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  1. He got the roster spot ahead of Alfonzo McKinnie, and I heard in Dunc'don that his D has improved. Considering GS has zero depth, I would consider picking up the guy if you have someone to cut.
  2. Can he be trusted for the next week with only three games? I am very tempted.
  3. Well. Porter deal should kill any glimmer of hope for solid ROS. Drop city
  4. What in the world Scott Brooks is doing playing Mahinmi over Bryant... Is this some kind of impersonation of Thibs???
  5. Holding both Gibson and Saric now. Let’s see how this pans out.
  6. Picked him up and holding onto him until McGee comes back and impact the production.
  7. Is he really a rookie? He plays well under control.
  8. I’d rather have him recover 100% than rush into the court only to get injured.
  9. Just when I dropped him after all these time.. smh
  10. Lamb, Barton, and Adams considering ADP
  11. Wall, Russell, Lavine, Lamb and now it's Jokic. What a brutal season.
  12. I will take Middleton side. Griffin and Payton are injury prone and Holiday’s role is going to decrease once Lavine comes back.