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  1. If he does come back he’ll return all kicks/punts and get maybe 5 snaps a game and that’s it.
  2. He’s no more than a WR3 with Keenum at QB.
  3. Brah Jones sucks. Mediocrity at its finest. Was given the keys to the car and he dented the fender. A truly talented rb would’ve taken this opportunity and capitalized. All Jones did was confirm he’ll be splitting carries 50/50 at best with Williams the rest of the season.
  4. Obvious over reaction on my end picking him up planning on using him as a WR2 ros. PSA in a yahoo league he wasn’t locked as of this morning and I was free to add him right away. If you’re in a yahoo league and need help give it a look.
  5. Man what a little b**** this guy is. Needs the cart to get him off the field, reported he was in ‘terrible’ pain and needed helped to get off the cart. Turns out no structural damage at all and is cleared to play... talk about crying wolf.
  6. According to the doctor his career might be over...
  7. I don’t see how you can start him moving forward. Even in this terrible TE landscape there are other options out there I’d rather gamble on.
  8. Ingram looks fantastic. He’s rested and fresh and you have to figure Payton is going to give him a lot of touches. I’m guessing Kamara’s production falls way off for the next few weeks and then starts to spike back up again. He’s likely not going to see many goal line carries, which sucks and really takes away a lot from him. The good news is he is still electric in the red zone and can score from anywhere. He’ll just produce more like a RB2 moving forward is all, which still is fine.
  9. So the 15 carries were a pleasant surprise. We will have to see if that volume continues when Mack is ‘healthy’ and in-line ups. If it does, obviously he’s a very serviceable PPR RB2 which you got for free. If he returns back to the 4-5 carries he had all of the 4 previous games, it’s not nearly as exciting... the catches seems like they will be consistently around the 5 per game mark on average for minimal yards, and without the 15 carries and subsequent yards his realistic ceiling is 10pts or so I’d say. That’s ok, but not exactly what you are looking for to win games.
  10. His small frame and running style are going to keep him significantly less than 100% the rest of the year. Gotta be tough to trust on a weekly basis.
  11. I’m not sayinh Fitz benching was right or wrong, but the are wild times we are in. The #1 QB through 3 games sent to the bench at half time of game 4.
  12. He should be a viable option. This team has a lot of offensive fire power as we’ve seen. The defense is pretty suspect as well. Should be throwing a lot and playing catch up a lot.
  13. Early in the week yet, but I’m finding ways to get this guy in my lineup this week. After seeing what the chiefs and bucs just did in the air to the Steelers I think he needs to be started.