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  1. Had the same exact decision b/c I took a gamble with not playing Jamaal Williams at 1pm game then I was forced with either CJ or Kelly. All I prayed for was a few rushes and Goal line attempt. He exceeded my expectations. I will forever remember this moment it maybe biggest gamble I've made in my 6 years of fantasy Football.
  2. RIP all the Lindsay owners . Hopefully you all got enough to win . I barely got my 12 points only needed 8.
  3. It’s frustrating watching this because the game is not hard . If your QB is struggling you make the plays simple. They continue to try to win the game with shots to Sutton.
  4. Denver coaching staff once again just awful. Did they even prepare for this game. Why can’t lindsay get check downs. The receivers are awful and case is a backup
  5. I shouldve went with Jamal Williams over gurley. That early announcement that he was going to play really screwed me over . This will cost me the chip .
  6. Colts D could’ve of pulled a Malcolm butler and he just fell down . C’mon my opponent had tenn D
  7. Anybody could tell us what’s going on with mixon
  8. Why did I pick up colts D. See y’all next year
  9. Playing against Derrick Henry and titans D . Was really happy until the pick 6 !
  10. Im with you - I’m rostering gurley, Kelly and C.J. . I have no clue who to play and im seriously considering not playing neither as all my other options play at 1 pm.
  11. Thanks for the follow up . I would lean towards the Browns . Boyd is hurt and pretty much the offense is mixon . They had a great game plan against Denver by stacking the box on rbs and forcing the QB to make plays and Keenum was trash and he has more experience than current bengals QB. You gotta think Denzel ward may play as well. Good luck - hopefully we both get this chip!
  12. For championship week Indy vs Giants or Washington vs Tenn I'm leaning Indy but really hoping Odell is out. Thoughts ? anyone else have similar options
  13. Mcvay need to go back to making gurley the focal point of offense . He’s giving Goff too much leeway. He’s not elite and the last few weeks they are getting exposed. Give ball to gurley ! Got dsmmit
  14. I dropped the Titans defense for ravens D . Smfh you can’t make this up . I figured the ravens @ home would be a good pick 6 and a few sacks . Fantasy can make you miserable. All my players underperformed this week.