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  1. no you shouldn't do this. I consider Jones/kerryon a wash. You're losing out on diggs for tyrell and giving cousins for free?
  2. Depends on the league and how well you drafted. I've been sitting him over Adams, JuJu, fournette, sony michel and ekeler. Granted hes been outscoring some of those guys, but I don't think i could start him over any of those guys.
  3. Me and my friend both joined. Thank you! We'll pay once the league safe is sent!
  4. Is he as good as Jamaal Williams at pass protection? That would be legendary
  5. Haha omg I love it. Picking this guy might of just won me my championship. I won the semis just playing this guy last week since the rest of my team crapped the bed. Muahahah
  6. You play Kelly not Anderson. You don’t listen to coach speak
  7. if you sit Williams you will be missing out on at least 15 ppr points. You heard it here first. The true all knowing prophept has spoken. #cringe
  8. This all knowing guy is hilarious. Pure comedy genius.
  9. He's Alex Smith with upside and without a broken leg.
  10. Overall, Oakland has been good against wide receivers on the outside, but they struggle with slot receivers where Hamilton primarily operates.
  11. I think he’s going to have a safe floor no matter the game script he will be utilized. I believe the ravens rush the ball the most so Edwards and Dixon should be viable in this match up. They use Lamar to set up the run not vice versa