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  1. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    This really feels like the coming out party to me. The Lions D line is awful and I don't see this being the week that it just starts clicking. And even if it a does what's the best case scenario? Average? A little above average? Detroit returned only 4 of 14 starters from their front 7... and of those Ansah is hurt... again... It's also an entirely new system. There is definitely some talent in the front 7 but there's also plenty of stop gaps and filler. They're dead last or close to it in every possible rushing defense category and that was vs some guys who I think are far less special than Sony could end up being. Breida ripped Detroit appart last week to the tune 12 yards per carry and Crowell the week before that for 10 and a touch down each. They didn't fair much better against Alf or Powel. Look it's possible I'm all wrong about this and Burkhead or White have a hey day. But I'll be damned if I'm going to watch Sony pummel my Detroit Lions on national television from my bench.
  2. drop for Rivers? whir

    I'd go with Stafford this week. Hard to say with the RBs, not knowing who else you've got, I'd go Barber or Royce if you do decide to drop an RB. I generally don't like carrying two QBs though. Thanks for mine.
  3. Flex help??? whir

    Missed the start of Enunwa's game but I wouldn't change it anyway. Hogan has a better match up, especially with it looking like Slay will be out with a concussion. Enunwa will probably see more targets but you want to be able to play Clement if Ajayi is out and Hogan is not a bad play if not.
  4. Mark Walton 2018 Outlook

    You have to watch 'til the end... it gets really good... Duke and 15 seconds against Florida St... I just don't see it unless Mixon misses significant time and even then... he looks like he plays fast but so would a Ford Pinto if you put it up against bumper cars.
  5. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    One league I started Collins and Ravens D... was teetering on waiting for Sunday to play either Yeldon or if Fournette is a go then Royce. Another league I dropped John Brown right before the game to snag a QB in case Rodgers can't go. Bad moves all around...
  6. Kenyan Drake or Alex Collins? WHIR always

    Drake gets the edge in PPR for me. Close though. Thanks for mine.
  7. WDIS at RB3/Flex

    Very close... I think I'd go Collins with Dixon now on IR. As you know I'm in a similar boat. Thanks for mine.
  8. Morris or Buck allen. PPR. WHIR1

    I like Allen in PPR with Dixon on IR and Collins inches away from the dog house. Thanks for mine.
  9. Pick two for FLEX - WHIR

    Man that's tough... Definitely Stills. Then either Golladay or Coop. I know it's hard trusting Cooper right now but I think I'd go him over Golladay. Thanks for mine.
  10. Having trouble deciding on my RB2. Collins plays tonight but I feel like Yeldon might be a better play if Fournette misses. In afternoon or later games I have Royce, Burkhead (concussion...) and Carson to plug in if Fournette does end up playing. My options: Collins Yeldon Royce Burkhead Carson Baber Breida Leave a link.
  11. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Outlook

    I take it you haven't watched Riddick much. The guy is constantly making plays, making people miss and fighting for every yard. At least in the passing game. He's not good between the tackles but he excels at catching the ball and making yards afterward. Theo Riddick Riddick holds two of our 12 best seasons in missed tackles forced per reception, and his 36 missed tackles forced (on receptions) in 2015 is the PFF record by a running back. You could be right about Kerryon though. The Lions have invested heavily into improving the running game and hand picked Kerryon going so far as to trade up for him. New line coach as well. That said I doubt Riddick's role diminishes much even if Kerryon can show the skill set of a 3 down back. It's extremely doubtful that Kerryon will be a better receiver than Riddick.
  12. 2018 Roster Recap

    Good question, I hope not but that's pretty tough to beat. More importantly is Trubisky a better receiver than Foles? If so we could see Burton throw for quite a few!
  13. 2018 Roster Recap

    Have these guys in 2 of 3: Michael Thomas Carson Barber Breida Burton Lewis
  14. Morris/Breida for QB? WHIR

    is it 4 or 6 pt passing TDs? I've never played in a 2 QB league but I would rather have Stafford over Prescott and the extra bench spot that trading the SF backs would bring. I'd try to make that trade. I don't think Mahomes (unless it's a dynasty) or Mariota are a big enough upgrade over your current QBs and doubt that owner would want to part with Brees and leave himself with that mess. Thanks for mine.