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  1. In a 12 person 2 QB league where QBs are kings. I stocked up at the draft and am debating if it's worth cashing in on Daniel Jones now (10th round keeper) or waiting to see if his value will rise over the course of the season. Thoughts on the offer? Give: Daniel Jones Get: Mike Williams & Vance McDonald My team currently is: QB: Carson Wentz QB: Jared Goff WR: OBJ WR: Brandin Cooks WR: Scary Terry RB: Alvin Kamara RB: Derrick Henry TE: Olsen/Njoku Flex: James White Bench: Philip Rivers, Daniel Jones, Kyle Allen, Royce Freeman, Latavius Murray, Nelson Agholor
  2. 12 person .5ppr league. Like the title, buy low on Juju for McLaurin and DK. No brainer right?
  3. In a 12 person 0.5 PPR keeper league I am debating on draft position. I have my choice between 4th and 11th position. My current keepers are Michael Thomas (7th round) and Mahomes (10th). Knowing other teams' keepers I would be looking at some combo of the following players based on position of drafting. 4th overall: My choice of DJ, Nuk or Adams plus a potential rebound in the 2nd of Diggs, A Jones, Damien or Fournette. 11th overall: Some combination of Kelce, Juju, Tyreek, Dalvin and Gurley. Thoughts?
  4. I'm in a 12 person league whereby you can keep 2 players at their previous draft value - 1 round each year. No player can be kept more than 3 years in a row. After that 3rd season they would be reintroduced to the draft pool. Thoughts on who to keep here? It's a 1 QB 0.5 PPR league. Michael Thomas: Keep in 7th round (this would be my 3rd and final year to keep him) Aaron Jones: Keep in 9th round (potentially 1st year as keeper) Patrick Mahomes: Keep in 10th round (potentially 1st year as keeper)
  5. I’ve got the next two picks. Who would you take? - Diontae Johnson - Miles Boykin - Terry McLaurin - Kelvin Harmon - Benny Snell Basically 2nd/3rd round turn. Personally leaning Boykin and McLaurin. I know others aren’t as high on McLaurin but I like him there.
  6. Lost in the championship with the roster below last year. Just traded the following: my 2019 1st (#9), 2019 2nd (#18) and 2020 4th for his 2020 1st, 2nd and 3rd. He is currently in complete rebuild mode and finished last this past season so his picks would be first overall in each round as it stands. I'll still have #7 overall this year from another trade plus a 3rd and 4th. Thoughts? Debating if I would have been better off keeping my two firsts this year but am slightly more focused on the talent in next year's rookie draft, especially at QB considering my circumstances. QB: Big Ben RB: DJ RB: Conner WR: Hopkins WR: Davante WR: Alshon TE: Kelce Flex: Derrick Henry Flex: Christian Kirk Bench: Carr, Bridgewater, Tevin Coleman, Carlos Hyde, Alfred Blue, Doug Baldwin, Antonio Callaway, Chris Hogan, Marqise Lee, Chris Hogan, Trey Burton, other bench fodder...
  7. I’m in a 2 QB league...I had Big Ben, Wentz and Dalton. Now down to deciding between Josh Johnson (@ TEN) and Taylor Heinicke (vs ATL) as my 2nd QB for the champio ship. Who would you start??
  8. 12 team 1/2 PPR 2 QB league...keepers + active trading led to my lineup being how it is. QB: Big Ben QB: Josh Johnson (was previously Wentz...) WR: Julio WR: TY WR: Cooks RB: Gurley (2nd round keeper going into this season) RB: Kamara (12th round keeper going into this season) TE: Gronk Flex: Saquon DST: Chicago Bench: Jamaal Williams, John Kelly, Burton, Baldwin, Demaryius Still pretty nervous for this week considering half of my team is questionable and I'm having to start Josh Johnson in a championship game.
  9. Somebody in the consolation bracket scooped Foles before I could. Bastard has Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck too. As sad as it is I'm glad I grabbed Johnson right after waivers because my next best option on the wire now is Taysom Hill.
  10. Wentz is my QB2 in a 2QB league semifinal. Now I'll be rolling out Josh Johnson...
  11. I’m in a 12 person, 3 keeper league. It’s .5 PPR and 2 QB. I’m sure others have been in the same boat debating on selling off “future assets” to challenge this season. My roster is below. In this case would you trade Kamara and Dalton for DJ, Kelce and Stafford? I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to keep anyone I’m getting. It’s strictly about this year. QB: Wentz (16th round keeper) QB: Mariota WR: Julio Jones WR: Boyd WR: Landry RB: Gurley (1st round) RB: Kamara (12th round) TE: Burton Flex: Saquon Bench: Aaron Jones (9th round), Demaryius, Baldwin, Dalton, Jameis, Ware, Reynolds
  12. In the hunt, it's the only reason I'm considering the deal. Just not sure I can make it the rest of the way with Mullens or Carr at my second QB spot. Then again, Mariota isn't that inspiring either.
  13. Would you package both Conner and Bell for Saquon and Mariota? It's a 2 QB league and I'm desperate for decent second options at QB besides Wentz. Mariota isn't great but he's another starting QB. The other big thing at play is the fact I could keep Conner next year in the 14th round. See team below. Appreciate any help! QB: Wentz QB: Carr, Mullens or Jameis WR: Julio WR: Boyd WR: Demaryius RB: Gurley (1st round keeper next year) RB: Kamara (13th round keeper next year) TE: Burton Flex: Currently Conner Bench: Bell, Aaron Jones, Baldwin, Kirk, DJ Moore
  14. So I'm in a 2 QB, .5 PPR league. My team is currently: QB: Wentz QB: Carr/Mullens/Jameis WR: Julio WR: Boyd WR: Demaryius RB: Gurley RB: Kamara TE: Burton Flex: Conner DST: Chicago Bench: Le'Veon, Baldwin, Kirk, DJ Moore, Aaron Jones It's also a value-based keeper league with up to 3 keepers. I know for sure I am keeping Wentz and other good keepers are Kamara (13th round), Conner (14th round), Aaron Jones (9th round). Since I have so many RBs I'm trying to leverage them. Which of the deals below would you do or none at all to push for a championship? Deal A: Kamara and Mullens for Andrew Luck and AB. Deal B: Conner/Bell for Mariota and Saquon. In either deal I can't really keep any of the players I am receiving. Just a matter of where I want to improve. Mariota isn't obviously much improvement but it's another option while not losing much at RB. On the other hand I upgrade well with Luck but will be more dependent on flexing somebody. Is it worth selling one of these great keepers or just stay the course? I hate the idea of guessing between Carr, Mullens and maybe Jameis the rest of the season. Thanks for any advice!
  15. In a 2 QB league would you trade your Aaron Jones and Demaryius Thomas for Ryan Fitzpatrick? Although my team is stacked and scoring every week I've had awful luck and am currently 6th place at 4-4. Need to keep the wins coming. Thoughts? Current team QB: Wentz (BYE) QB: Derek Carr WR: Julio WR: Baldwin WR: Demaryius RB: Gurley RB: Kamara TE: Burton FLEX: Conner DST: Chicago Bench: Jameis, Boyd (BYE), Kirk (BYE), Aaron Jones, Bell, DJ Moore, Nick Mullens (praying he starts?)