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  1. Pump the brakes. Most likely a WR3 ROS with some WR2 weeks
  2. With the TE position the way it is this year, why on Earth would you drop Burton...I’d find a way to keep both
  3. Exactly. Last week he was a “risky” start but he threw for 200 yards and 2 TDs, almost 3 that caused the INT but that was a forced throw. He’s matchup proof for 200 yards & 2 TDs
  4. I don’t see how Rivers isn’t a must start every week. His last game was his worst game statistically and he didn’t even have a bad game
  5. I can’t bench a kicker on arguably the top offense in the league. Plus Santos has kicked in Denver before and knows how to deal with the cold
  6. I foresee a game where both Howard & Cohen are fed due to the defense most likely feasting on Brock
  7. Hard to read too much into this. This is a brand they’re trying to promote after all. Not like they’re gonna have a headline saying “Jameis Winston getting reps with Peyton Barber! Yeah go Bucs!”
  8. If they would just take Booker out of rotation this would solve the issue immensely. but as mentioned above...glue snorting...
  9. Todd Gurleys 2016 struggles can 100% be blamed on he who we don’t speak of...
  10. As a Panthers fan I am stunned this is happening. This is total Deja vu from last year. I have no idea why they’re bringing him back so quickly. I would love to see him shut down until playoff time.
  11. No one knows anything other than speculation and what we’ve seen so far from this backfield. Only things we know are: -Barber has not been producing to start the season, regardless of defensive opposition. TB needs to establish a spark in the run game -Jones was drafted high. He is definitely more talented than Barber and any other RB on the roster. Rumors/concerns he was not involved early included him not being able to pickup the playbook/adjust to an NFL offense as fast as they had hoped. -People are expecting him to get the nod, or majority of carries starting this week due to the above two points. Kind of a “well it can’t get any worse than it is so why not try out something new” approach
  12. McCoy is the issue. He’s been bailed out by good QBs who audible his trash calls. Fitz was able to produce last year due to Arians knowing how to call offensive plays