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  1. I’m in a 12 person, 3 keeper league. It’s .5 PPR and 2 QB. I’m sure others have been in the same boat debating on selling off “future assets” to challenge this season. My roster is below. In this case would you trade Kamara and Dalton for DJ, Kelce and Stafford? I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to keep anyone I’m getting. It’s strictly about this year. QB: Wentz (16th round keeper) QB: Mariota WR: Julio Jones WR: Boyd WR: Landry RB: Gurley (1st round) RB: Kamara (12th round) TE: Burton Flex: Saquon Bench: Aaron Jones (9th round), Demaryius, Baldwin, Dalton, Jameis, Ware, Reynolds
  2. In the hunt, it's the only reason I'm considering the deal. Just not sure I can make it the rest of the way with Mullens or Carr at my second QB spot. Then again, Mariota isn't that inspiring either.
  3. Would you package both Conner and Bell for Saquon and Mariota? It's a 2 QB league and I'm desperate for decent second options at QB besides Wentz. Mariota isn't great but he's another starting QB. The other big thing at play is the fact I could keep Conner next year in the 14th round. See team below. Appreciate any help! QB: Wentz QB: Carr, Mullens or Jameis WR: Julio WR: Boyd WR: Demaryius RB: Gurley (1st round keeper next year) RB: Kamara (13th round keeper next year) TE: Burton Flex: Currently Conner Bench: Bell, Aaron Jones, Baldwin, Kirk, DJ Moore
  4. So I'm in a 2 QB, .5 PPR league. My team is currently: QB: Wentz QB: Carr/Mullens/Jameis WR: Julio WR: Boyd WR: Demaryius RB: Gurley RB: Kamara TE: Burton Flex: Conner DST: Chicago Bench: Le'Veon, Baldwin, Kirk, DJ Moore, Aaron Jones It's also a value-based keeper league with up to 3 keepers. I know for sure I am keeping Wentz and other good keepers are Kamara (13th round), Conner (14th round), Aaron Jones (9th round). Since I have so many RBs I'm trying to leverage them. Which of the deals below would you do or none at all to push for a championship? Deal A: Kamara and Mullens for Andrew Luck and AB. Deal B: Conner/Bell for Mariota and Saquon. In either deal I can't really keep any of the players I am receiving. Just a matter of where I want to improve. Mariota isn't obviously much improvement but it's another option while not losing much at RB. On the other hand I upgrade well with Luck but will be more dependent on flexing somebody. Is it worth selling one of these great keepers or just stay the course? I hate the idea of guessing between Carr, Mullens and maybe Jameis the rest of the season. Thanks for any advice!
  5. In a 2 QB league would you trade your Aaron Jones and Demaryius Thomas for Ryan Fitzpatrick? Although my team is stacked and scoring every week I've had awful luck and am currently 6th place at 4-4. Need to keep the wins coming. Thoughts? Current team QB: Wentz (BYE) QB: Derek Carr WR: Julio WR: Baldwin WR: Demaryius RB: Gurley RB: Kamara TE: Burton FLEX: Conner DST: Chicago Bench: Jameis, Boyd (BYE), Kirk (BYE), Aaron Jones, Bell, DJ Moore, Nick Mullens (praying he starts?)
  6. Half PPR league. Which side of that deal do you prefer?
  7. What should I do with Lamar Miller .... ?

    Depending on the opposing team's situation and needs I would be targeting either WRs like Amari Cooper/Corey Davis/Demaryius Thomas/Will Fuller or RBs like Aaron Jones/Austin Ekeler/Kenyan Drake/Marlon Mack/Dion Lewis. I know those aren't the most exciting options but probably realistic and worth it if you feel Lamar is only heading further downhill. If you see somebody in that general range you're more optimistic about try to make it happen.
  8. What should I do with Lamar Miller .... ?

    Hold and hope to sell high after a decent game? Definitely wouldn't drop. What is the size of your league? I would try to package him off in a 2 for 1 or find a team desperate for a RB during these bye weeks.
  9. My Gurley, Demaryius and Fuller for his Thomas, Hopkins and Coleman. 1/2 PPR league. My other RBs are Kamara, Bell/Conner, Aaron Jones and D'Onta Foreman. Could use some help at WR: Golladay, Boyd, Baldwin and the guys above in the trade. I know the RBs are ridiculous but it's a keeper league.
  10. Somebody in my league finally gave up on Derrick Henry. I’ve got #1 waiver spot and he’s pending for Sunday. Is it worth it? My other RBs currently are Devonta, Aaron Jones, Dion Lewis, Breida, Le’Veon and Peyton Barber.
  11. Would you accept this?

    Keeper league (Gurley/Kamara) and won the lotto for 1st pick. Thanks for the help guys.
  12. Would you accept this?

    In a 2 QB .5PPR league I have been offered Luck, AB and Ingram for my Gurley, Fuller and Carr. I’m stacked at RB (see roster below) but needing to improve at WR. QB: Wentz QB: Jameis WR: Golladay WR: Fuller WR: Baldwin/Demaryius/Boyd RB: Gurley RB: Kamara TE: Burton RB/WR/TE Flex: Conner/Bell or Aaron Jones
  13. I'm in a 3 keeper league and am debating on selling off Conner to push to win this year. I already have Gurley and Kamara at RB with Bell hopefully returning this season. My WRs are a bunch of WR2/3s. I have Conner as a potential keeper next season in the 14th round. Would you deal him for Julio straight up? I know it makes sense this year but I'm thinking ahead as well. I've got Kamara as one of my 3 keepers in the 12th next year and it's tempting to have those 2 together. Full Roster QB: Wentz QB: Carr WR: Fuller WR: Golladay WR: Boyd RB: Kamara RB: Gurley TE: Burton Flex: Conner, eventually Le'Veon. Bench: Jameis, Aaron Jones, Demaryius, Baldwin, Enunwa, Barber
  14. What would you consider trading Gurley for? I’m in a 2 QB, 1/2 PPR keeper league where I could use some help at WR and QB. My team is listed below. Would you trade Gurley for Michael Thomas, Tevin Coleman and Nick Foles? I’m not that excited to because Foles is essentially a 1/2 week rental at this point. The deal then is basically Thomas and Coleman for Gurley... QB: Derek Carr QB: Carson Wentz WR: Demaryius WR: Golladay WR: Enunwa RB: Gurley RB: Kamara TE: Burton Flex: Conner Bench: Baldwin, Fuller, Leveon, Peyton Barber, Godwin, Jameis and Aaron Jones. I lost week 1 by 10 points short a QB and with a few other duds. I’m tenpted to try to make it through one more week and hope Went is back to save me.
  15. Help with 1st overall in keeper league!

    These guys can’t be kept because they were 1st rounders last year. Players value moves up 1 round per year. Once they are a first rounder they get reintroduced to the draft pool.