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  1. I don't know about all of that but I do know that Eric Bledsoe wasn't leading the Suns anywhere and his age doesn't fit with their timeline...not to mention his injury history so he isn't the future point blank. I also know that Brandon Knight is a non factor. I know they shut both down in favor of Ulis even though both were healthy enough to play and wanted to continue to play. I know Devin Booker and Ulis are best friends and college teammates. I know Ulis is small but he busts major tail already and he'll get even better since he is just a rookie. I don't know when they are getting rid of Brandon Knight and Bledsoe but I know they aren't the answer. I am more concerned about the draft to be honest. However I think Josh Jackson would be the best compliment for this team. They always needed a wing and he would be perfect.
  2. It just might be me playing you!! ha
  3. Congrats to all who grabbed Tyler Ulis and sat in awe as the little rookie carried you to your Championship on Sunday's final 2 leagues if you are like me! Congrats to you all!! That's my guy
  4. It negates everything you said
  5. Not today Isiah...please not today
  6. Shawn Long went bananas. Who? Exactly
  7. Yeah I'd just leave this alone if I were you because if you weren't talking about me as you said and if Spyplane was talking about this season you don't have an argument there either unless you would recommend dropping Ulis for Bledsoe right now.
  8. Delete
  9. T young because all he has is minutes and he has stunk for quite a while. Still injured. I dropped him. My opponent streamed him against me and dropped him too. He blows RT now
  10. T young asap but all of them are
  11. I know you are upset that you either lost Bledsoe for the season or Ulis laid an egg but calling me names is not cool and won't end particularly well. First of all that's referring to dynasty-long term so your critique is rushed and out of context. Secondly this isn't a good time to try to prove me wrong since Bledsoe was shut down for the season shortly after I wrote that. Not because he couldn't play but because they'd rather have Tyler Ulis run the point all game long
  12. Good question. What's up y'all? Who took the minutes when Ibaka got tossed?
  13. I'd like to nominate Tony Snell's 2016-17 Tuesday -Wednesday back to back as the worst streaming choice of all time.