense they're very familiar with. You're not going to find a CB like Tru in this years draft that will return his level of play in the next few years. It could be something that gets the defense on track and in order. Would changing that 4th to a 3rd be a better deal in Clevelands eyes? I mean you're getting a pick for a player you're going to lose and have a Top 5 player NOW with a very strong and serviceable Barron too.
  8. Would you be happy if Cleveland pull this trade off (For Gregg Williams): Cleveland gets: Trumaine Johnson + Barron + a 4th LA Rams get: 2nd + 3rd + Rights to Josh Gordon? Seems like a win/win for both parties, in terms of needs.
  9. The Rams. He even has a fresh new knee tattoo of the oldschool Rams Logo / Horns. Enough said.
  10. Compelling evidence LOL.
  11. If John Sullivan gets signed (they're hosting him now!)... and he can get his health back atleast a little, this would do WONDERS for Rams' OL.
  12. Right now actually... Bills are matching the RFA Sheet. No biggie, there's plenty of other options. With Kromer and our additions this summer, I really like Gurley hitting RB1 status. I agree with you too, I think we're going to target a receiver... Juju or Godwin in the 2nd, then fill out our defense / line with promising rookies. This is a great year for defense. We're gonna get a C and probably another CB or two to coach up.
  13. Same! If we get Groy at C, that's even better news. A revamped O-Line with Kromer will do wonders for Goff & Gurley.
  14. I'm thinking more around 2,000. LET'S GO!
  15. No thanks.