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  1. Congrats @JMak! The better team definitely won the championship game, but I was hoping to get lucky. LOL
  2. He is not worth a roster spot at all. When would you ever trust him enough to start him? He is a complete afterthought in that offense, and there's nothing to suggest that will change. He was being overlooked even without Edelman and Gronk to compete with for targets, and now Brady has his full complement of weapons back.
  3. This may go down as my worst drop of all time.
  4. I made the same move. At this point, it's a volume play.
  5. You know they did. LOL I'm sure for the likes of Clement and Murray, too.
  6. LOL Did he just surpass Tyrod's offensive output with his first two passes?
  7. There is no way Tyrod should come out as the qb in the second half. This is a disgrace.
  8. I definitely saw that he was toast last year - in fact, I had already dropped him in my dynasty league. I just thought he might stick around like Adrian Peterson (who is also toast) and collect a couple more paychecks.