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  1. I agree. You gotta wonder if they’d start both Hill & Hardman with their similar styles of just torching defenses with speed
  2. Correct. I think the question for most is do you start Hardman or Robinson. Hill is a no brainer even coming off injury. Robinson is more possession/size obviously, so I doubt he leaves the field today with Watkins out.
  3. Negative. He’s going to be demoted to 4th now that Hill is back. He only came in the game due to Watkins leaving. According to their depth chart Robinson backs up Hill and Hardman is behind Watkins. Again this is just based off their official depth chart.
  4. Robinson has been steady at 90% and Hardman around 60-70%. I think Hill & Robinson are the two starters in 2 WR sets, but the depth chart reads as Hardman and Hill would start.
  5. Imma Panthers fan and can confidently say he’s done. It’s over, but it’s gonna be ok. Had a great near decade with the team and made Carolina relevant again. He’s been hit a lot and he can’t be Cam without his own style of QB play. His shoulder is still messed up, however it’s being overshadowed by the foot injury. His contract situation also makes cutting him at the end of the season unfortunately a no brainer. On top of all this he’s dealing with some off the field distractions. He’s expecting child #4 from his “girlfriend”. I say this because Cam is rumored to have a child with another woman on the way as well. It’s been real #1. But the franchise is gonna turn to someone else now.
  6. I’d say Sanders tonight but it’s close help?
  7. I’m trading Juju & Kelce for Hopkins & Ertz. yes? Thoughts?
  8. Pump the brakes. Most likely a WR3 ROS with some WR2 weeks
  9. With the TE position the way it is this year, why on Earth would you drop Burton...I’d find a way to keep both
  10. Exactly. Last week he was a “risky” start but he threw for 200 yards and 2 TDs, almost 3 that caused the INT but that was a forced throw. He’s matchup proof for 200 yards & 2 TDs
  11. I don’t see how Rivers isn’t a must start every week. His last game was his worst game statistically and he didn’t even have a bad game