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  1. Darius is most likely out this week not liking the start to this year
  2. that guy with that mustache looks to like to throw deep Chark likes to run deep should be ok tonight
  3. please, please, let me just be able to bask in my QB fantasies just a little longer !
  4. guess there is some hope The last time Allen started for the Panthers, he looked sharp. Allen posted 228 passing yards, two touchdowns and a 111.3 passer rating in a win over the Saints in the last game of 2018.
  5. put Denico Autry on your DL watchlist
  6. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray played at Texas A&M in 2015 before transferring to Oklahoma. As an Aggie, he competed with current Carolina quarterback Kyle Allen for the starting job.
  7. [...] don't know a lot about this guy but picked him up and am going to start him Cards defense isn't all that intimidating
  8. Got Blown Away by QB injuries, Haskins is the Future for the Skins If they lose to the Bears I think they have to look to see what they've got 75% Chance he starts week 4 with another loss this week with the shape I'm in at QB thinking of taking a chance on him
  9. Well one thing He's a Scrub But He's My Scrub
  10. think he'll be a very good WR, don't know if it makes sense to hold on till when
  11. I'm looking to pick up Hicks to cover in case he's out