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  1. Nearly played over Ryan. Threw it by a friend, he asked “are you ******** crazy?!?!?!” hmmmm
  2. I agree with above. He is fragile and injured this year. No more Smith, I’m looking elsewhere ...
  3. Wtf....how is he such a non -factor coming out of the bye ????
  4. Had Ridley have skipped the stiff arm , it might have been a different story. That being said, Ryan looked like s--- for most of the night- confused and discombobulated...
  5. This set up as a good game for Riddick today???
  6. Someone on that sideline should tellCarr, “you know, this quarterbacking thing just isn’t for you...”
  7. Carr is really a moron. His plays get dumber and dumber....pull him, what do you have to lose here???
  8. It may be a lot of fruitless air if they are able to get to Ryan too quickly...
  9. This goes back to that game Smith almost got him killed with a horrible pass, and he immediately got crushed.
  10. Yeah, no doubt. Would have really liked to see him in space. Clearly not a runner to “ram up the middle” as someone else pointed out ...
  11. I have Hines. Watching last nights performance, Did anyone else feel he was often completely lost and needing personal guidance from Luck??? je just seemed confused with his position and expectations almost every play...at least IMHO...
  12. These guys make a habit of running 2 tight end sets, I think both can thrive.