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  1. I initially read it as "minutes" and thought "what a wild post" Then it got even wilder
  2. if you're playing 10 cat, with the 10th being "foreheads" this guy gotta go first round
  3. So i have to admit, when we first drafted this kid, my first thought was "great, we just took Humpty Hump" and it was WIDELY regarded that we reached. Most had him as a late second at best. But watching all pre season, this kid can play. He's crafty, slick and can really create off the dribble.... oh and he's CERTAINLY not afraid to shoot. With Klay out, our SF position is up for grabs - A number of us Warriors fans think it's only a matter of time before we see some 3 guard action with Steph. D Lo and Poole. I think he's a great free hit flyer in Dynasty right now. Oh and this will shock some people; Don't sleep on Jordan Poole. I hear he once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.......
  4. They've pushed his MRI back a day so nothing more yet
  5. Beal will basically be a point guard anywhere. Read Brooks saying he thinks Beals assists numbers could reach 7 a game (which would be awesome ) so the ball is obviously going to be in his hands a lot
  6. Agreed on the blocks but think you still did well getting bigs that's hit FTs to go with Vuc
  7. I love that the magic got hammered last game where he didn't play No Vuc no Magic
  8. May he smite thy doubters that mock him to oblivion !
  9. Generally find your predicted numbers to be really close to the mark. As a Conley owner I'd be thrilled if this is another of those times
  10. Man I wish I got in on this league. Fun thread to read
  11. I went with Beal at 12 and for bigs ended up with Vuc, Turner, Bryant and Horford (The latter 2 really slipped ) PGs I ended up with Lowry and Conley
  12. The absolute sacrilege in this thread against our stocks lord and saviour RoCo is both shocking and disgusting. Blasphemous harlots.....Kneel peasants!
  13. I was faced with this picking 12th and went Beal and Vuc. Obviously there's some concern with Vuc now with the possible emergence of Bamba, Isaac etc, but paired with Beal I felt it gave me a bit of everything (I love that Vuc is a sneaky 1/1/1 guy too (