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  1. yeah with ESPN, 3 missed games is SUPPOSED to mean he gets the O yet here we are....
  2. Did Chriss say something ? Or did big Serge just lose it due to kind of being stood over a little bit ?
  3. he's a strange one. Does a lot of great stuff but then does some really dumb stuff. You look at his numbers last night and think "wow". What you dont see is ; -a defensive 3 second in the last few seconds giving NY a free point - 2 fouls in 30 seconds putting them over the limit with 5 mins still remaining in the Q (he was quickly benched) -the flagrant 2 and immediate rejection he received for dropping an elbow into the defenders head trying to get position (even the Kings callers were like "Ok yup, thats a fair enough call" He has a lot of talent. Great passer. Just needs to iron the dumb stuff out of his game
  4. Dude is tough. Has played through some pretty nasty injuries in the past (playoffs more so ) so this makes me think maybe it's a little worse than is being let on
  5. Naturally this is all happening in my double double league's round 1 of playoffs .... FML
  6. didnt look good. Got pinged on a screen - knee to knee but it was his other leg that kind of folded underneath him
  7. Harris appears to be made of wet tissue though so Bease is worth a short term hold at least
  8. from memory, CP3 balled the eff out after the break last year
  9. " Danny Ferry To 'Re-Engage' Discussion Of Resting Anthony Davis For Season " https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/252719/Danny-Ferry-To-Re-Engage-Discussion-Of-Resting-Anthony-Davis-For-Season f--- off Danny