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  1. James Washington 2018 Outlook

    2017 award winner for best college WR ... No thread for the best deep threat in college football who also happened to be even more dominant on screens/slants? Martavis Bryant’s replacement.
  2. Evan Engram 2018 Outlook

    Why didn’t the Giants add another WR? Expect Shurmur, Ellison’s former coach, to use him in the more traditional TE role (excellent run blocker) with a lot more 2TE looks this year ... and Engram split out quite a bit. If you listened last year, you’re welcome. if you didn’t, trade for him where possible and be sure to have him queue’d on draft day. Going to be a top 5 TE this year, easily. Refer to this for an idea of this athleticism: It’s nice having smart coaches on the Giants ... Enjoy accordingly. (Lattimer was added primarily for his special teams prowess)
  3. Chris Hogan 2018 Outlook

    Cant get em all right. Funny I don’t hear too much chirping re: Barkley, Lockett v Baldwin, Alshon, Mahomes, Boyd, Henry v Lewis, etc. etc. I was wrong on Patterson too. Funny thing is neither have been on a roster of mine for weeks, but good one. Not sure how Hogan goes from one of the top deep threats to useless, oh well.
  4. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    it's not all he can do - power/hands/pass protection, he just doesn't have the "omg freak sparq swag" this board falls in love with. He's a good, complete RB who isn't perfect - but excels in certain areas that will lead to significant reps/touches.
  5. Jay Ajayi 2018 Outlook

    Ajayi's thread will only be active if he gets hurt or has a bad game. Read the Thursday night game thread through the first half ... people were ready to jump off bridges, now all is right with the world because he scored. I actually like Ajayi a lot - but watch this thread ignite if/when Sproles or Clement steal a redzone TD. I would package him for a stud WR if possible, but he's a fine RB2 in his own right.
  6. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    and yet, one goes 3rd round ... while Williams is also the better back in the passing game.
  7. Javorius "Buck" Allen 2018 Outlook

    Buck Allen is the annual proof of everyone trying to outsmart themselves for the shiny new "upside" and ignoring the quality option staring them right in the face. Collins is no sure thing - at all - and Dixon is a china doll with yet another injury (I think he's been injured 3 times this year already, counting camp) 10-12 touches a game with some redzone work and the only road block to starting is a back with ball security issues. No reason he can't put up another 800 yard / 50 reception type season, at least.
  8. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    he literally drags defenders on his first 2 carries, showed excellent hands and elite pass protection ability all season - but ok. I don't actually care who any of you roster, but the hate on this guy is absolutely absurd.
  9. Peyton Barber 2018 Outlook

    Look around at the Bucs offense - he's an RB getting 15+ touches in an offense that will move the ball at will on a lot of defenses. There aren't many RBs I'd rather have than him.
  10. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    This x 1,000 There's also the fact GB chose to draft Williams a round before Jones - which a lot of people choose to ignore for some reason. Apparently Williams "looks slow" while he's running through/away from defenders.
  11. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    sick pass block joke - fortunately people that actually understand reality football realize how important it is
  12. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    definitely drop the most complete RB on the Packers power, hands, pass protection ... definitely not worth a roster spot.
  13. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    if the lions weren't such an embarrassment and the jets actually had to keep playing his stat line would've put him as the unanimous #1 overall waiver claim. this team has no TE worth mentioning, Kearse is nothing special, and Anderson's a headcase who can run straight lines really fast. Darnold, and the staff, love Enunwa. He is the best, most complete offensive weapon on the Jets - who are nowhere near as bad a team as some think. I wouldn't be shocked if they pushed for a wildcard in the AFC (4 games against Buf/Mia help)
  14. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    ... the Bears defense is loaded, and it was week 1. I am not starting him this week - because Minnesota is even worse matchup, but calm down. literally gets rave reviews all summer and saw 15 carries despite having to go pass heavy and catch up. unbelievable.
  15. Chris Hogan 2018 Outlook

    thanks, 20 receptions and 200+ yards are missing - good stuff this Jags D is very good, but they are not some impenetrable forcefield.
  16. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    it was a 1 score game inside the 10 yard line and a power run play was called between the tackles - yeah, great sign for Henry's outlook.
  17. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    I own AP in every single money league - and part of the reason why is, age aside, I don't see any reason he won't be as productive as a lot of RBs going 3rd round If you can package him for a 1/2 rounder, sure. I've got him in the Ajayi/Drake/Collins tier and starting him with confidence. He looked excellent - and even with a declining skill set is still on par with backs like Alex Collins.
  18. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    it's the 1.8 hours of football plus the last 2 years of data-based analytics rather than blind allegiance and delusional rationalization - but ok really weird your deity wasn't present in this crucial situation ...
  19. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook “Quincy did a heck of a job,” Jets coach Todd Bowles said. “He blocks, he catches, he runs short and deep routes. It’s exciting to have him in there because he brings a different element and picks everybody up when he’s over there.” I don't think he's coming off the field much.
  20. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    i would love for this to happen - "thanks, but no thanks Leveon". I just highly doubt they'll pay him ~ 1M/game and not ride him into the ground with Conner getting the 2019 gig. If Bell was in shape, I'd give him 30 touches a game (hope you're well rested!) and then let some other team deal with him - but who knows. Paying him millions to do nothing and then let him spin that into "fresh legs" in free agency isn't the way I'd go.
  21. Cordarrelle Patterson 2018 Outlook

    Is this actually true (didn’t see this game, serious inquiry). I expected him to be boom/bust Hes basically a threat to score every time the ball ends up in his hands
  22. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    “but if that ref didn’t call holding !”
  23. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    This. There must be a point where reality sets in and people stop making excuses for Henry as if it’s the universe’s fault he’s not an RB1. There is a reason this new regime targeted Dion Lewis - and it’s because Henry is nowhere near as good as some people want to pretend he is. You can like Henry and still acknowledge weaknesses in his game. I’m looking forward to the excuses after Lewis once again outperforms him this week. I wouldnt even consider starting Henry unless it’s a terrible run defense and the betting line is close.
  24. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    I do own Henry in a league, but thanks I will
  25. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Considering how NE attacked Houston - this is definitely a “Dion Lewis game” Why was Lewis in on the goal line TD over Demigod Henry?