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  1. So if I sell high right now, he’ll keep this production going. If I hold, he will revert back to slow plodder we’ve become accustomed to. I don’t know what to do.
  2. If you vetoed this trade I’d quit the league right then and there and demand my buy in back. Last year’s results, which you keep referring to for some reason, do not mean a single s*** towards anything this season.
  3. How can anyone be remotely encouraged by this performance? You can't drop him and you can't trade him for anything good. He is stuck in limbo between on your bench and hesitantly putting him in as your flex with a hope and prayer.
  4. I am hoping for just one game where he stumbles and plops into the endzone twice, with 15 carries for 2 ypc to go with it, so I can try to trade him for someone I can actually use once in a while.
  5. He is a *serviceable* fantasy asset so far this year at best, who is, depending on your league, the 15th-17th ranked QB in points so far. As for a real NFL player, he threw 3 bad interceptions, lost a fumble, and looked lost for a good majority of the game, so he is to blame for at least a portion of this loss.
  6. So are we thinking there is any value from this guy at all? For those of us stuck in the TE waste land we are scraping the bottom of the barrel...
  7. Just saw he played 29 of 69 snaps and they were trailing literally the entire game. That's not encouraging to me. We have known the foot is an issue, but maybe it is actually an even bigger issue from what is being let on.
  8. Is Sutton rostered in most leagues? In my one 12 team PPR he is not. Something like 22 catches for 300 yards so far with the two TDs today. Seems like a decent PPR flex or bye week filler. Not sure if he will get claimed or if he can sneak through and just get scooped after waivers go through.
  9. I guess you did not watch a second of the game today where they went on the road to LA as 7 point underdogs and put 55 points?
  10. Colts, Rams, and Ravens probably the ones that did some people in this week. I was against the Charges due to the whole west coast team traveling across country to play at 1 pm thing. What this week did for me was reinforce do not be to afraid to just take the team playing the Dolphins. Obviously, anything can happen but man they are so bad.
  11. For who? He clearly sucks, but he still threw for 500 yards and 2 TDs. Minshew, Mariotta, Flacco? I'll throw Goff out there for another week or so before them.
  12. Maybe Herdon or Watson are available on your waiver wire? I grabbed Herndon last week but Waston wasn't available. Not sure if Watson is being noticed in the majority of leagues out there. Even if they are available, obviously neither one is guaranteed to be any good but I will take my chances with them over this bum.
  13. I am trying to move him and I am getting nothing.... not even a kick in the junk offer. This guy is done. If this isn't the straw that breaks the camels back, there will be something else next week that does it.
  14. So New England seems obvious but there is also something to going contrarian and not picking the team that 50% of the rest of the pool is going to take. Wasn't it last year that Minnesota was a 17 point favorite and got beat handily by Buffalo? That shook up my pool real good. Now I am certainly not saying I think Miami has a chance to beat New England, but just be wary about going with the same team over half your pool is likely going to take.