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  1. I wouldn't do it. Love henry's volume but IMO he loses a decent amount of value because he rarely gets targets in the backfield.
  2. I'd take both of those. You get a clear upgrade in RB and have enough depth to cover giving up the extra players.
  3. From a value standpoint you are winning big time. I like Kerryon a lot more than jacobs but you are also getting TY for free. Hard to say no. If your league likes to make alot of trades, I would probably accept and see if you can package a 2 for 1 to get an upgrade at RB.
  4. I give up Lamar Jackson+Jimmy Graham for Kyler Murray + George Kittle. My current tight ends are Hockenson and Graham. Standard scoring for QBs (4 pt pass td). Which side would you rather have? WHIR - Post link in comment
  5. I give up D. Johnson and Diggs for Barkley. Leaves me pretty weak at WR position. My roster below RB: Mccaffrey, Johnson, Conner, Lindsey, Burkhead WR: Hilton, Diggs, Corey Davis, M. Williams, Lockett
  6. Def like your side of the trade. Kamara and Ingram are both fine starts on a weekly basis. Not huge fan of Sterling short term due to two tough matchups and a bye week, but long term, he has upside.
  7. Would you give up Bell for Mccoy & Julio or Hopkins?? Would you choose Julio or Hopkins? I just lost Zeke so this would help balance my roster out. Only thing I'm scared of is the risk of taking on two potential studs who are underperforming. My team is the ten team league in my signature. Leave links below and I will help out.
  8. Ya if you are starting 3 WR then I wouldn't do it. Please help in my link thanks!
  9. I would go with Cobb. Cam is just not playing well and Benjamin is injured. Please help below.
  10. How many do you start? If it's 2RB/2WR/FLX, I don't think you have the depth to do it. Even though I do think in a vacuum, you are winning the trade if you get Brown.
  11. Watkins for sure then probably snead or Cobb. Pryor is a sit after not showing up when Cousins had a monster game last week.
  12. If you want Ryan, I would give up either Carson or Lynch. For wentz, package buck allen with west.